Volunteer achievements

Youth initiatives

Think Pacific volunteers have shown real creativeness, support and leadership by developing a full and inclusive programme of educational and extra-curricular youth initiatives in the rural schools and villages. Our projects offer each member of the team the opportunity to bring their personal skills and ideas to the forefront and use their own interests and passions to make in imprint on the objectives. Through this, our past volunteers have not only provided the requested support to primary schools and established new kindergarten schools, but have organised a whole host of innovative youth activities within the villages

Teaching support

Our volunteers have been instrumental in supporting education at three key primary schools in Fiji; Moturiki District School, Uluibau Primary School and Batiki District School.  Under the direction of local teachers, our volunteers have offered be-spoke and guided assistance to primary school students by offering specific and dedicated one-to-one support. This has involved establishing effective small group tutorials and one-to-one lessons with children who are have fallen behind in certain subjects, acting as assistant teachers in large classrooms and organising specific lessons. Individual educational projects have also been developed within the villages in the form of after school ‘home work clubs’ for village children and specific lessons for adults in the village with particular attention given to increasing adult literacy and improved understanding of basic mathematics, vital to increase the employment prospects of local people.

Youth clubs and extra-curricular activities

During past projects our volunteers have added to the remit by organising plays, dance productions, music lessons and art classes to the extra-curricular programme and this continues to grow with the inspiration and impact of both new volunteers and local ideas. Think Pacific has funded the provision of equipment, resources and infrastructure required to establish structured youth clubs in remote island villages.

Our volunteers have organised and led the first school drama lessons including a production of Joseph at Uluibau School and performances of the Lion king and Jungle book at Moturiki District School. Each project has led youth talent evenings, youth festivals, house sports competitions and music lessons. We’ve had lessons in activities as diverse as kick boxing to ballroom dance lessons in the village and we have been astounded by the great ideas that our volunteers continue to develop to create a full programme of youth, kindi and sports activities for the village children. Future aims include creating a debating society and introducing ‘current affairs’ lessons with the schools.

Young enterprise

Our volunteers have established young enterprise workshops for children and teenagers in the communities. These inspiring workshops have been provided to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and provide grounding for children to consider establishing village businesses. These enterprise days have also greatly improved the teenager’s presentation skills, initiative and self confidence and have been praised by local teachers and the Fijian Ministry.  Think Pacific has also been instrumental in assisting local people to set up small scale businesses and we are extremely excited to be launching a scholarship fund in 2012 to provide increased training, education, apprenticeships and business start up support for unemployment Fijian men and women. These initiatives are central to achieving the Fijian Governments long term plan of sustainable development in the outer islands. 

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The whole 5 weeks was absolutely amazing, never a dull moment, it really was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Katie Thorn, Derbyshire
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