The South Pacific is a truly awe-inspiring destination.

BULA! Welcome to Fiji

The South Pacific consists of thousands of tropical islands scattered across a vast and beautiful Ocean. So many legends have been made and stories have been told of this enchanting area of the world. The diverse cultures, dramatic scenery and glorious castaway lifestyle have inspired travellers, authors, artists, sailors, explorers and adventure seekers for centuries.

Located within the heart of the South Seas you will find the traditional villages, intact culture and beautiful way of life of the 330 magnificent islands of Fiji. There is something captivating about this unique area of our planet; The Fijian lifestyle, the exotic scenery and the most welcoming people on earth await. We hope you have the chance to join the Think Pacific team on a life changing expedition through paradise.

Think Lifestyle

Fijians live by their own slow pace known as 'Fiji Time' and with the sun beating down and temperatures rising to well over 30°C, it won't be long before you sink into the vibe of the South Pacific Islands too! During the volunteer phase of our expedition you will live in the villages, adopted by a Fijian family as if you were their son or daughter. This is a real South Seas experience, which can mean basic conditions, cold bucket showers and limited electricity, but life on a tropical island is a team effort as everyone works together; Fishing on the reefs, farming in the jungle plantations, collecting rain water, weaving palm leaves and cooking traditional food. Weekends and evenings in Fiji centre around family time as you visit different villages for feasts and ceremonies and evenings are spent around the tanoa, enjoying kava with the villagers and dancing the night away with your Fijian friends and family! Fijians are friendly and incredibly fun people and they certainly know how to have a good time and a great party!

Think Culture

Fijian culture is vibrant and fascinating. During your project, you will experience life at the heart of traditional villages, which we are honoured to visit and you will gain a real insight into the culture, customs and island lifestyle of Fiji. Our projects are based in the remote, rural and traditional villages of the Lomaiviti Province and here you will experience everything that makes Fijian life so unique, as you immerse into the 'Kaiviti way'. Chiefs preside over villages and clans and many local traditions form an all important part of daily life. Learn how to dance the Meke, cook traditional food in underground 'Lovo' earth ovens, and drink ceremonial Kava with the Chief. By the end of your project, you will have more understanding of the Fijian way of life than a thousand tourists or any guide book. You'll have learned a lot about yourself as well.

Think Adventure

With Think Pacific, this your chance to experience far from the tourist trail. Our expeditions are based a world away from the backpackers and gap year crowds. The villages in Fiji are accessible by strict chiefly invitation only. They are located in the Lomaiviti Province of Fiji, an area few tourists are ever lucky enough to visit and you will often be the first team to have ever stayed in the community as each of our projects is designed be-spoke for a particular village. All of our expeditions demand that you have an adventurous spirit. On days away from our projects you will have the chance to experience lots of activities. We schedule day trips as part of all of Think Pacific's expeditions, from sailing a tall ship through Fiji's castaway islands to a guided trek across the jungle rainforests. Whether your passion is for the ocean, the rainforest or relaxing on your own castaway island, the South Pacific will surpass all your expectations!

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The South Pacific is just intoxicating. I was lured by visions of tropical islands, but itís the beautiful way of life and the experience of doing something so worthwhile which will stay with me.
Angell, London
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