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Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Koro May Team – Teddy Bears Picnic, Class 3 & 4 and ‘World Maps’ in House Cup Arts & Crafts at Kade Village School!

Koro Nabasovi Week 2 House Cup (8)

The infamous Kade Kindi continued with Sebastian, Charlotte, Emily and Hannah in the truly beloved organised chaos. All the favourite games were played and as a farewell an extremely cute ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ was organised, with the most delicious goodies on offer for the kids and volunteers.

It was an emotional goodbye to their new favourite 5 year olds, but what better way to end their time than creating a giant bundle in the middle of the hall where it all started, with just the volunteers’ feet poking out as an indication that they were underneath the “kindians” on top.

Koro Nabasovi Week 2 Kade School Catherine's Blog (4)

In Kade Village School Catherine continued her assistance to classes 3 & 4, offering an insight in the short blog piece below:

“I spent the week in the year 3 and 4 class in Kade Village School. After starting off observing the teacher I began to take some lessons.
Oral English resulted in me doing actions and dancing around the classroom while getting the children to describe what I was doing. They found this absolutely hilarious and spent the majority of the lesson laughing at me. Their English in general wasn’t great and so the teacher sometimes had to help with a bit of translation, but by the end of the week they were even starting to say some words in a Scottish accent!

Maths was mainly focusing on multiplication. After reciting all the times tables and playing as many multiplication games as I could think of they did begin to improve. They even moved on to more difficult examples with larger numbers which was really nice to see.

Being put straight into a class was a daunting prospect at first but the teacher was lovely and the kids were ridiculously cute, so by the end of the week I was having an amazing time. The best part was seeing some genuine improvement in the class which will hopefully continue.

by Catherine”

Koro Nabasovi Week 2 House Cup (28)

Thrown into all the excitement this week was the first House Cup competition; Arts and Crafts. Things took a colourful turn in Kade as the children’s feet and hands were painted to create a giant world map showing exactly who made it. And also, leaving a couple of extra pink and blue footprints around school to squeals of laughter by the children!

Insects and Planets were created in Nabasovi with pictures galore as the library and classroom ceilings are now full of the creepy crawlies and flying saucers floating overhead proudly.

A brilliantly entertaining week as the House Cup is now in full swing, and next week sees the introduction of Public Speaking!

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Ra April Team – Volunteers introduce ECE initiatives to Malake Kindi; Arrival times, inspection, toothbrush club, daily activities & ‘leader of the day’ reward scheme!

Kindi (12)

The kindi aspect of the Think Pacific project has been eagerly anticipated by us, the volunteers. We are all conscious that kindi is the foundation to a child’s education.

This week we have initiated a structure to the kindi programme. This involves set times for arrival, inspection, toothbrush club and the daily activities; which were all not previously organised. We also introduced an award scheme called ‘leader of the day’, which awards the child that showed the most initiative in the previous day. The kids have found that very exciting and we have noticed positive changes in the behaviour and enthusiasm in the children.

We have also provided Lego as a resource for learning colours and numbers and have assisted some of the slower learners with one-on-one tuition, tackling numbers, letters and shapes.

All in all, a very positive start to the kindi campaign and with five weeks to go we are confident that these improvements will continue!

by Connor & Phoebe

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Volunteer Stories – Taff’s Birthday Bonanza; ‘A birthday to remember which confirmed there really is no party like a TP party!’

taff's birthday (3)
Spirits were high amongst volunteers and children alike in Nacamaki on Friday evening. We had just returned from a very successful inter-schools sports competition in which the 7&8 Nacamaki boys pulled off a memorable victory to bring home the gold, and everyone was buzzing!

It all started with some of the boys wearing some rather fetching Jamba dresses. The party guests were arriving when I was whisked away to my Grandma’s house to get dressed in my traditional Fijian birthday attire, which turned out to be a dress made out of special paper (masi). I was then secretly ushered back into the party shack and left sitting on my own in a masi dress, which was of much amusement to the other guests.

I was treated to a wonderful rendition of happy birthday by everyone, made a short speech and cut the wonderfully huge cake my mum had prepared. The mums had all been baking all day and there was no short supply of cake and pie and tea! All the cakes were truly delicious but one stood out above the rest. Earlier in the week, Tess had been back to visit her mum in Vatulele, who is a master baker, to make me a surprise cake. Tess had produced a scrumptious banana cake, under her mum’s watchful eye, which was a lovely treat.

The group came together for a dance to the Fijian classic ‘Cecilia’ and then I was to slow to sit down, and was forced to make my own rendition of the ‘chacha slide’. A great night was topped off by the surprise visit of the Vatulele mum’s and my dad came along too. Throughout the night the shack was jam packed which put hop hop to the side but this was okay as everyone was enjoying chatting and reminiscing. It truly was a birthday to remember which confirmed that there really is no party like a TP party.

by Taff

Saturday, May 30th, 2015

TP Inter-School Tournament – Koro Island – U12 & U14 Rugby 7s; ‘The boys had great fun and I could really see what I had been teaching them in training!’

Koro Nabasovi Week 2 Inter School Matches (66)

On Friday, we all had our game faces on as it was time for TP’s first inter-school competition with 4 schools! There were 3 categories, 5-6 and 7-8 boy’s Rugby 7’s and 5-8 girl’s Netball, with Nacamaki playing Nabasovi in the first semi-finals, and Vunivasa playing Kade in the second.

Starting with the U12 boys, my Nacamaki boys came up against a much more sizeable Nabasovi team. Unfortunately the size did play a big role in the game and Nabasovi won the game. But the boys had great fun and I could really see what I had been teaching them in training. Not to worry though they still had the play-offs for 3rd place against Kade, who lost against a strong Vunivasa team.

Fortunately, Taff’s U14 boys managed to avenge the defeats by beating the Nabasovi team with a superb try by Salasa in the last minute to secure a place in the final against Vunivasa.

Koro 6 Months - Term 2 Week 3 - Inter-School (12)

It was then time for the main event, the big kahuna one might say…the finals! For the U12’s, Vunivasa played a closely contested match with Nabasovi, in which you could see the progress Craig, Jack and Sam had made with the boys. The size again came through in the end and Nabasovi stormed through for victory.

The U14 game was less of a close affair, with the Nacamaki boys demonstrating if you wake Taff up at half 5 in the morning for a training session you will be rewarded!

Koro 6 Months - Term 2 Week 3 - Inter-School (1)

We then handed out the medals, which we had made the previous day and all the winning teams were awarded with sports jackets which were kindly donated to TP. After all the chaos and great sports, the two Think Pacific teams got together for some games of touch rugby and netball and everyone went home thinking ‘what a fantastic day!’

by Jamie

Saturday, May 30th, 2015

TP Inter-School Tournament – Koro Island – U14 Netball; ‘It’s so cool that I’ve now coached a team on the other side of the world!’

Koro Nabasovi Week 2 Inter School Matches (18)

Day 13 of the Think Pacific expedition and today was awesome! Both groups at Nabasovi District School and Kade Village School had spent the previous week training a netball team and 2 rugby teams from each school from the years 5-8. I really enjoyed the training we ran for them, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting back into Netball coaching having missed it since I left England.

All of the coaching we put on was leading to a massive inter-school tournament on the Friday, where 4 schools from around Koro Island came together to battle it out to become champions. Julia, Hannah, Lauren and I got our netball team really pumped up and we were all really excited.

Koro Nabasovi Week 2 Inter School Matches (3)

What was also great was that our Think Pacific team were heading to Vunivasa School with our two schools and we were going to join another Think Pacific team who were on a 6 month expedition with their 2 schools; Vunivasa and Nacamaki. The atmosphere was class – so many kids running around enjoying themselves.

First up was my Nabasovi Netball team playing Nacamaki. The girls played really well and I loved watching their game! They won their match quite convincingly which (obviously) we were all really chuffed about. Through to the final! We had lots of chill time so spent it watching the other teams playing and chatting to the 6 month team about their experiences.
So, the final…So excited for the girl’s match against Vunivasa!

Koro Nabasovi Week 2 Inter School Matches (8)

It was a 20 minute game with 4 long quarters,  with the last being the longest ever. I loved being back courtside cheering my team on. The game is quite different out here, contact seems to be the norm but the girls are awesome at netball and they loved every minute! It did get to the point however,  where I couldn’t watch as I so wanted the girls to win!

And guess what? They won! The best moment ever was when the girls realised they’d won and we ran on court to cheer with them in a massive huddle – a tad emotional! It reminded me of my team at home when I take them to tournaments, but it’s so cool that I’ve now coached a team on the other side of the world!

What an awesome day!

by Emily

Saturday, May 30th, 2015

Our Ra May 2015 5 Week Expedition Begins!

Ra May Team - Briefing (24)

Our Ra May 2015 Expedition is underway, with our volunteer team enjoying their 3 day briefing at the Uprising Resort in Pacific Harbour. The briefing days are a key opportunity for the team to acclimatise to life in the south pacific, to be briefed on the huge youth and sports project aims ahead, and to bond as a group.

On Monday the team shall then make the 4 hour trip up the East Coast of Fiji’s biggest island of Viti Levu, before travelling inland to the interior, to the rural village of Sowanivo which shall be their new home for the next 4 weeks.

You can follow the team on the blog at, on Facebook, and on our Twitter page at @thinkpacific!