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Saturday, May 28th, 2016

Providing thounsands of educational packs to school children


Think Pacific Foundation, have this week distributed 20 thousand educational packs, kindergarten boxes, teacher resources and sports kits to rual schools on Koro Island.

Following Cyclone Winston hundreds of schools across Fiji were been damaged or destroyed,  with Koro being one of the areas in most need. Lessons in many communities are taking place in makeshift tents and whilst the incredible positive attitude of the Fijian people shines through, it’s so important to continue support, and not forget, the thousands of children still living in such tough conditions and the hard working teachers trying to maintain school programmes in remote areas.

After undertaking projects to support assess the damage, meet with teachers and conduct surveys on Koro,  our charity saw a great need for basic educational resources as so many schools were lacking items such as pencils and paper.  We hope our efforts have gone a small way to improving the lives of Fijian children and with the help of our supporters, we’ll continue to do more.  Some schools in Fiji are going to take many years to get back on their feet and every donation helps us offer more support.