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Why Choose Us?

At Think Pacific, we're proud to be a small organisation. It allows us to deliver projects which are specific, focused and be-spoke for our project partners in Fiji and very personal for our volunteers. We treat every volunteer as an individual and from the day your place is confirmed, you will be made to feel part of our team.

Which ever timeframe you choose, all our projects are designed with following principles in mind...


Heading thousands of miles and spending your gap year in the developing world is a daunting prospect; through careful planning and detailed assessments our aim is to ensure you are safe, prepared and fully supported. For detailed information on our safety policy, volunteer planning and preparation, please refer to the links on the left hand side.

Team Work

We think that being part of a small team; living, working and travelling together is an incredibly rewarding experience. You will make friends for life. You will explore some unique places, and you will overcome challenges which you will remember as your biggest highlight. We set a maximum number of places for each expedition and we don't 'stretch' ourselves to accommodate more - this makes your experience safe, rewarding and personal.

Cultural Sensitivity 

The best way to experience a country is to get close to it. With Think Pacific you will experience the heart and soul of South Pacific life. Think Pacific has a very close relationship with the communities we support in the Pacific Islands and prominant local organisations who we are priviledged to partner to achieve unique and meaningful aims for their islands. We specialise in the South Seas and we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise in this region, ensuring that your project aims as well as your travels with Think Pacific are culturally sensitve, locally directed and a rich and rewarding experience.

Local Projects

'Local' is the key word for our projects. Local ideas, local direction, local management. Whether your interest lies in coaching sports or helping to build a school in Fiji, you will work side-by-side with Fijians to achieve local aims for their islands, whilst supporting locally owned businesses through our R&R and adventure phases.

Long Term Goals

We support every project in the short, medium and long term. The projects you work on, even for just a few weeks, are playing an essential role in a much bigger picture which receives continual monitoring, long term funding and local government direction and assessment.

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I'm so grateful that I was able to be a part of Think Pacific. You have really created a great organisation and I love the fact that it is so small and personal.
Joe Lawrence, Shropshire
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