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Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Local Partners – Think Pacific extremely pleased to renew MOU agreement with Lomaiviti Provincial Office for further 5 years!

Copy of Think Pacific - LPO - MOU Signing (2)

Think Pacific was extremely pleased, and indeed proud, to sign its MOU II agreement on Friday with the Lomaiviti Provincial Offic for a further period of 5 years, renewing our partnership with the provincial administration, and strengthening our commitment to assisting with the holistic development targets of the local communities and schools in the Lomaiviti province as a whole.

Think Pacific and the Lomaiviti Provincial Council signed their first MOU on June 16th 2009, with projects beginning on the island of Moturiki in July 2009 under the Ministry of Health’s ‘Towards a Healthy Fiji’ programme. Since that date 55 projects have been completed through volunteer funding across Moturiki, Batiki, Nairai and Gau islands, including kindergarten schools, sanitation facilities, village health clinics and community halls, whilst a comprehensive youth and sports development programme is currently being implemented on the island of Koro.

Copy of Think Pacific - LPO - MOU Signing (1)

Whilst Think Pacific now hopes to offer sustainable Youth & Sports development programmes in rural areas across Fiji under its partnerships with the Ministry of Youth & Sports and National Sports Commission, and shall expand its funding assistance under the Think Pacific Foundation (Fiji), the MOU document signed with the LPO demonstrates our firm commitment to continuing our assistance to the Lomaiviti communities, and we are very grateful for this opportunity to assist further in realising the development visions of local villages and schools!

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Our Gau January 5 Week Expedition Begins!

Copy of Gau Jan 15 Arrival

Our January 5 week team have touched down in the Fiji Islands, and have made the journey along Viti Levu’s stunning southern coast, and across to their briefing spot of Leleuvia Island! With the sun shining brightly it was a beautiful day to kick off an exciting 5 weeks ahead!

Over the the next 3 days our volunteers shall acclimatise to life in the South Pacific, whilst being briefed on the development aims and initiatives and enjoying a host of games and activities, before making the 3 hour crossing to their project island of Gau, and new home of Lovu village.

You can follow the teams progress on our blog (, on our Facebook page ( and on Twitter (@thinkpacific)!

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Moturiki Team – Construction of UPS Kindergarten begins as build project gets underway!

build start off1

On Monday it was ‘all hands on deck’ for our Moturiki volunteer team as the building project of a Kindergarten at the Uluibau Primary School got underway. The new kindi shall provide a key resource and facility for the school and students, and shall be a proud achievement of the Think Pacific Foundation in the weeks to come!

The first task of the day was lifting, carrying and stacking all the timbers, posts and materials within the school compound, whilst our Building Manager Jay was busy setting the profile for the new Kindi, which shall take pride of place within the school compound.

After a short break our volunteers, and the Uluibau community members, then began the big task of digging the foundations for the posts, and with a slope to contend with this took a huge amount of effort and determination for everyone on site. It was a cracking start from the whole team on build, and has certainly set a very positive tone for the weeks ahead!

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Think Pacific proud and excited to launch our ‘Exeter Students Volunteer Project’!

Exeter Uni Project 2

Think Pacific are very excited to have launched our ‘Exeter Students Volunteer Project’, with our first Exeter team due to touch down in the Fiji Islands in June 2015!

The objective of the project is to work towards the development of grass-roots sports development within Fiji, to assist and lead teaching within local schools, and to pioneer youth projects, kindergarten education and extra-curricular activities for Fijian children.

The projects are in support of the Think Pacific Foundation, and in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth & Sports and Fiji National Sports Commission, and we look forward to developing our relationship with Exeter students, and their impact in rural areas of Fiji.

For more information on the Exeter Students Volunteer Project you can visit the facebook page at, or email!

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Moturiki Team – Our volunteer Harriet celebrates her 19th birthday the ‘kaiviti’ way!

harriets birthday bash11

After a fun filled evening for our volunteer team arriving into Uluibau village, on Saturday they awoke to a further celebration, as Harriet celebrated her 19th birthday.

Enjoying a birthday on a small island in the south pacific is certainly unique, and in Fijian villages it is a time to come together as a community for food, fun, kava and dancing. So in the evening our team, and the Uluibau villagers, gathered once again in ‘the shed’, and after our Expedition Leader Lulu had made a speech, a feast was enjoyed, the kava was mixed and the ‘hop hop’ began!

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Moturiki Team – Our volunteers arrive to singing & dancing in new home of Uluibau village!

harriets birthday bash15

The first Think Pacific team of 2015 began their stay in Uluibau on Moturiki Island on Friday 23rd, and were greeted by singing on the beach by the villagers and families whom the team shall be staying with over the weeks ahead.

With the music of the welcoming party still ringing in our ears we were lead to the Ratu (Chief) of Uluibau’s house, to be officially welcomed into the village with a Sevusevu ceremony and a bowl of grog.

The team then settled in to their new homes with their families, before making their way to the community hall to begin a night of feasting, kava drinking and hop hop until the small hours!