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Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Gau Team – Build Update; Health Clinic in final stages as volunteers complete walling and flooring!

Build Kirsty Lovo Jan 2015 Gau (3) Pic 1

The construction of the village Health Clinic in Lovu is moving into its final stages, as another big week from our volunteer ‘build crew’ saw the walling and flooring completed, and the painting underway.

Over the final rota of project the finishing touches shall be applied, with the painting to be completed and the windows and doors to be hung, before this key facility shall be officially opened, and ready to use by the village health worker. Its a day that both our volunteers and the Lovu community are very much looking forward to!

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Volunteer Stories – Encouraging students creativity & imagination during House Cup arts and crafts competition at Narocake District School!

Gau Jan 15 - House Cup (29) Pic 1

The House Cup is definitely a highlight for all volunteers. Every week a different activity is chosen to challenge the children in Arts & Crafts, Public Speaking or Singing. The school is split into four houses; Sese, Kaka, Coola & Ketedromo. Throughout the short session every afternoon the volunteers encourage the creativity within the children to come up with a single project to focus on during the week.

This week we tackled Arts & Crafts and within the first 5 minutes the children’s competitive spirit began to show with enthusiastic chanting and much excitement. Our team chant was ‘SESE… WHAT’ (Coach Carter style!)

Gau Jan 15 - House Cup (16) pic 2

In team Sese we came up with the theme of friendship and culminated a highly elaborate plan of building a small house/friendship zone. With fears of not finishing by the end of the week the children pulled together and hurried to complete the tasks which we had given to them.

The end result was extremely satisfying as we finished with a friendship house decorated with flowers and words representing good friendship and anti-bullying slogans.

Gau Jan 15 - House Cup (23) Pic 3

On judging day nerves and excitement were high for the children (and the volunteers!) as the headmaster decided on the winning project. After much deliberation and anticipation it was decided that team Sese were the winners and were ever closer to winning the overall house cup at the end of the Think Pacific expedition. Go team Sese!

by Chris & Lally

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Moturiki Team – Another big week in the UPS Kindi, including beach visits and outdoor games!

Moturiki Jan 15 - Kindi - Week 4 (8) Pic 1

It has been another big week in the Uluibau Primary School Kindergarten for our volunteers, and the kindi kids, with games, activities, learning and a Friday visit to the beach. As the team continue to implement the Early Child Education concepts and lesson plans, inclduing structured learning and activities, they are seeing the development in the children growing throughout the days and weeks of project. As Finn says:

“It’s been another mad week in Kindi. Even though we’ll never be able to match the kids in energy levels, we’ve nailed down which topics are good for lessons and how to get the kids involved – from singing songs, to running around the classroom, to find things of a particular colour. While it’s tiring it’s certainly rewarding to see the kids understanding what’s being taught as well as seeing their English come on leaps and bounds!”

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Volunteer Stories – Night Spear Fishing; “Bringing home your catch…the best meal we’ve had in Fiji” by Inez

Night Fishing Lovo Week 3 Jan 2015 GAu (6) Pic 1

One of the experiences I was most looking forward to here in Fiji was the night spear fishing with our Fijian Ta’s (dads), and I was not disappointed. Ready in all our gear we set off at sunset not knowing what to expect. By the time the sun had sunk we had found the perfect location, then 1,2,3 we were in.

The water being pitch black was eerie, and fishless…or so it seemed. With our expert Ta’s at hand eagle eyed in the water they were able to find the most camouflaged of fish amongst the coral, which was probably a good thing, as I was very easily distracted by the glowing magical sand!

However the best bit of all was bringing your catch home to your Na (mum) and having it for dinner the next day. No doubt about it the best meal we’ve had in Fiji!

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Moturiki Team – Swimming Lessons for UPS students during sports coaching sessions

Moturiki Jan 15 - Sports - Week 4 (10) Pic 1

We started off the sport for this week with two days of swimming lessons in the sea. Although most of the kids can swim a little, we managed to bring in a lot of techniques on various strokes, using floats to help us with the drills. We also played Bulldog and ‘Duck, duck, goose’ in the water, which was a lot of fun for all.

Moturiki Jan 15 - Sports - Week 4 (19) Pic 2

On Wednesday we did athletics with the older kids, starting off with a 100m sprint, then moving on to piggy back and wheelbarrow races, finishing off with a thrilling relay race. The kids had a brilliant time, and it got a great reception from the whole school. The younger kids played a game of Kwick Cricket, which also went down well. Unfortunately sport was cancelled on Thursday due to heavy rain, but the week came to a spectacular finish with a mighty football tournament for the whole school on Friday!

by Hugo

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Gau Team – Volunteers learn the traditional art of mat & basket weaving from Lovu community

Basket weaving lovo Jan 2015 Gau (1)

Last week our volunteers in the small village of Lovu took the opportunity to spend an evening learning the traditional art of mat and basket weaving from the community members, with many finding it a tricky skill to master, as Josh mentions:

“After watching the local villagers weave in a matter of a few minutes I thought it would be a simple task. As i started, that opinion changed, but with great help & patience from the villagers we persevered and finished the basket!”