Community Development in Fiji

Project aims

Think Pacific in Fiji

In the Fiji Islands, Think Pacific provides the funding, planning and logistical support to enable volunteer teams to achieve specific development goals in the poorest areas of Fiji as the core element of a well structured, challenging and adventurous expedition. Think Pacific fund short term, medium term and long term government directives which are designed and monitored by local communities and the Fijian Ministry to provide long term social, economic and environmental benefits to local communities.

The Aims of Think Pacific in Fiji are:

1. To make a positive contribution to immediate needs and improve local resources and infrastructure in rural Fijian communities, through financial support from Think Pacific and hands on assistance from volunteers and skilled local professionals.

2. To support a locally directed and sustainable model of development aimed at increasing local empowerment and providing long term solutions to development issues via skills sharing, community specific support, critical analysis and long term financial assistance.

3. To invest in Fiji's youth; increasing opportunities for future generations of Fijian children by facilitating access to improved infrastructure, education, training and support.

4. To enable volunteer teams to experience, explore and appreciate remote areas of the South Pacific Islands in a safe and responsible manner.

5. To promote Fijian culture, customs and traditional skills and encourage understanding and respectful behaviour from tourists.

6. To create a multiracial, international programme, which values the sharing of ideas, experiences and differences.

7. To enable volunteers to challenge themselves and develop initiative, teamwork and leadership skills through remote living and adventurous team activities.

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It was incredible and just about the most memorable thing I may ever do. I cannot thank you and Harry enough. The work we did was just unbelievable.
Scott Hooker, London
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