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Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Moturiki team – Our volunters introduce a ‘health day’ workshop

After discussing through a plan for the health day with the villagers of niubasaga and the nurse on Moturiki, it was decided to create an event that focused more on emergency health (e.g. first aid) as this would be very beneficial to the villagers. So with that in mind, the team set to work on brainstorming some key areas for the villagers to work on and making posters.

We decided to kick start the event with going through ABC – airwaves, breathing and circulation. With the leaders going through demonstrations first, our team then mixed in with the Fijian villagers to help them understand the different scenarios. For example, what to do if you find someone with a sick coming out of their leg or if you find an unconscious body who is unresponsive etc. We related the scenarios to a typical fijian villager on moturiki and dangers that they might face in daily life. The event even had to be put on pause when some of the ladies of the village wanted to grab their diaries to take notes!

The event then moved on to go through choking, and broken bones as well as severe bleeding. All the time, with the leaders demonstrations and then the team working with the fijians to make sure they understood it. A baby even cried when she thought her mum was actually injured during the event. With a raffle to finish and some prizes (plasters, dettol, toothpaste, toothbrush etc). Lots of laughter as well as all the Fijians saying how much they enjoyed the event was a sure sign it was a great success. With knowledge of health care lacking so much in the other islands, this kind of workshop is something we can hopefully replicate in other villages too.

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Gau Island – May five week volunteer expedition video

Here’s some great videos and photos following our May 2013 five week team through their volunteering project in Lamiti village. A massive well done for all the hard work, creativity and enthusiasm the team brought to Gau Island!

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Gau Kindergarten – May five-week team

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Gau Island nursing station and an update from Ben G

build week 2 (2)

Here are some pictures of the huge effort that has gone into creating the Gau Island Nursing Station. We’re delighted to say that the team have managed to successfully complete the entire building, which now stands proud in the village!  We’ll have some pictures to show the completed building soon! Everyone has worked incredibly hard for the final week- with the walling completed by Sophie, Kath and Catherine, the flooring by Ben G, Nicole, Sarah and Kelly,  the Fascia Boards by Ben W and Josh and the roof completed by Dan, Adam and Robyn (who managed to get more on themselves than the roof!) Below is Ben G’s take on the last full week of the building project and some other thoughts on our penultimate week too!  We can’t wait to receive photos of the newly completed project – Well done Team Lamiti!!

Project update by Ben Gledhill…

After the first two weeks of the project on teaching, I decided to do one week on the build. Most of the frame had been put into place so this week was all about putting in the floor boards, making the walls and putting the roof on. I was slightly nervous because I’m not experienced in building, but pretty much straight away you just get straight into it and its very hands on. Firstly, I and other team members fitted the floor boards, while the rest were separated into nailing the wall panels or the roof onto the house frame and joists. This took around three and a half days. The rest of the week was starting the 3 coats of paint on both the roof and the inside and outside of the walls. During the week LuLu was taking groups of 5/6 to go snorkeling. I was lucky enough to go twice during the week and on the second time we went out past the reefs into deeper water and saw a 4ft reef shark which for a lot of people, including myself, was the first time we had seen a shark in the wild and was one of the best things on the whole trip. Overall the build is coming on as planned it’s looking really professional and everyone is proud of what we’ve done so far.

For the after school sport a small group of us did rounders with the older girls. None of us had really played before but it’s one of the sports the girls love so it’s worth doing. Most sessions started with a warm up then ether batting a catching practice. Some days they would be sharp on everything and we’d get straight into a game and then other days they would drop a lot of balls so we’d carry on until they got it right, which does sound harsh but the girls responded well and actually do enjoy pretty much anything we throw at them.

For the House Cup this week the subject was arts and craft and as a group we decided the theme was going to be super heroes. It turned out harder than first expected as the younger children didn’t really understand what a super hero was. In the end our group brain stormed on the black board and decided on ‘FIJI MAN’. Our super hero had flip flops, a sulu, a bula shirt, a shield, a machete, and a roman style helmet. We got the kids to design each different part of FIJI MAN then stuck them on a piece of wood, it didn’t really turn out as planned but the kids had fun with it which is the main thing.

After all the school and sports had finished we all separated into boys and girls to practice our Meke, which is basically the equivalent of the New Zealand Haka. There are different ones for the boys and girls which is why we had to split. It’s coming along nicely so hopefully we’ll all be finished and ready for when the time comes when we have to perform it at the opening ceremony of the build. Looking forward to the last week of the project and lots going on with the House Cup final, different fund raisers and last hop-hop sessions with the villagers.

Ben Gledhill 24/6/2013

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Volunteer update from ‘Master Simon’

Simon school blog

Hi Simon here, from the Lamiti 5 week team! Just finished a great week in the school with class 7 and 8 with Master Noa. The pick of the week so far is Thursday. We started with English in the morning where we spent the first part of the lesson on the speeches we are learning for House cup which is ‘Cry God for England and St George from Shakespeares Henry V. We’ve already read through the speech and done some practice on it as a group so I was getting the kids to come up one by one to recite the speech with me giving them pointers.

After recess I had class 7 while Master Noa took class 8. We were making a poster on ‘activities which bring us together’ and the kids had to think of ideas then get pictures from a newspaper to illustrate them. They came up with some great ones: like sport; religion, education, national anthem and traditional ceremonies. Then after lunch we had music where they are trying to sing songs in other languages, so I taught them ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes in French. It was a great laugh and the kids really got into it and had a good time singing it with all the actions as well.

The rest of the week was really good fun too and I’m going to continue doing school with class 7 and 8 again this week and maybe do some lessons on the Romans, Greeks and even a bit of Greek mythology!

In rugby  the kids have absolutely bags of talent and no fear about throwing themselves in 100% which is just what you want when taking a session. That said, they are a little rough around the edges and they do lack a bit of structure from not getting much coaching. We started off with handling and although the kids have great hands they struggle getting deep and have a habit of just chucking the ball away! So we got them running lines of four with press ups for any drops or forward passes. Then we added a bit of rucking with first man clear, second man bridge, third man pick up and then a bit of defence structure getting them in a good flat line calling out.

Even after the first session it was amazing to see how quick the kids pick the skills up and how eager they are to work and improve and how they take everything we show them into the games at the end. We’ve got them for rugby again this week and were going to try a bit of tackle techniques and counter attacking!

Big ‘Bula!’ from all the Lamiti team!!

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Volunteer stories; Ben’s spear fishing adventure

Blog: Ben Whitman. Spear fishing 17/06/2013

At 8 o’clock on Monday evening, with a little apprehension in the air, a small group of us ventured out by boat to the nearby reef to try our hand at spear fishing. We were joined by a couple of the locals, to whom this was simply a normal way to spend the night. As might be expected jokes concerning sharks were thrown back and forth, but as we neared the drop off point the look on some of our faces was not a relaxed one. We slapped on our masks and having armed ourselves with torches and spears we leapt off the boat into the gloomy waters, where of course, within seconds we were greeted with the sight of a shark, albeit a reef shark. Kevin was particularly pleased to see it. Once we had recovered from this initial shock we set about the business of the evening; catching tomorrow night’s dinner. Lee, Ollie, Chris and I were first to try out the spear guns and after some initial mixed success, we all grasped the routine of diving down to the reef to fire at the fish and we caught our fair share.
People often say to dive underwater is to almost enter a different world, but at night it was completely unearthly. On the way back to the boat we got another shock as a giant turtle emerged out of the darkness and the image of Ty, one of the local divers, grabbing hold of its shell and hitching a ride was a peculiar one.

Meanwhile Luke, Simon and Kevin had been exploring the reef and when we met back at the boat they had several stories concerning the various sea creatures they had spotted, including lobster, rays and a crab “as big as your head”. Having given them a turn with the spears, we set off back home buzzing with the stories of the evening. The night became even more infamous the next morning when we discovered Ty, who had stayed on the reef for the night, had had his load of fish stolen from his line by a tiger shark as he watched on. It was an amazing experience and a night that will live long in the memory.