Volunteer achievements

Installing fresh water

Improving basic sanitation facilities and installing fresh water sources to rural communities is a central aim to the development initiatives in Fiji. In April and May 2010 Think Pacific teams created the first sanitation blocks in Navuti and Niubasaga villages, providing the community with shower blocks, toilets and fresh water taps.

Fresh water projects

Our July 2010 expedition saw an absolutely monumental moment in local development projects in Fiji as our team and the local community successfully installed a fresh water system to Savuna village. After weeks of tough and arduous teamwork and many hours of laying piping to each village home, it was a huge moment to finally be in sight of the finish. Tim Mckee, our expedition leader, who is a plumber by trade, turned the motor on for the first time.  It was an immense moment of pride to see the water come running out of the taps into the community for the first time and the villagers were in tears as watched and splashed in the water. A massive day for the team, Savuna village and Think Pacific as the villagers finally achieved the simple necessity of clean, fresh water to this tiny island community! 

This is the start of many fresh water and sanitation projects we have planned for the communities in the outer islands of Fiji and this will be a major focus of our Fijian expeditions over the next 18 months.

A local perspective:

Kitty, one of the Fijian women from Savuna Village describes what it felt like on the day the fresh water project was completed in her island community;

“On the day the water was pumped it was just like a dream come true.  We’ve been waiting for the day when we could wake up in the morning, turn on a tap and we’d have running water. We were just overwhelmed.

When the water started flowing from the pipes and I couldn’t explain my joy to see that I have running water right in front of my house. Thank you to Think Pacific and to this wonderful team of volunteers who worked so hard and put in so much effort into the project and who digged and toiled each day with the people of Savuna.

We are only sorry for all our loved ones who are no longer with us who have missed the opportunity to see that we finally have a proper shower and water taps - Not brackish, dirty water from the stream but pure, clean, fresh water right in front of our houses. Words cannot express how much we are thankful to the volunteers, Vinaka”

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It was the best experience of my life. I feel like I've come away with some of the closest friends you can ever make.
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