July 2009 volunteer project

Daku village


Based upon the action plans of the National Health Promotion Council and under the direction of the Lomaiviti Provincial Council and the Integrated Community Development Taskforce, Think Pacific was requested to achieve the following objectives in Daku Village, Moturiki.  The objectives of Think Pacific’s July 2009 Community Tourism Project in Daku Village were:

1.1 Physical development

1.1.2 To build a community kitchen for the village hall. This project will enable local women to prepare and cook meals for the community.

1.1.3 To install a chimney to the village kitchen to enable full use of this facility.

1.1.4 To create a walkway across the creek, allowing safer crossing for the villagers residing on the eastern side of the community.

1.1.5 To renovate the kindergarten, including painting and supplying additional materials to improve the standard of pre-school resources.

1.1.6 To renovate the village health clinic and the community hall, including new windows, re-painting of communal areas and provision of additional resources.

1.2 Youth and Sports

1.2.1 To offer support to kindergarten children, and introduce arts, crafts, music and drama.

1.2.2 To establish homework classes for village children every evening between 7-8pm.

1.2.3 To encourage sports uptake and introduce equipment to provide more access to a variety of sports for  village children, through structured games and practices

1.2.4 To fulfil the aims of the National Health Promotion Council, by leading classes in health awareness, hygiene, anti-drugs, and re-enforcing positive messages for Fijian Youths.

1.2.5 To create a positive interaction between community tourists and villagers by advising community tourists of Fijian culture and customs and village protocol.


This section highlights the achievements of the July 2009 project in terms of the development assistance provided for the village of Daku. The following points highlight the specific initiatives which have been established and the project goals which have been achieved.

In total Think Pacific donated F$ 8750 (eight thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars) for the competition of the project objectives in Daku. This funding purchased the materials and resources needed to fulfil the following building, youth and sports initiatives:

2.1 Physical Development

2.1.2 Construction of the entire village kitchen from foundations to completed structure.

2.1.3 The installation of a chimney for the village kitchen and new work tops and interior, making this facility fully functional for the village ladies.

2.1.3 New bridge walkway developed across the creek replacing wooden log.

2.1.4 Kindergarten, Community hall and health clinic all completely re-furbished including re-painting of all interiors and new louver windows.

2.1.5 Re-furbished bed, weighing scales and materials provided for the health clinic.

2.1.6 New notice board, re-furbished tables, decorations, and art, craft, musical equipment and books for the kindergarten.

2.1.7 Decorative artwork drawn for community hall interior and health clinic exterior at the request of the Ratu.

2.2 Youth Initiatives

2.2.1 Daily assistance provided to Kindergarten children. Initiatives included one-to-one English lessons, new songs and nursery rhymes introduced, art and craft competitions, basic mathematics and science lessons, bible play rehearsed and performed in church, meke and contemporary dance routines rehearsed and performed for entire village during the last weekend of festivities.

2.2.2 Community Tourists established evening homework classes for the village children, which will continue to be held going forward by members of the community. Community tourists worked one-to-one with all village children assisting with set work, and complimenting their studies with additional English, Science and Mathematics lessons. 

2.2.3 Health and hygiene classes introduced as part of kindergarten lessons and homework classes.  This included ‘washing hands and brushing teeth club’ for the kindergarten children.

2.2.4 Anti drugs and anti alcohol messages provided for village children and youths using posters and leaflets and informal lesson plans provided by the National Health Promotion Council. This will be increased in future projects, including interactive games and workshops for different age groups and use of Fijian material.

2.3 Sports Initiatives

2.3.1 Volleyball net and new court established for Daku. Regular games and competitions hosted for the community. Community tourist, Joe Peters, is an excellent volleyball player (Played for England) and organised weekly skills training for village children, improving technique and skills.

2.3.1 Sports games and training implemented every afternoon for all village children and youths.

2.3.2 Introduction of rounders and cricket equipment, games organised for village children which proved very popular.

2.3.3 Soccer and rugby 7’s games, training and competitions played in the afternoons. Village children showed great enthusiasm and skill for both sports. 

2.3.4 ‘Daku Olympics’ organised in the final week. This involved competitions in all sports.

2.3.5 Games and activities organised for younger children including relay races, tug of war games, catch games and wheelbarrow races.

2.3.6 Community tourist, Oliver Davies, made a great impression upon the Moturiki island Team, coaching several training sessions and introducing new tactics, warm up techniques and tactical plays.

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