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Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Think Pacific gap year team arrive into Daku village!

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Our Fiji team have arrived into their new home, Daku village, where they are immersing into traditional South Pacific life!  After a few days relaxing on their castaway island, it was finally time for the most exciting and nervous moment of any expedition as the group headed across by motor boat to meet the community and their new Fijian families! The big arrival day was delayed slighty due to some rough weather, which just meant a little more time chilling out on the beach and getting prepared for village life. But it was certainly all worth the wait as the local people came to greet the team as they arrived to the shore of Moturiki Island with a traditional ceremonial welcome and some huge Fijian parties!

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It’s been a fantastic start to the project.  This week has seen the entire team start on the building project as we lay the foundations for the new kindergarten school.  It certainly looks like a lot of work ahead, but it will be incredible to see the progress over the next eight weeks as we turn these markings on the ground into a fully completed classroom!

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This week has also provided the team with chance to meet and get to know the kids of the island, who are buzzing with excitement for the experiences ahead. The team have started to plan ideas for the kindergarten, teaching, youth clubs and sports coaching lessons that they will soon be implementing as the various youth and sports projects really get underway next week !

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Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Gap Year Expedition begins!

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Think Pacific’s first gap year team of 2012 have landed in the Fiji Islands! 

After months of planning and preparing, our very excited team of volunteers arrived into Fiji just a couple of hours ago!  They all landed safe and sound and are currently on route to their castaway island for their five day briefing and the start of their volunteer expedition.

The temperatures are high but sadly the rain has come this week, so it was a rather wet start, but that’s certainly not going to dampen the spirits of Think Pacific as we are buzzing to begin another incredible year of gap year projects in paradise! Our team 15 volunteers have had some long flights, with most leaving the UK on Tuesday for their journey to the South Sea Islands and we now have an immense ten-weeks ahead with so much to achieve and experience!

For this project, we have been tasked by the Fijian Government to visit the tiny community of Daku village, where our building objective is to create a Kindergarten School on Moturiki Island. A massively important building, which will help the local people to progress early years education for the island children.

Our volunteers will also be leading a huge programme of youth and sports projects.  Our group have come out with so many ideas and we are looking forward to pioneering some great new initiatives, from art classes to dance and drama workshops, health awareness projects and sports development. Uluibau Primary School have specifically requested support within the classrooms and for our gap year team to develop extra-curricular activities and sports coaching alongside teaching lessons in a arrange of subjects, so we’ll be making the lovely walk along the white sandy beaches of Moturiki each day to visit the school.

We also have so many adventures ahead; trekking the extinct volcanic peak of Ruku Ruku, night spear fishing trips, snorkeling excursions to the Lomaiviti reefs and our ten day R&R and sailing safari to cap off the expedition in style. But the real experience will be as the team immerse into traditional Fijian life on Moturiki and are welcomed into the homes and hearts of this incredible island community.  The people of Daku have been waiting months for the arrival of our January gap year team, and we can’t wait to begin their adventure. 

It’s great to be back on project and kicking off our 2012 expeditions!  We will update again next week, hopefully with some pictures of our teams’ first week in Fiji!

We’ve included some pictures of Daku village below so you can see where the team will soon be calling home in the Fiji Islands and to find out more about their journey ahead, here you can view the full Itinerary for their Gap Year.


The TP team.