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Volunteer stories: Lindsey Cassidy


What an experience this is turning out to be. I am sitting on a tower of stone leaning on an old wooden desk looking over Moturiki District School. The students have finished their lunch and are marching towards the ditch to perform their daily tooth brush routine (to a bell).

Caqalai was out of this world- a team briefing on a small cast away island was a real treat.

Situated on the island of Moturiki, the village of Savuna  is unbelievable – it’s raised above sea level with breathtaking views. The villagers made an enormous effort in preparation for our arrival.

The village was immaculate and in Hannah’s words “super cute”.  My parents Kitty and Jim, not to forget baby Grace, have included myself, Kerrie and Richard as part of the family.

Hop-hop and Kava = “good times”, there have been some odd dance moves over the past couple of weeks but Tamboo is here so it’s juice parties and hop-hop for Sevuna.

Now for the one thing people question the most- sanitation. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Our shower (a.k.a  a bucket) is situated pretty much in the Jungle but we love it. Not many can say they shower with a view from Jurassic Park.

The build was as equally amusing as it was hard work. The aim of the game was to build a 10ft platform to support the water tank, and dig the trenches through the village and off to each of the houses which we completed on time. This also included Tim eating worms, Timmy becoming the world’s best tree climber, and Fijians dropping tanks of 10ft platforms.

We’ve also been teaching sport at the local school-  I love coaching netball as much as the girls enjoy playing it, and our own hour of TP sport has been so much fun. Everyone must say ‘Yandra’ and ‘Mothe’ 100 times a day walking through the Nassara and Navooti which is brilliant- Fijians are probably the most welcoming people I’ve met so far in life. Kindy is exciting, we’re preparing for National Kindy day where all the parents come to watch (no pressure), so we’ve prepared a pirate show starring the blue beards and peg legs.

The men of Savuna have kindly taken us spear and raft fishing but I am yet to have my guitar lessons with Jim. We we’re also treated to a feast cooked in the lovo oven and home-made chocolate cake for Alex’s birthday which was an unbelievable night. Followed by… more hop-hop.

This Friday there will be Rugby tournament between the villages followed by an ‘under the sea’ fancy dress party with more hop-hop!

To summarise my time in Fiji so far I have to say that Richard falling in the well, Kerrie diving head first in the relay race, and rescuing baby TP have to be my highlights.

Spending time with the Fijians and seeing the impact we make is priceless and I am looking forward to the exciting weeks ahead.

Vinaka Vaku Levu to Think Pacific!

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The whole 5 weeks was absolutely amazing, never a dull moment, it really was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Katie Thorn, Derbyshire
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