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Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Sports Camp – Week 2 – Relay Races, National Sporting Clinics, National Fire Authority & ‘Competition Day’!

Blog - Week 2 - Pic 1

Once again it has been an action packed and fun filled week at the ‘Sports Camp’ programme, with more than 50 children joining us daily at the Fiji Sports Council facilities!

For the morning activities our staff team and local youth volunteers introduced relay races focusing upon different core skills, and these races provided a fantastic opportunity to practice some of the key skill-related fitness techniques taught in week 1. With fun elements including hopping, leaping, dribbling, shooting and leap frogging the kids were kept on their toes, and the competition element amongst the groups provided for entertainment and excitement!

Sports Camp - August 2014 - Day 7 (4)

Each day we continued to welcome new national sporting federations to Sports Camp for their intro sessions with the kids, and this week we were extremely pleased to host development officers from Fiji Volleyball and Fiji Baseball for their clinics, whilst the Fiji Rugby Union returned with tag rugby once again.

To provide the students with the opportunity to learn and play these new sports is a fantastic initiative, and very quickly we could see interest and talent amongst the kids when participating.

Sports Camp - August 2014 - Day 8 (13)

The Sports Camp team were also privilieged this week to host the Fiji National Fire Authority, who captured the childrens’ imaginations with a demonstration of the truck and fire hose, before offering some vital education on fire safety, which included a practice run through an inflatable house which was interesting and intruiging for all!

The ‘Learn to Swim’ programme was also in full swing once again, with the non-swimmers learning the basics within the water of floatation, leg kicks and arm strokes from the FSC intstructors, whilst our swimmers focused on correcting and refining their strokes, and some fun races and competitions in the pool.

Sports Camp - August 2014 - Final Day (24)

As a finale to the 2 week Sports Camp programme, Friday was ‘Competition Day’, with the kids split into 6 teams to compete across Football, Volleyball and Netball. With the staff and volunteers leading their brave warriors into the ‘theatre of dreams’ there was a buzz of excitement on the courts, and as the teams rotated between the stations the kids were able to demonstrate their flair and skill across the sports!

It has been a truly fantastic 2 weeks at the Sports Camp programme, and Think Pacific feels privileged to be sponsoring and assisting with such a worthwhile initiative for youth and sports development in Fiji. We would like to thank the Fiji Sports Council and the Fiji National Sports Commission for their partnership, the Covenant Brothers Youth Group for their support in leading the daily programme with our staff team, and of course the kids for their energy, enthusiasm and smiles throughout. We very much look forward to seeing everyone in December for the Term 3 Sports Camp programme!

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Fiji ‘Business House’ Competitions – TP-FNSC Table Tennis Team

Copy of Business House Table Tennis - British American Tabacco

Think Pacific has entered its first ‘Business House’ Competition here in the Fiji Islands, joining our partner the Fiji National Sports Commission in the Table Tennis league. With more than 80 organisations and business competing weekly, the events prove a fantastic opportunity to play in a fun and social environment, whilst raising funds for sporting organisations and their development.

After suffering successive losses in previous weeks last night our team snatched a dramatic 5-4 victory over British American Tabacco, and we look forward to continuing our winning streak when the competition kicks off once again next Thursday evening!

We also look forward to supporting and promoting further competitions in the future, providing funding opportunities for other sports through participation in these fantastic events. You can follow our teams progress through our Twitter page @thinkpacific!

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Moturiki Team – A proud day as new Wawa village Health Clinic is officially opened!

Pic 1 - Build Opening

On Saturday morning the brand new Wawa village Health Clinic was officially opened, which was an extremely proud moment for the elders and villagers of this small island community, for the Ministry of Health, and for our volunteer team!

Following weeks of great effort and commitment on the build project, and with the finishing touches completed, everyone gathered around the building for the official ceremony. There were speeches from the Ratu of Wawa, from the Divisional Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health, and from our very own Expedition Leader Benji, before the island priest blessed the clinic with a word of prayer. The ribbon was then cut and the doors swung open, as the Wawa village health worker had a new home!

Week 4 - Build Opening (6)

The villagers and team then made their way to the community hall, where a huge feast had been prepared for all to enjoy to mark the occassion. It was then time to celebrate in true ‘Fiji style’, as everyone came together to drink a few bowls of kava and to enjoy the music and ‘hop hop’ into the night!

Week 4 - Build Opening (2)

Think Pacific would like to say a big thank you to the wonderful and kind hearted people of Wawa village, who made their community such an incredible home for our team, and to all those on Moturiki Island who made the experience so special over the past 4 weeks. And of course to our volunteer team, who leave behind a lasting legacy for their efforts and commitment to development on the island…’vinaka vaka levu’!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Moturiki Team – Volunteers put on a perfect performance and make their Wawa families proud with traditional Meke dance at opening ceremony!

Pic 1 - Mekes

For the last few weeks the team had been working hard behind closed doors to practice a traditional Fijian dance called the ‘Meke’. Whilst many had some difficulties in trying to remember all five verses of this traditional dance, all were determined to get it right by practicing daily in Nasesara village during the walk home from school. When the performance day arrived there was one final chance to practice, with a few laughs and mistakes, before it was time to get ready for the main event!

Pic 2 - Mekes

The Meke dress consisted of a traditional ‘Masi’, and the hand crafted Vesa leaves, which were made by the mums of the village. During the making of the vesa’s the volunteers also got the chance to learn this traditional craft. Everyone enjoyed a good laugh dressing up and getting faces painted ready for the meke, but soon the nerves started to hit, as the realization was there that the performance area had quite a number of people, who had come to visit Wawa for the opening of the Health Clinic building.

Pic 3 - Mekes

There was certainly no time to be shy, as the team aimed to put on a perfect performance and make their families proud. It was all going well, until one of the volunteer’s Fijian mum went up to perform another Fijian tradition of putting white powder over their faces and in their hair, whilst placing sweets in their mouths. As soon as it started there was a combination of laughter and confusion as to what was going on, but the team carried on like pros, and overall it was a great success. The villagers and visitors loved it, and the team all had a lot of fun practicing and performing. It was certainly a huge highlight of Saturday’s opening ceremony!

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Volunteer Stories – Lots of familiar faces enjoy a fun few hours at Wawa village ‘Fun Day’ and raise funds for new Health Clinic! by Poppy

Pic 1 - Fun Day

Today was our last Saturday in the village and we had lots of plans for our Fundraiser day. After spreading the word to neighbouring villages we had a great turn out, with lots of familiar faces from the school and villages we walk through on the way to school.

Week 4 - Fun Day (13)

Everyone enjoyed a fun few hours of the competitive coconut shy, face painting and the very popular tombola. As well as filling themselves up on cakes and sweets being sold alongside bracelets we had made the previous day. The day was really successful and enjoyed by everyone there. We raised $127, all of which will be donated to the village to stock the new health clinic.

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Volunteer Stories – Heading over to Niubasaga village to catch an ‘ocean lunch’! by Lexi

Pic 1 - Fishing

On Thursday afternoon we headed over to Niubasaga to catch an ocean lunch. With the help of a few of the local boys and they’re 20 meter net we set about Fijian style fishing. Two of the boys spread out the net in a semi circle shape in the water, and we all then ran through the water towards the net, screaming, splashing and kicking towards the net to scare the fish into the right places.

Week 4 - Fishing (16)

Failing on our first and second attempt, our third and fourth were a little more successful, catching two fish! We headed back to shore to eat. We de-scaled the fish and threw them onto the fire the boys had made on the beach – whilst this was cooking we made a marinade of sea water, lime and chilli to soak the fish in, and sat down to eat at our make-shift coconut leaf table!