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Saturday, October 31st, 2015

Koro Team – ‘Like a scene from Finding Nemo’; Volunteers enjoy snorkelling Koro’s stunning outer reefs!

snorkel trip  (10)

This past week has been very exciting and full of laughs!! For our first adventure this week with just the 9 10 week volunteers we travelled to another village called Tuatua, where we had a ‘sevusevu’ and sang with the kindergarten. We then all embarked on a speed boat which headed out to the open reef, and we certainly enjoyed our time snorkelling!

This experience was amazing to be able to see so many colourful and different species of star fish, fish and coral! It was literally like a scene from finding Nemo, with loads of clown fish swimming amongst us. The boat however was a challenge in itself, testing who had stomachs of steel and who didn’t, with the boat breaking through the waves. The view was spectacular for us to be able to see Koro from the ocean, as the island we are lucky enough to call home for this expedition!

Friday, October 30th, 2015

‘Vinaka vaka levu’ to our September 5 week team…sota tale!

week 5 farewell (6)

Last week was an emotional one for our volunteer team on Koro island, as our 5 week team members bid farewell to the project, and their friends and family in Nakodu village. After a huge finale on project, including the much anticipated house cup finals at the Nakodu-Mudu Primary School and school fundraiser, the final days were spent snorkelling at the wharf, visiting the local rock pools, and enjoying family time in the community. The 5 week team shall be missed, and it is now down to the 10 week volunteers to continue the fantastic momentum as we enter the final few weeks of our youth and sports development programme on the island!

Friday, October 30th, 2015

Koro Team – Photos from epic House Cup Finals & School Fundraiser at Nakodu-Mudu Primary School!

Week 4 saw 2 huge days on project, as the House Cup competition at Nakodu-Mudu Primary School reached a climax with the singing and young enterprise competitions, and our volunteer team launched a fundraiser event at the school, with games, cakes and face paints for kids and adults alike! Below are a few of the pics from these big big project days…..

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Koro Team – Sports Development; Volunteers deliver daily sports coaching sessions & ‘Sports Outreach’ scheme!

Koro Sept 15 Team - Weeks 1 & 2 - Sports Coaching (5)

Sports Coaching – Qalivakibau Primary School

In the afternoons we taught rugby. We were concentrating on the 3 main skills: passing, sprinting and attacking/defensive structures. The kids were fantastic little athletes but their basic skills were really lacking and our work was cut out for us. After 45 minutes we were seeing an improvement and we saw the skills displayed in a game of touch that made all the efforts seem worth it! This trend continued until Friday, when we decided to play a game of full contact with the 5 & 6’s, and after seeing the display of neck breaking tackles, ‘tackling’ will be next on the agenda!

Koro Sept 15 Team - Weeks 1 & 2 - Sports Coaching (39)

Sports Outreach – Nasau Primary School

On Friday afternoon we went across to Nasau Primary School for a Sports Outreach. The kids were excited as soon as they saw our guys come of the truck, and whilst the leaders were talking to the kids and the teachers on the reasons for our presence, the team quickly set up the cones for the 3 different sports that we were going to coach the kids.

The outreach began with a huge game of Bull Dog, which was carnage! Stretches then followed, and after the warm up the kids were sent to their respective sports area, including rugby, football, netball and rounders.

by Connal

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Koro Team – Updates from a big first week in the Nakodu-Mudu & Qalivakibau Kindergartens from our ‘kindi team’!

Koro Sept 15 Team - Weeks 1 & 2 - Kindi (1)

The volunteers in Kindi this week consisted of Lynsay, Fran and Amy D in Nokodu-Mudu ECE, and in Qalivakabau ECE we had Lydia and Kathryn. Both Kindis’ had a brilliant week, which included activities such as toothbrush club, leader of the day, circle time, language time and sticker charts!

We have all seen a huge improvement in all of the children’s level of English over the past week, which was extremely impressive, given the children are all so young! Our favourite time of the week in Nokodu-Mudu was singing and arts and crafts, and ended with a Kindi class party on Friday. The party included making colourful bunting, party games such as pass the parcel and musical bumps and a teddy bear’s picnic!

For the Qalivakabau kindi, their highlight of the week was introducing the game ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf?’, and colouring in the rainbow. Hopefully this forthcoming week will be just as successful as our first week!

Love the Kindi Team

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

Koro Team – Splash time & snorkelling fun during weekend beach trip!

Koro Sept 15 Team - Weeks 1 & 2 - Snorkelling (29)

On Saturday’s our volunteers enjoy the opportunity to explore their local surroundings, and the natural playground that remote Fijian islands offer. With this in mind, and with the sun shining, last Saturday our Koro team headed around the island to a local beach spot next to the Koro wharf, where they enjoyed some splash time, some snorkelling across a stunning patch of reef, and a chance to relax on the beach. We asked the team to tell us a little about the day

“On Saturday morning we woke up to sunshine and met at 9:45 for our team briefing. We then jumped on the truck and drove to a beautiful beach. When we arrived most of us changed in to our swim gear, walked to the end of the pier and jumped off. It was much colder than expected! As we jumped in Emma lost her snorkel, lol, and it was Saki who came to the rescue. The reefs were beautiful with hundreds of different fish- we even saw Nemo! As some of us explored the reefs others sunbathed and soaked up the warm Fijian sun. After a lovely day we all left and sung along to Ed Sheeran trying to mentally prepare for an ice cold river bath.”