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Volunteer stories: Emily Vibert

Emily Vibert

It only seems like yesterday that I was getting ready for my Fiji experience and now I am here sitting by a pool writing my last blog entry.  The last three months have been epic and I have made some life long friends in the team as well as in the villiage.

My Fijian family especially made my experience, Leba my mum made me feel welcome the moment I arrived, after we had a little dance I knew there would be lots of laughs to come. I will miss her incredible laugh and great sense of humour along with her ability to make great food, I especially loved breakfast, I am still craving pancakes and her porridge. The house would also not have been the same without Cat, she had me in stitches with her impressions of x factor, her morning wake up calls and patience with my untidiness.  My favourite part of the project was coaching netball along with Alice, the girls did incredibly well at the old capital festival and even though we did not win  the day itself was a emotional roller coaster with both Alice and I crying and laughing through the day. Even though coaching was my favourite part I loved the building side of the project too. I loved the relationship we had with the Fijians and we become a well oiled team by the end. I will however never go on a roof of a building again, that was a scary experience.

Fiji will always have a special place in my heart and I will be visiting some time in the near future. I have learned allot about Fiji but also myself, this experience has been awesome and I will not forget it anytime soon.

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It was the best experience of my life. I feel like I've come away with some of the closest friends you can ever make.
Lucy Price, Shrewsbury
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