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Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Ra June Team – ‘Fun Day’ extravaganza one of many highlights of final days in Bucalevu as kids go wild for face paints, stalls, cakes, raffle & mud slide party!

Ra June - Fun day (67)

It was a huge final few days for our Ra June team in Bucalevu village, with House Cup final competitions, grog parties, traditional mekes and the farewell to their family and friends in the village, and a real highlight of this finale to project life was the ‘Fun Day’!

With free access to all the stalls, treats and prizes for all kids, it turned out to be an incredibly fun filled and excitable day, as the gallery below encapsulates!

With the team having left their home of Bucalevu a few days ago, we would like to say a huge vinaka vaka levu to the local community and school members, following a truly memorable 4 weeks, and of course our volunteer team…’sota tale’!

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Rugby Development – Think Pacific assist with Koro Kaji tournament in build up to national competitions!

taff kaji (1)

For the past 3 weeks, the children of primary schools in Koro have been competing at the Kaji trials to see who will represent the island at the national rugby and netball tournaments to be held in Suva at the end of August. Dan, Tommy and I were given the chance to help out at the trials and give our opinions and views on who should make the rugby squad.

At school in the weeks leading up to the trials we trained the boys. The progress the boys made throughout the weeks was great to see and the Nacamaki boys were ready to tear up the Kaji.

After just observing the first trials we 3 were handed more responsibility for the following 2 weeks and conducted tests to measure the players tackling, passing and speed. This showed the teachers that to understand a player’s ability you need to observe more than just matches.

After the drills were out the way, the matches started and the Nacamaki boys were the stand out performers, with Vula, Vatili, Bubbles and Suli in particular impressing. It was a very rewarding experience to be invited to help out with the trials and I hope the boys get something out of it and bring the trophy back for Koro!

By Taff

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Our Cardiff University 2015 Youth & Sports Development Project Begins!

Cardiff Uni Team Pic

Think Pacific was extremely proud and very excited to welcome our inaugural Cardiff University volunteer team to the Fiji Islands this week, as after months of planning and preparation, we launched our Youth and Sports Development project with the University.

The team left Nadi early on Saturday morning, making the 3 hour journey along Viti Levu’s stunning coral coast, before reaching their beautiful briefing spot of Uprising Beach Resort in Pacific Harbour. The afternoon was then spent enjoying some sunshine on the sports pitch, with team games of ‘rugby-netball’, touch rugby and rounders providing the perfect backdrop to team building and getting to know eachother a little better! The evening also saw the ‘battle of the brains’ in the quiz night, where team ‘Quiztina Aguilera’ came out victorious, and took home the coveted pack of chocolate cookies!

Sunday was then spent briefing and preparing for the project and village life, and the youth and sports initiatives ahead. In the morning Think Pacific’s Community Development Advisors presented on local culture and customs, the history and evolution of the ‘Healthy Islands’ and ‘Health Promoting Schools’ programmes, and the key areas of focus for our Cardiff University volunteers, before Mrs Analesi, of the Little Ones Kindergarten and Global Youth Leader, spoke on the importance of Early Child Education in Fiji. The team then broke down into smaller groups for workshops with our project leader team, focusing upon lesson planning through the ECE, Primary School and sports coaching sessions, so that they may be well prepared for projects to begin on Tuesday morning!

Waking up this morning the team are soon to load into the TP bus and make the 4 1/2 hour journey up the eastern coast of Viti Levu into the province of Ra, before boarding the outboards for the 10 min boat crossing around Navitilevu bay to their new home of Navuniivi village. The village itself it very remote, which is an exciting challenge for our team, and they shall then be supporting 3 rural Primary Schools and 2 Kindergartens with our comprehensive education, youth and sports coaching programmes, and everyone is eager and excited to begin!

You can follow the progress of our first ever Cardiff University team here on our Blog at, on our Facebook page at, and through our Twitter @thinkpacific!

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Koro 6 Month Team – TP drink grog, meke and dance until they drop during Nacamaki school fundraiser celebration!

friday soli and meke (25)

A national bank holiday on Friday 26th meant no school for the team, but Nacamaki village was busy preparing itself for a party! A big soli was being held to celebrate weeks of successful fundraising for the school. 4 huge bamboo shelters had been constructed in the centre of the village, one for each of the school houses – red, yellow, green and blue. Food was being prepared in the early hours of the morning and the sound of grog pounding could be heard throughout the village.

Most of the team were dressed in their specially made ‘kalavata’s’ – Jaba dresses or bula shirts which matches according to our house colour. The grog drinking started at midday with some chat and vidividi, and was soon followed by hop hop as the party got underway.

friday soli and meke (18)

As it got dark, the girls got ready to perform the meke we’d been practising all week. Although it can be stressful learning the dance, the Fijians find it hilarious to watch and it’s so much fun to perform, even if it goes a bit wrong! Once we had finished our performance at green house shelter, we made our way around the remaining 3, feeling the similar pressures a girl band on tour might feel!

Tess and I had learnt an additional meke with our sister, Diwaga, to the famous village song, which we performed twice, both times receiving powder all over us and sweets shoved down our tops by the grandma’s! Although we all belonged to different houses, almost everyone drank grog and danced at all 4 shelters and the hall till the early morning, and the party continued all weekend!

by Rebecca

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Nairai June Team – Quiz Night, Bilo Making, Family Night & Grog and ‘Hop Hop’ party during an action packed week of activities!

Nairai June - Activities - Week 3 (15)

This week we returned for another round of quiz night, this time brought together by Jess and Daisy. It was a brilliant quiz with fun rounds of Pictionary and photos testing our knowledge of the village. There were several topics including a tough biology round which helped biology student Beth and team mate Adrian secure their second win of the trip!

Tuesday was family night, which involved a delicious meal, music and of course, plenty of grog! On Wednesday we learnt how to make bilos, the cup used to drink kava. It is a long process of scraping and sanding coconut shells, and there were a few achy arms by the end.

Thursday was free night so we all gathered at Beth & Elsa’s to watch a movie (Brick Mansion) and relax. As usual Friday night was grog and “hop hop” in the hall, there was plenty of fun had by everyone!

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

Koro 6 Month Team – Yellow house ‘Roars to Victory’ during Lion King performances at Vunivasa District School!

lion king vunivasa (11)

Last week in Vunivasa, house cup returned as the school took to the stage to perform the Lion King. Each house was given a scene from the film and made it their own through costumes, scripts and props. After a roller-coaster of emotion in House yellow, cold feet and tears (from Simba) before the performance they pulled it out of the bag with a roaring success.

We were given the last scene, where Simba returned to pride rock and made it our own with make shift costumes using the resources Fiji has to offer. Kids collected bamboo sticks for our hyenas and lion masks, and collected leaves for Simba’s crown and we cut up an egg carton for Pumba’s snout. By no means was it a west end production but we certainly all had fun.

lion king vunivasa (14)

Watching the kids perform with smiles on their faces was so rewarding and we defiantly felt like proud parents watching our kids at a nativity play. Of course we had some mishaps such as trying to classes 1-4 to stand in lines as lions and hyenas and ended up having to run across the stage to change the scene setting but it was all worth it in the end.

Everyone in yellow house worked so hard but it was Sekove, Ravs and Litia who played Rafiki, Simba and Timone who really stood out for us. They all learnt their lines really well and Litia in particular had everyone in stitches as he sang Timones song whilst shaking it in a hula skirt.

All in all, it was such a nice way to end the week in school and roll on the house cup finals, where yellow will be victorious again. GO YELLOW GO!

by Louise & Charlotte