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What an amazing  3 weeks, a trip to the furthest part of the world from not so sunny England (i hope!!) Week 2 (in Daku) has been awesome, the building project has moved on from lugging sand and gravel to hammering, measuring and cement mixing. Rugby coaching has taken a big step up from just playing, to coaching what is basically a team equivalent to a team in the FA cup!!!

Harry and i have had the responsibility of coaching the forwards on Friday, i should have stuck to telling the Fijians what to do rather than playing and having a 17 stone prop spear tackle me, much to the delight of the villagers!!!!! The now regular trip to Levuka took a massive turn for the worst on Saturday! A 2 hour round trip up a mountain, that took more than double, in what can only be described as a monsoon, really felt that we were on an expedition. But despite the relentless rain, the mud, the ants, the falling over, the whited out view at the top, cuts and grazes it was strangely enjoyable. Overall this has been the best week yet, everything and picked up since last week, especially the food as my Fijian “Mum’s” sister, a qualified chef, has been cooking for me!!! Missing home as always but cannot wait to continue on this adventure!!! Vinaka!

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It was the best experience of my life. I feel like I've come away with some of the closest friends you can ever make.
Lucy Price, Shrewsbury
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