Past Volunteer Grace takes on a challenge for Think Pacific Foundation!

grace marathon running

We’ve been massively grateful to past volunteers and staff for their efforts fundraising for our charity in Fiji.

Last week Grace Sivey, who volunteered in Batiki island for Think Pacific decided to run the London 10K  to help raise funds for communities impacted by Cyclone Winston.

And Grace’s motivation for taking on her first ever run?

“Everone who knows me will agree how little I enjoy exercise! So my journey from being out of breath running for a bus (although I even try not to do that if I can help it!), to being able to hopefully run a 10k will be a massive achievement for me.that I hate running.

Having been welcomed on to Batiki island with such kindness when I was volunteering a few years ago, I want to be able to help these wonderful Fijian people in any small way I can.  And I thought what better way than to put myself through a huge personal challenge for me of running a 10k! Fiji will always hold a special place in my heart and I can’t stress enough how friendly, happy and welcoming these communities are. Think Pacific is a fantastic organisation who help to improve the lives of remote Fijian communities. Earlier this year Fiji suffered the impact of the worst Cyclone ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere, 45,0000 people have been displaced and families have lost everything. Think Pacific were on the ground providing water, food, clothing, first aid and medical supplies that were so desperately needed. However, emergency relief is still needed and there is much more to do to help the communities rebuild.”

Vinaka vaka levu Grace for your support and we’ll ensure the funds are used to offer even more help to communities in Fiji!

If you would like to donate to Grace, it’s still not too late!

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