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Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Gau 5 Week Team – It’s Think Pacific vs Fiji in Netball clash on Gau Island!

Pic 1 - Netball

On Saturday it was ‘Game Day’ for our volunteer team as they took the walk to the neighbouring village of Nacavanadi for an epic TP vs Fiji Netball encounter! Having coached Netball to the primary school students at Vanuaso District School throughout the week, this was the chance for the team to use those skills that the kids had been mastering!

Pic 2 - Netball

It was mixed teams for the big event, which allowed our lads to join the girls on court, and under the hot Fijian sunshine it was end to end stuff as both teams played with pace and enthusiasm. Ultimately experience, skill and natural Fijian talent won the day as they squeezed home by just 1 point!

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Koro Team – Team trek to hidden paradise of ‘Lomai’ to enjoy Koro’s natural water park!

Pic 1 - Trek

The first Saturday on Koro was a treat of adventure and beauty for our youth & sports team, trekking up to a hidden paradise on the opposite side of the island.

After jumping in the trucks and driving to Nasau village the team headed on foot through the jungle for half an hour to be stunned by what has been labelled by them as ‘The Water Park!’. Guided upstream by local villagers they reached the ‘Lomai’ waterfall they were told stories of from their family members during the previous night’s grog and hop hop.

Pic 2 - Trek

With no hesitation the guys followed the Fijians up to the peak to jump into the rock pools, swinging off the rope swing and chatting amongst themselves in the refreshing pools. Energised and buzzing with adrenaline the team walked back through the bush and travelled home to have tea with their families, and tell them about their day at ‘Lomai’!

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Gau 10 Week Team – House Enterprise & School Fundraiser; Volunteers mould Fiji’s next entrepreneurs at Narocake District School!

Pic 1 - Young Enterprise

This week saw the team direct the House Enterprise competition during House Cup. After Blue House snatched the Art competition last week, everything was to play for. The guys introduced the idea of business before each House went toe to toe against each other in a business game. The kids had to buy materials (scissors, rulers, paper, pens) and make different shapes. They then sold these shapes, trying to predict the fluctuating market and make the biggest profit. The team went the extra mile in helping the kids gain a better understanding of how businesses operate and the skills needed for such work. Every team made a profit but it was once again Blue team who took the top spot, making over $300. Next week will see everyone continue with the extra curricular activities with House Public Speaking, which we look forward to enthusiastically.

Pic 2 - Fundraiser

The weekend also saw the volunteers kick off the school fundraiser as the grand finale to the house enterprise competition. There were some great stalls for the team, kids and villagers to enjoy, with ‘Bat the Rat’, a Coconut Shy, Wet Sponge, cake stall, raffle prizes and more! Everyone had lots of fun and raised a fantastic $200, which shall buy much needed supplies and resources for the Narocake District School!

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Think Pacific proud to partner the Fiji Rugby Union in implementing IRB ‘Give it a Go’ programme across rural school settings in Fiji!

Copy of DSCF2206 - cropped

Think Pacific is very pleased to be partnering the Fiji Rugby Union in implementing the IRB’s global ‘Give it a Go’ scheme in rural and remote primary school settings across Fiji.

During the launch of the iniative at the ‘Sports Camp’ programme in April, in which Think Pacific partnered the Fiji Sports Council and National Sports Commission, the Fiji Rugby Union’s Development Manager Sale Sorovaki said: “The global aim of the programme is to encourage players of all ages to try, play and stay in rugby.”


The Fiji National Sports Commission Manager, Giles Smith, also stated that:

“Grass root and mass participation programs such as these provide the foundations to all sports performance. Broadly speaking the more children participating in sport from a young age will ultimately lead to a higher number of children progressing to the performance level, and then taking the next step to the elite level. It is vital that all children are given the opportunity to participate.”
Think Pacific shares this passion for the development of sport within Fiji, aiming to provide key resources and access, whilst supporting and promoting inclusivity, interest and natural talent! It was therefore a fantastic moment this week to receive our ‘Give it a Go’ packs from the Fiji Rugby Union, and we very much look forward to implementing the activities across our project locations, and through our youth and sports programmes and outreach initiatives.
Friday, May 30th, 2014

Koro Team – Volunteers introduce 1st ever Kindergarten programme for Kade village children!

Kindi Pic 1

Living in Kade village gave our volunteers the chance to set up the first ever kindergarten, much to the delight of the school headmaster and teachers as that was one of their main objectives on the school action plan! So with the help of two of the village ladies our kindi team of Mike, Ciara and Jim set about planning the first ever lessons.
 Kindi Pic 2
It was such a sight to see these little kids aged 3 and 4 turning up in their best bula shirts and jamba dresses, with a look of both fear and excitement on their faces! The first day started in true kindi fashion, with our teachers being used as climbing frames by the little ones, but everyone soon settled into their daily lessons. One of the biggest challenges for our team would be to get the kids into a routine each day, so with that in mind the first 2 days were very much a ‘taster’, aimed at getting the kids settled. Our 3 teachers soon found their stride and even with the odd interruption of Mike’s Fijian brother popping his head in to bring him a fresh coconut to drink, kindi was officially up and running in Kade village! The village hall walls are already covered with number, letter and weather charts which the kids and teachers have created, so no doubt there will be very little wall space left by the end of our 8 weeks here!
Kindi Pic 3
Early Child Education is a fundamental initiative for the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health in aiming to develop an individual holistically and from an early age, and we are very proud and excited to be establsihing a kindi programme in Kade village that we hope shall provide new opportunities for the pre-school children. It is a very exciting youth development programme ahead!

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Gau 5 Week Team – Kids show their talent for Netball, and learn the classical game of cricket, during sports coaching sessions!

Pic 1

This week saw our volunteer team coaching Netball and Cricket with all age groups at the Vanuaso District School during the daily sports coaching sessions. Whilst introducing some core skills to the students, the week also proved an opportunity for a few of the team to learn the game also. As volunteer Sam writes:

“After coaching football in the week1, week 2 was a little more challenging for me! Football comes as second nature, Netball… well apart from the rules and a bit of basketball in my teens, I was as novice as some of the children!

Day 1 and 2 were spent with the older groups, where some children certainly had a grasp for the game! We started with a fun tag like game to get the children on their toes and working together. We then worked on their passing and pivoting skills, before breaking into a full game, in which the children taught us a bit of a lesson in speed, running rings around us volunteers!

On day 3 and 4 we had the younger group. We started with ‘banana tag’ to get things moving and have some fun. We tried to focus more on the children’s basic skills, rather than throwing them into the complexities of netball. We worked on passing and a team game focusing on communication and co-ordination. This culminated in a fun assault course, with lots of jumping, hopping and bouncing, before taking a shot!”

As always sports coaching was filled with excitement and enthusiasm amongst the kids, and a natural talent for all games introduced!