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Educational Development

Teaching in Fiji

Schools in Fiji, particularly those in rural areas are understaffed and severely lacking in basic materials. Poverty forces many children to drop out of education early and children are forced into a future of limited education and opportunity.

You can make an incredible difference to the lives of Fijian children through our teaching projects. We work in some of poorest rural primary schools and kindergartens in Fiji. We focus upon offering one-to-one support and small group lessons to Fijian children aged 2-13 and we see real results in improving children's reading and writing abilities in a short space of time. You can also work in pairs to plan and teach your own lessons. You can spend time in both the primary schools and the kindergartens as part of one project. Our education projects are hugely valued by local teachers and parents and designed in partnership with the Fijian Ministry of Education.

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Primary school teaching

Our volunteers offer a very important role as teaching assistants in primary schools, improving children's basic learning. We can see a dramatic increase in improvement with just a few weeks of tailored one-to-one classroom tuition and support. If you wish to, you can introduce your own lessons to the whole class. We increase students' confidence, self-esteem and aspirations by encouraging children to take part in debates, poster presentations, class discussions, reading schemes, library clubs, young enterprise competitions and fun games and activities.

Kindergarten Projects

On every project, you will have the opportunity to work within the local kindergarten. If a kindergarten doesn't exist already, you will work with our staff and the local community to establish one! Running early years' education programmes for children aged 3-5 is fun, rewarding and thoroughly exhausting. We encourage all our volunteers to try a little time supporting these remarkable village children. 'Kindi class' takes place for approximately three hours each morning. The kids are adorable, excited and eager to learn. You will work with Fijian volunteers and local teachers to teach Basic English language, literacy and numeracy, as well introducing fun and interactive activities such as music, songs, drawing, painting, crafts, story time, outdoor play and sports!

Advocating important messages

Using material provided by the Fijian government departments and lesson plans created by our charity, our volunteers lead fun and interactive lessons for local children and teenagers, which also pass important messages to young Fijians, for example you may be responsible for leading health and hygiene lessons for village children, ‘brushing teeth clubs' for the little ones, explaining the dangers of tobacco, drugs and alcohol to impressionable youths or organising environmental awareness initiatives and recycling projects.

Why is this project so important?

Although children will learn Fijian at home first, when they reach school, the entire curriculum is taught in English. Children must therefore have an excellent grasp of English reading and writing to enable them to progress through their studies. Establishing kindergarten programmes and offering support in primary schools Improves children's basic skills in English at an early age can make an immense difference to the quality of a child's long term education.


Long Term Impact

Teaching aims are carefully crafted with Fijian schools and nationally supported by the Fijian government. Our volunteers bring a whole new perspective to the students learning, increase teaching efficiency, ensure classes sizes are more manageable and offer a unique cultural dimension and a widening of pupil's understating of the wider world.

We have seen dramatic increases in exam results and educational attainment in the schools we have supported, visibly increasing children's reading and writing abilities as well as improving their confidence, social skills and self-esteem. Our kindergarten projects are providing some of the first early years' education in Fiji, enabling students to have a vital educational grounding for school.

Alongside the work of our volunteers, our charity in Fiji supports schools in the long term - providing educational resources, renovating school facilities, building kindergarten schools and providing teacher training.

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It was incredible and just about the most memorable thing I may ever do. I cannot thank you and Harry enough. The work we did was just unbelievable.
Scott Hooker, London
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