Project partners

Think Pacific's partners in Fiji

Think Pacific has a long term memorandum of understanding with the Lomaiviti Provincial Council in Fiji and organises projects to achieve the development aims set forward by the National Health Promotion Council and the Integrated Community Development Taskforce (ICD) in Fiji. Each Think Pacific team visits a different Fijian community to achieve village-specific action plans. All materials, equipment and resources for the community projects are funded by Think Pacific and our volunteer's expedition fees. However, our partnerships direct all of the project objectives. This ensures the aims of each expedition team are locally conceived, directed and monitored through a government directive to achieve a holistic approach to achieving local and sustainable solutions to poverty issues in Fiji.

Lomaiviti Provincial Council

Think Pacific act as a special project of the Lomaiviti Provincial Council and we support long term development aims in the rural communities of the Lomaiviti Province, one of Fiji's 14 provinces. Think Pacific's projects fulfil existing action plans initiated by the communities themselves and assessed by The Lomaiviti Provincial Council who work in collaboration with the Fijian Ministry.

Integrated Community Development Taskforce

This is a government taskforce, formed to facilitate the shared knowledge and expertise of different ministry departments to support combined development aims in the rural communities. The ICD Taskforce directs the long term aims of Think Pacific's projects. The action plans, which our projects complete, have been designed through an extensive process of Needs Assessments compiled with the rural communities and by our local government partners.

Towards a Healthy Fiji Directive

The central aim of the Fijian Ministry's Integrated Community Development Taskforce is the government directive 'Towards a Healthy Fiji Initiative' (TAHF). Think Pacific's projects are prioritised by this government directive, which has the mission of supporting rural communities to achieve 'Healthy people, healthy settings'. This is achieved through five pillars of holistic development, which facilitates the improvement of physical, financial, social, mental and spiritual wellbeing. TAHF is a locally conceived and directed initiative, designed by Fijian people for Fijian communities, and at its core fosters local empowerment. As Philip Komai of the TAHF states; "The single most powerful investment we can ever make in life is Investment in ourselves, It's the only instrument we have with which to deal with life and to contribute"

Monitoring and Reporting

Think Pacific meets at least quarterly, often monthly, with representatives from the Lomaiviti Provincial Council and the Fijian Ministry to plan and prioritise the development projects. A report is filed to both the Fijian government and the Lomaiviti Provincial Council following every expedition. These reports are readily available to our volunteers upon request.

Briefing of each volunteer team

During our in-country orientation in Fiji, representatives from the Lomaiviti Provincial Council and ICD Taskforce visit Caqalai Island to brief our volunteers in detail on the long-term objectives of the local development plans. Having our local partners and representatives from the communities themselves meeting our teams and expressing their enthusiasm, commitment and passion for their aims in person is an essential and inspiring element of our briefing and provides our volunteers with real understanding of the local impact of their individual project.

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I had the absolute time of my life with Think Pacific. Everything was just so far beyond what I could have asked for, or expected.
Alex Jenkinson, Belfast
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