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Gap year, university students and career break expeditions

Volunteer Expeditions in the Fiji Islands

Whether you join Think Pacific for 1 month, 2 months or 3 months every expedition is a challenging, adventurous and hugely rewarding journey to the heart of the Fiji Islands.

Every project is a team experience as you join a group of young, fun and likeminded people. Most people join a team are their own and it's amazing to see the friendships that are formed and the experiences everyone returns home with by the end.   You'll start your project in Nadi, as Think Pacific's leaders meet you and guide you to a beautiful beach resort, where you'll get to know your team mates in paradise and the Think Pacific team and the Fijian Government will brief you on the aims and life ahead in the traditional Fijian communities.  During the project we fill our evenings and weekends with guided adventure days and unique cultural experiences. We always end with time relax and explore the glorious scenery, world class beaches and lively backpacker resorts. However, we guarentee it will be time in between that you remember as your greatest highlight, as you are adopted by a traditional Fijian family and work as a team to achieve a hugely diverse programme of youth, teaching and sports volunteer projects, which are making a lasting difference to Fijian children.

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If you are a gap year student, a graduate or a young career breaker aged 17-35 and thinking about doing something extraordinary, a Think Pacific volunteer expedition to the Fiji Islands could be just the challenge you've been looking for.

Beach Resort briefing

Forget all about the stress of exams or the day job by arriving in the exotic South Pacific Islands. As your plane lands in Fiji we will whisk you away to a beautiful resort. Passing small palm fringed villages dotted along the coast, children waving, the expanse of the Pacific Ocean stretching far and wide and Fiji's jungle hills rising steaply to our north, you'll feel like you've reached the end of the earth!  We always begin with a few days of acclimatisation, briefing and comprehensive Fijian orientation. Our overseas leaders and members from the Fijian Government, Provincial Council and local communities will explain the detailed project objectives as you prepare to inpire and support Fijian children through a huge range of youth projects. There is plenty of time to soak up the sunshine and sink into the slow pace of Fijian life as you get to know your team mates under the shade of a palm tree. Swim in the lagoon, swing in a hammock, play volleyball and enjoy swimming or snorkelling.

Volunteering in the traditional Fijian villages

Each expedition has clear aims and every team visits a different Fijian village and supports different schools. Inspiring children and providing a full and engaging programme of extra-curricular activities and sports coaching is the major focus of every project. Day-to-day initiatives include assisting and teaching primary school lessons, leading daily youth clubs for village children, establishing the first kindergarten programmes in Fiji's rural villages, introducing art, drama and music lessons, organising plays and dance productions as well as coaching a huge range of sports each afternoon including rugby, netball, football, cricket and hockey. Each expedition team completes a hugely busy and diverse workshop of initiatives, carefully structured for each village and the local schools. Our projects are in partnership with the Fijian Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Fiji National Sports Commission who Think Pacific's year round NGO staff work with to continue the initiatives long term, to make the most structured and sustainable impact.

Rest and Relax in Paradise            

During your volunteer project there are lots of opportunities for adventure and exploration such as night spear fishing, climbing extinct volcanoes and waterfall treks. Your expedition includes planned activities, guided by our leaders as well as a vast amount of cultural immersion as you truly experience the heart of daily Fijian life as a member of your Fijian village. Learn how to drink kava with the chief, farm in the jungle plantations, weave palm leaves into mats and cook Fijian food in underground earth ovens. Each project ends with time to rest and relax by beauitful beach resorts as you enjoy more of Fiji's most breathtaking scenery and kick back to enjoy some fun as a team. We'll finish your expedition at a popular backpacker resort by the beach and close to the airport where we celebrate the achievements of the project and look back at a hugely rewarding and life changing experience. You can finish with additional activities such as jet skiing, scuba diving, horse riding, zip lining or our most popular final adventure; a sky dive from 14 thousand feet over the islands!


Who else is going?

You will live, work and travel in a team of young, enthusiastic, slightly nervous, fresh thinking and likeminded people. We aim for a fair mix of male and female volunteers aged 17 -35. All our volunteers have the same things in common – a sense of adventure, a passion for making a positive contribution, and a desire to experience the real Fiji!

Guiding your expedition from start to finish, you will have the support of our fabulous team of expedition leaders, local Fijian guides and specialist support staff. Our staff teams are fun, dynamic, and incredibly passionate about what we do and how we do it. We believe they are the best, and the reason why our expeditions are so unique. Our leaders live alongside each team in the village; assessing the aims, updating risk assessments, guiding adventure activities and supporting your whole experience.

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It was the best experience of my life. I feel like I've come away with some of the closest friends you can ever make.
Lucy Price, Shrewsbury
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