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Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Volunteer Stories – A week of fun and laughter in Kindi; ‘A Bug’s Life’ theme, painting butterflies, brand new ‘reading den’ & introduction of ‘Kitty the puppet’! by Sophie Cox

Pic 2 - Kindi.

Wow, what an amazing first week in Kindi! Frankie, Chloe, Bernie and myself have all worked together to observe what’s already in place and we’ve then focused on getting a routine in kindi that works best for the children throughout the week, we’ve evaluated what works and made changes to make it even better!

Our routine consists of circle times, speaking and listening, construction, games, singing, outdoor play and lots more. Our focused learning this week has been finding out what the children know about letters and numbers.

We’ve played lots of number games, getting the children to try and recognise the number, count the objects and match them so they understand what each number to 10 means.

Our learning theme this week has been “A Bugs Life” which both the children and the adults have loved. We enjoyed a nature walk where we collected natural objects and made a collage which can now be used for small word play.

Pic 3 - Kindi.

A big ‘wow’ moment this week was painting butterflies. We printed on one side and when they were opened up, the children were amazed to see a symmetrical pattern on their butterfly wings.

The Kindi children have also been introduced to my friend Kitty (a colourful puppet) who LOVES being in Kindi. She was very shy at first, but now she loves to join in and help with all our learning and her favourite part is to sing and dance with us at song time!

A great ending to the weeks we’ve put together a reading den and I can’t wait to see the children using it and developing their love for books! It’s also great to help the teacher Johanna to create an “enabling environment” for the kindi children to learn and grow in. There is a lot of fun and laughter in Kindi and I’m sure there’s plenty to come!

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Volunteer Stories – An unforgettable 18th Birthday in Fiji with my crazy, yet incredibly loveable, TP family! by Marnie Davidson

marnies  (17)

I spent my 18th birthday in Fiji, wearing a traditional ‘masi’ dress made out of tree bark, and dancing like a mad person…I highly doubt many people can say that! The TP team and the villagers made the day unforgettable; My Na (Fijian mum) treated me to my favourite scones for breakfast, which I managed to eat 8 of! The team then surprised me with presents, which was amazing and very thoughtful.

The day was rounded off in the ‘Grog Hut’, which was decorated beautifully with leaves and flowers. We sat down for an amazingly prepared spread of cakes and tea. Afterwards the team and villagers were throwing some crazy dance moves on the dance floor, and although I failed to drink my age in bowls of kava, I had an amazing night and couldn’t have asked for more. Even though I was away from home, I got to spend my birthday with my crazy, yet incredibly loveable, Think Pacific family!

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Gau 10 Week Team – Volunteers head out on traditional ‘bilibili’ rafts & explore Gau island’s stunning natural reefs!

Pic 1 - Snorkelling

After a morning spent ‘brisking it’ in support of the Westpac Walk initiative, on Saturday afternoon our volunteer team swapped land for sea, as they travelled out to the reefs on traditional ‘bilibili’ rafts, made from bamboo.

They were guided by the young children of Nukuloa village, to whom such travel is a part of daily island life, and then enjoyed a snorkel along Gau’s stunning coral reefs. The natural environment of Fiji’s maritime islands is something special, and it provided very good exploration for our volunteer team throughout the afternoon!

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Think Pacific Information Days – London & Edinburgh – October 2014

Batiki 2011 Pic

If you may be thinking about volunteering in the Fiji Islands on your gap year, career break or summer holiday, come to meet our team and find out more about Think Pacific’s volunteer expeditions to the South Pacific.

Our team shall be in London on Saturday 4th October from 1pm-3pm, and Edinburgh on Saturday 11th October from 1pm-3pm. Please email for all the details, and to confirm your place!

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Gau 5 Week Team – Photos from an action packed 3 day project briefing!

Gau Sept 5 Week Team Briefing (6)

It was a busy 3 days for our September 2014 5 week team during the project briefing on Leleuvia Island this week, with government presentations, group workshops, snorkelling excursions, a traditional kava ceremony, volleyball competitions, ‘capture the flag’ games and quiz night!

The team have now touched down in the village of Lekanai on Gau Island, where they shall implement a comprehensive youth and sports programme, whilst also completing the build of a Health Clinic for this small maritime community, a key resource and facility for the villagers under the ‘Towards a Healthy Fiji’ programme. The team and community are eager to kick off projects first thing on Monday morning!

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Westpac Walk – TP Volunteers & Nukuloa villagers “brisk it” together in support of ‘Walk for Health’ initiative and national Mental Health awareness campaign!

Think Pacific - Westpac Walk - Gau Island - Sept 2014.

On Saturday on our volunteer team and Nukuloa community members launched the September 2014 ‘Westpac Walk’ initiative on Gau, in support of the Ministry of Health directive to ‘Walk for Health’, and as a conclusion to the national Mental Health awareness week in Fiji.

The fundamental premise of the initiative is to encourage active participation in exercise, and to promote healthy lifestyles and healthy habits, with this years motto of “brisk it or risk it”! In June we were very pleased to launch the Westpac Walk concept on the islands of Gau and Koro, and the rural province of Rewa on Viti Levu, and once again the day proved a huge success and was enjoyable for all.

Think Pacific - Westpac Walk - Gau Island - Sept 2014. (3)

With clear blue skies overhead it was the perfect weather for a walk, and the team and villagers set off along the coast, before making their way up Gau’s gravel road towards the neighbouring community of Nawaikama. With kids, parents and the TP team all having fun along the way, it proved a great way to encourage health promotion, whilst also bonding together!

As everyone returned to Nukuloa we had some snacks and juice ready and waiting for the 80 plus crowd, and there was also a raffle of some Think Pacific sulus for those who participated in the Westpac Walk programme. We would like to thank the community of Nukuloa for their enthusiasm for the initiative and their eagerness to join our volunteers on the walk, and we look forward to the next programme in December 2014!