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Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

May 2011 Project arrive in Manuku village, Batiki!

Batiki May 11 - Caqalai (2)

It’s been a tremendous start for our May 2011 volunteer team! Our volunteers have spent the past week in paradise, relaxing on the tiny castaway island of Caqalai and preparing for all the unique experiences that await them on Batiki Island.  The team have had lots of time to get to know each other with games on the beach, day trips to nearby islands, volleyball tournaments and snorkelling excursions out on the reefs. There’s a huge team spirit building already within the team, which is always great to see.  Sitting on the beach and running through ideas for the initiatives, there are some incredible ideas from the volunteers themselves, especially regards to youth activities and sports coaching that we’ll be looking to implement over the coming few weeks. Meanwhile, our project manager and the guys from the local community had the huge task of transporting fifteen thousand tonnes of brick blocks and materials across to the project site!  The team were briefed by the Fijian Ministry in the project aims ahead, which alongside youth, sports development and teaching projects, involve the building of sanitation facilities for the remote community of Manuku.

 Batiki May 11 - Caqalai Batiki May 11 - Caqalai (1)

Yesterday, the team left their castaway island for a long motor boat ride to beautiful Batiki Island, and what a welcome! The Manuku villagers have been anticipating this team’s arrival for many weeks and there were over 60 people waiting by the shore to greet the team as they set foot on their new Fijian home! This was followed by a traditional ’sevu sevu’ kava ceromony in their honour before our volunteers each met their Fijian family and spent the evening drinking grog, enjoying feasts and dancing the hop hop!  We have such huge aims to complete over the next four weeks and Manuku is such a special little community, we can’t for the rest of this expedition to unfold!

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Gap Year Stories – Ann’s latest update from Moturiki!

 Moturiki Life

The time might be slow in Fiji, but the friendships form fast.

I can quite happily walk around the village, saying hello and chatting to everyone i meet – popping in for tea and cake in different houses and generally chilling on the monument steps while watching the rugby training or playing with the kids. The highlights of the trip so far are endless and to choose just a few to mention is hard, but a particular weekend jumps out as something I will never forget.

We had a busy day planned for Friday, but then the ever unknowing weather of Moturiki island kicked in. Rain – something we have become accustomed to in this tropical climate. But having completed the roof on the build the day before, we were left with walling to do on the outside, and work was ground to a halt as the rain was just too bad. Instead the build team wrote up drills and ideas for the sports coaching in the afternoon for the week ahead, and then much needed sleep was caught up on for a couple of people. We went for an early lunch to get across to the school earlier, and after a very muddy walk along the sea path we eventually got there. Because of the weather there weren’t any kids for youth camp, even though Kindi was full. Because of this the whole team started on the walk to a 50th birthday party in niubasaga, a village on the other side of the island! We were going up and over a large hill (a small mountain) rather than walking round the long costal route and I knew the walk was steep, yet I still thought it was appropriate to wear my plimsoles… even if there was mud caked everywhere… must have left my brains in bed that day. 

The walk was steep, but quick and not as hard as I thought. What tired me though was the constant slipping and having to regain my balance as my feet where sliding everywhere, and I was constantly overbalancing and having to fix myself on the other side of the path instead. We got to the top, posed for a few pictures, marvelled at the spectacular view, then headed down the long sloping path down the other side. This would prove fatal for my ego, and bum. We had all made it down to the very bottom of the hill without any serious falls, a few slips and mini tumbles, but not ‘bum in the mud splatting’ style slips.. that was until we got to that last steep bit. The boys had all gathered at the bottom to watch the remainder of the girls get down and what a sight they had! The first slip came from Katie, a nice splat in the mud was laughed at by all. Me included, and as I swung round to laugh AT her, I slipped on the mud and went flying up the backside of Georgie. Karma is a vicious thing. As Georgie helped me up I lost my balance again and then decided it was an ample time to have a mud fight. So. Much. Fun. As I tried to find my balance, I lost it once more and gave Anthony a right hook in the jaw by accident as he tried to help me. Some thank you that was! What made the whole situation even more hilarious was the fact that Henry caught it all on camera, amazing!

The party was really good and everyone had an amazing time but half the team went home on the boats early at about half past nine because they were tired.  The other half of the team and I waited on the boats coming back while indulging in hop hop. But the boats were taking their time… lots of time…  and then they came back, three hours later than they were meant to… and we were told because it had taken so long the tide had now gone out – SO NO BED TIME FOR TP! Because it was so late, some of us were shattered and NONE of us wanted to walk back up the small mountain, we camped out in Mr. Bill’s house – with blankets and pillows galore… SNUGGLE TIME! It was such an adventure and everyone loved it, sitting on the porch at two in the morning as half a team, drinking tea and eating biscuits, it was crazy and special all at the same time. Julia, Georgie, Miranda, Mia and I all went to bed after the tea and Sarah, Ronny, Anthony, Rob and Alun did an all nighter! Those crazy kids. After about 3 hours sleep we were all up to watch the ‘phenomenal’ sunrise that Ronny had been banging on about all evening, only to find him fast asleep on the porch when we all finally woke up. When we got to the beach to watch it, it was the cloudiest morning I’ve seen in my entire time in Fiji and we couldn’t see the sun. We could see Calaqai from where we were standing though, and it looked really pretty with the sea being so calm and reflective.

It was slightly strange looking onto the island were we had all messed about in the sea, sun bathed, lived in dorm rooms, really got to know each other and look at where the epic adventure had begun – to then look around at us standing on a beach early in the morning, living like Fijians, having a mini adventure, and in a way i could see how far we had come, how much we had sunk into this way of life. I can honestly say I was really happy to be on a Moturiki beach in a sulu rather than a Calaqai beach in some shorts.

We had some coffee before we got the boat home and Benji finally awoke, clearly with a major grogover! He was uncharacteristically quiet and I don’t think his head appreciated our sleep deprived singing on the boat ALL the way home.. don’t think he was a fan of the S Club 7 especially.
When we got home people didn’t even know we had gotten stuck there as they had all gone straight to bed, so they were a little confused when they were all getting up for breakfast and we were just coming off the boats. We all headed home to try and catch up on sleep as the Netball and Rugby matches where on in the afternoon. This didn’t happen for most as we just couldn’t get to sleep and instead we headed to the matches with enthusiasm and determination to WIN, WIN, WIN! We won the Netball but lost in the Rugby match, but I don’t think anyone minded too much, it was an excellent day to have everybody cheering each other on, even if it was really heavy rain all afternoon! I think the most moving moment was when both rugby teams gathered in a circle in the middle of the pitch to sing a prayer – I know the lord. It was really just something incredible and all the TP boys said it was something they will never forget.

As if the weekend couldn’t get any better we headed to Nasavuki for grog and hop hop after the games and it was really nice to see Paskey with all the people she knew from her own TP Expedition. Sitting in the hall that her team had built was something special because we are literally being a part of something that will be around for generations to come, and seeing the village in the one they had built just showed that.

The atmosphere was really good in the hall, and low and behold the last ones there at the end of the night were the same motley crew that had got stuck in niubasaga, with a few extra additions to the gang! It was nice to meet some new people from a different village and learn some new dance moves, but my favourite had to be when the band sang a song about a cow were the chorus went “MOO! MAA! MOO! MAA!” – just hilarious. A latitude volunteer who stays in the village with us had gotten a boat to the hop hop and had offered to take us back if we were leaving at the same time as her, and obviously we couldn’t turn down the offer of a lift in a BOAT. This did however prove awkward as the tide was going out again and the water at the sea wall was really shallow. All the girls ended up staying in the boat as the boys had to walk to the next village were the water was deeper and we went to pick them up. They ended up having to wade in the water that went up to above their knees, and some sulus were slidden up sky high so not to get them wet. Calum however, being the true Scotsman he is, didn’t have boxers on and the guys were really having to swing their legs up and over into the boat to get in. So, being the nice girl I am, and fellow Scot, I decided to help him by standing in front of where he was getting in so no one could see anything. Calum jumped up so high he overshot his distance and ended up swinging his legs right into my bum, propelling me right down the length of the boat, and when i next looked up I found myself lying face down on the boat, arms stretched out in front of me, legs in the air, jabo dress barely covering my bottom and everyone in hysterics at the sight on me on the floor. “ohhhh, those Scottish girls..” was a comment where its timing was just PERFECT.

And that, my friends, was the hilarious ending to the perfect weekend.
Anna x

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Improving sanitation and water facilities in Fiji – Navuti village, Moturiki


Navuti Village Sanitation Project

In April 2010 the Think Pacific expedition team completed a toilet and shower block, with two toilets, two showers and a double wash tub, in Navuti Village on Moturiki Island. The project, chosen by the community from their action plan submitted to the National Centre for Health Promotion, was designed to improve and develop the sanitation facilities in the village, as they otherwise relied entirely on pit toilets and bathing pools. Since the teams departure last May we continued to work with the community as they built a concrete septic tank, and submitted proposals to government for a water source so that they could utilise the fantastic development built by the Think Pacific team. After a donation from the Methodist Church in Fiji I am delighted to say that a water tank and the relevant pipe work was provided for the village, and the toilet block is now up and running, a development that provides clean sanitation facilities and private and clean bathing water to drastically raise the standard of health in the village. To see the block being used as a very proud moment for the Think Pacific team, and we would like to take this time to once again say a huge Vinaka vaka levu to the April 2010 team, we hope to see you back home in Navuti one day soon!

Harry and the TP team

Here are a few photos of last years April 2010 expedition, showing all the immense hard work that went into completing the project aims in Navuti village, which included a visit by the Fijian Prime Minister!..

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Trekking Ruku Ruku!

  Moturiki Week 4 - Rukuruku

Saturday 14th May – Rukuruku Trek

This morning the team loaded into the outboards and made their way around Ovalau to Rukuruku village for the trek and rock pool excursion. With clear blue skies it was the perfect day for it, and as we made our way from the house towards the plantations there was a strong team spirit in the air. After crossing the river we walked up through the plantations, through spiders alley and reached the bottom of the peak of Tomuna. As we started to hit the steep parts of the climb the team continued to sing and enjoy the banter of what is a great mini adventure, and very quickly the team were helping and encouraging each other every step of the way. After scaling the rock wall, and before a final assault on the summit, we stopped for some water and then we were on our way up and onto the peak. Arriving at the top the team were quick to enjoy some absolutely stunning views of the entire Lomaiviti Province, including Batiki, Nairai, Gau, Koro and Wakaya. There was also time for some cookies and team photos before starting the slippery slope back down. Reaching the bottom and the fresh water pools, everyone was very quickly into the water for a paddle, jumping off the rocks and sitting in the pools to relax and reflect on a hugely rewarding effort. It was then back up to the house for an unbelievable feast prepared by Nateca, Tabola’s wife, before we were back onto the boats for the ride home. As ever Tabola was a fantastic guide, and the team were superb, they will enjoy a well earned rest tomorrow!


Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Gap year stories – Tom’s update from Nasesara


Ok, so halfway through a project might be considered as being a little late to start updating people on the events that a have unravelled – but hey, I’m running on Fiji time! I guess I should mention that this won’t be a list of monotonous thoughts and tenuously boring events, simply because neither has happened in Fiji – instead it’ll be a brief mention of a few key highlights of the trip so far. Oh, and before I start this thing for real please forgive me for my inability to sustain a single train of thought, I‘ll blame it on the mosquitoes humming in my left ear, and the small Fijian child reading over my shoulder.

The best part of Fiji, like any other part of my travelling, is the people. And the people I’m with are second to none. I still find it hard to believe that a group of twenty people can so quickly become great friends. What’s perhaps even stranger is that I instantly included the two team leaders in those twenty people, those twenty friends – I don’t know if other groups have had this feeling so early on, but it’s not like they’re leaders, they’re here just like team, for the same reasons as the team, so it seems silly for them not to really be in the team itself. I’m not trying to glorify them at all; they have their faults, as we all do… I mean I wouldn’t make someone with an injured back do thirty press-ups as a punishment for their buddy being late. (I’m not actually bitter, it’s just that RJ/BJ/Ron/Ronnie/Ronan/R-Gay wanted a mention in this blog, so now he’s got it!)

The people that aren’t in Think Pacific are also great, well with the exception of the child that is still reading over my shoulder! My Fijian family, well immediate family (considering the entire village is related to me in some way, with no one more distant than a cousin, in the Fijian sense.) is incredible I’ve never heard a cross word said, and everyone would give you the shirt off their back if they even thought you might need it. Mind you, I am finding a certain level of reward by going to other people’s houses, mainly so that I don’t have to eat fish for every meal. I’m not joking: these people love three things. The first is to eat. The second and third are fish and cassava – both of which, as you may have guessed, they eat! But in fairness they’re inventive with the way they use it. I mean I personally wouldn’t have thought using cassava as a substitute for flour in either pancakes or scones was a good idea, and after tasting them I would have agreed with myself, if I wasn’t too busy restraining a gag reflex! But the food can be delicious; I mean the breadfruit chips, the curries and rou-rou balls are sublime. The best food I’ve had on my travels has easily been here – and the best bit is that you’ll never go hungry; someone is calling you in for a meal when you’re wondering around the village.

But now to the highlights: I think one of the main highlights has to be the rugby we had just last weekend. I’ve never played in a team that welcomed you in so much, so quickly, but listened so little! The game was disjointed, and everyone played a half, but disjointed as it was, we all wanted more than a half, and no one wanted the game to end. But when Harry called the final whistle the most amazing thing happened, both teams formed a circle together, and standing arm in arm, sang. They sang so beautifully, that you wouldn’t believe that they were running headlong into each other only moments ago, well you wouldn’t if it weren’t for our mud suits that accosted us.

Another magical moment on the trip was the boat ride back from Nimuasaga. It was only about ten o’clock at night, but we were all already fatigued from the day. The boat contained only a handful of people, which were already drifting between consciousness and the land of nod when Adam and I first noticed the inky water around us. It wasn’t its darkness that caught our attention; it was the mesmerizing glow of the phosphorescence. We were completely awe-shocked. The same lucid conversation flowed, but all of the boat’s inhabitants fell in love with the serene scenery – something that RJ and myself catch ourselves doing almost too regularly.

I’m aware that I am rambling, and doing exactly what I said I wouldn’t do at the start – so I will just give you one final highlight of mine: the “cere”. Words will never do justice to the experience, I don’t think I should even try, but I’ll give it my best shot, despite the fact that no one will have had the patience to read this far through my tiresome ramblings.

The cere (pronounced th-air-A) is simply where a group of people swim to a place after being summoned by a conch. Once at the island the contestants/group race to a woman who is wearing a whale’s tooth and the winner gets to keep it. The part which makes it special is that it is so incredibly rare. It is the biggest honour any village can show you. I’ve never felt so nervous about an event in my life, but the reward was so incredibly sweet, and everyone felt it –whether they won or not. That said, James, the winner, must still have a feeling on an entirely different scale to that of the rest of us.

I remember saying on Caqalai that placing second would be the worst out of everyone, but I can promise you it’s not, I’ve never had a nicer welcome to a home before, I guess that leaves my English family with something to fight against when I return!

Ok, well these two mosquitoes have multiplied rather fast, so I’m going to make a hasty exit, in search of even more once in a life time memories.

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Moturiki Gap Year Volunteer Project – Week Four in Nasesara

Gap year Project Diary, Week 4 from our Fiji volunteer projects!

Moturiki April 11 - Week 4 - Build

Monday 9th May

Finally, after a week of heavy rainfall our gap volunteers were able to experience the Fijian sunshine today! Let’s hope the warm weather continues for the final week of youth camp!

The volunteer team had a superb morning on the build, the walling has begun and 4 rows were completed by lunchtime! Handsome Tom and Ann worked really well together in their pod this morning being really conscientious in their work, in true TP style!

Kindi continued to gather momentum at the start of another week. Today’s focus was learning colours and already great improvement can be seen amongst the enthusiastic children. Matt, Mia, Henry and Anthony were very keen for written work today so each child’s progress can be marked in the “All About Me” books. The colour theme continued into arts and crafts as the Birthday Caterpillar was created for the children to each write their name in a certain colour for their birthday month! The caterpillar is now crawling proudly along the kindi walls!

Moturiki April 11 - Week 4 - Kindi (2)

Youth camp started the new week with even more energy than the last. Katie and Ellie introduced ballet to the list of options for the children which had a very strong start and will be a popular choice for the rest of the week! The outdoor games group introduced “Skittle Ball” to the agenda for the day which proved a lot harder than it looked! Billy’s new game definitely got the team, village boys and the children racing around while the Arts and Crafts were busily gluing and sticking in the production of marvellous masks!

Katie, Georgie and Mia took classes 1-4 for hockey this afternoon, with a few of the children coming from other islands, beginners were in the group. This didn’t faze the girls at all who had children shouting for more hockey at the end of the day! Alun, Calum, Rob and Henry saw great talent amongst the older boys in rugby today, high school boys eagerly joined in the session of set piece drills. Class 5-8 girls were coached fielding drills by Adam, Billy and Anthony while Ellie, Handsome Tom and James taught the basic bowling skills. Both groups came together to end with a big match in slippery conditions!


After another fantastic day on the volunteer project the team still managed to find ridiculous amounts of energy for a highly competitive game of Ultimate Frisbee! Ellie’s side opened the score board early on and Katie’s team were chasing the lead for the rest of the match. Many players started to bend the rules slightly as tackling and contact became the norm. Well done TEAM ELLIE for the victory!

This evening’s agenda was definitely an entertaining one as the children’s juice party brought the entire village community together for Pass the Parcel, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical Bumps, Balloon Making, Sleeping Lions and of course plenty of TANG (the team’s favourite juice, particularly Ann!!). Sleeping Lions deserves a particular mention as Paskey was cruelly victimised with frogs, ants, water and finally chilli to try and make her move! The children had such a fun evening and hope for many more to come!

Moturiki April 11 - Week 4 - Build (13)

Tuesday 10th May

The sun continued to shine this morning to enable the building project crew to crack on and complete another 6 rows of walling. The volunteers now feel very confident in their work and work away happily throughout the morning. Sarah and Rob worked with continued excellence as well as Calum and Billy.

Julia was ready to join the kindi volunteer group once again today and the focus was learning, despite limited improvement from the previous days, the team continued to work on the weaker areas of each child. By the time it came to Arts and Crafts, the children were very excitable at the sight of balloons ready for paper mache! On Thursday, the theme of the day will be “Lost in Space”, therefore the paper mache was the start of the process in making alien masks for another day of themed craziness!

“Football Rounders” was the choice for Outdoor Games in our sports volunteer projects today, which the children took great joy in!  While in the youth projects, Arts and Crafts focussed on drawing each other andour  team members. Zumba dancing continued to grow in popularity this afternoon; more so amongst the male volunteers than the children, isn’t Adam and Anthony?!

Moturiki April 11 - Week 4 - Ballet. (1)

Following the activities, sport continued as usual. The focus of rounders was batting technique with the younger children. The hockey girls coached different types of passing such as flicking and reverse hits to a group of very strong class 5-8’s. This then progressed onto 2v1 exercises working on finding the space on and off the ball which was demonstrated in the match at the end. Over in rugby, Henry, Matt and Rob had a very enjoyable session of tackling in muddy conditions with the boys!   The sports volunteer projects really are going from strength to strength and it’s an incredible feeling seeing the the children get so much from the sports sessions and to see their skills develop.

This evening, the team enjoyed a quiet evening of cards in the hall and of course Mafia was the first choice! We decided to complicate matters and add a new edge to the epic game with an Italian and an Irish Mafia; Georgie’s spying ways and Matani’s lack of knowledge about the object of the game were potentially the highlights for everyone.

Moturiki April 11 - Week 4 - Kindi (6)

Wednesday 11th May

The team are very proud of their work on the building volunteer project today as 3 separate pods took the walling to the top of the windows with 7 rows! Billy, Georgie and Katie worked well river side and Handsome Tom, Calum and Ellie mirrored this on the village side. While James, Adam and Sarah had accurate chisel work around the direct post completed. Inside, Miranda, Rob and Ann began the very first rows of flooring and settled well into their routine, completing 25 rows just in time for lunch!

Moturiki April 11 - Week 4 - Build (4)

Kindi mayhem over in MDS was going crazy at song time as their favourite “Music Man” continued for a long period of time “Pia-pia-piano…vio-vio-violin…la la la…” at the demand of both the children and obviously Henry! Learning time focussed on numbers and Lela has shown marked improvement to the great delight of Julia.

In arts and crafts, the children’s creativity has made massive progress as they painted their alien masks and really thought about the colours that they wanted to use. The outdoor games saw plenty of races with the wheelbarrow race causing a lot of trouble for many! The morning’s chaos was calmed by Anthony’s reading of “Little Red Riding Hood” before the children sang their goodbye song and raced home.  Our Arts and crafts group then drew around one of the smaller girls in youth camp this afternoon for the rest of the children to decorate with feathers, pom poms and lots of Crayola to add to the magnificent Youth Camp display.


Swimming and cricket were the chosen sports for outdoor games in our sports volunteer projects today; the children are extremely enthusiastic for swimming as it is new for the agenda. Zumba had another great day, Miranda, Katie, Mia and Georgie all commented on the progress of the children after just 10 days! We now just need to get Calum to join the class along with the other boys!

The rounders crew had girls of all ages working on pass and follow exercises in squares to improve vision and passing at pace. This was then echoed in the match at the end of the session. The hockey team continued the theme of working on space and spreading out after yesterday’s success with tackle boxes and 2 v 1 drills in tight, small areas. The rugby team gathered the boys for further tackling drills and marked progress was made.

This evening was enjoyed with the ladies as the team had another lesson in the art of traditional Fijian mat, basket and fan weaving. Alun and Calum were extremely proud of their baskets and skipped happily around the room like Dick Whittington (although they maintain their baskets were extremely manly!).

Moturiki April 11 - Week 4 - Boys' Fishing Trip (1)

Moturiki April 11 - Week 4 - Boys' Fishing Trip (2)

Thursday 12th May

Tomorrow our volunteer team will enjoy a trip to town so the end of Rota 2 came a day early! The kindi children have been more than lucky over the past month to have such enthusiastic volunteers teaching them. This was really shown by today’s finale of “Lost in Space” day. After the usual morning routine, with particular improvement in learning shown by Jone and Biau, the team brought out the tin foil for even greater arts and crafts mayhem than usual! They began making stars for their night display while singing one of their favourite song’s “Twinkle twinkle little star” before creating rockets to hang from the ceiling as well. The children then put on their alien masks that were made earlier in the week to have a silly string outer space war to end a fantastic couple of weeks in MDS kindi.

Back in Nasesara, our volunteers on the building project continued throwing all their efforts into the community hall extension. Calum and James completed the nailings on the flashings to finalise the roof to the team’s great delight. Vinaka boys! Three separate walling pods continued while Miranda, Handsome Tom and Katie are setting a great rhythm for the rest of the team to follow next week!

Youth Camp’s outdoor games group reached new heights as they introduced crab football to the day. The object of the game is given away in the title, the boys had to play football like crabs; the key to success is not to be shellfish!! In arts and crafts, windmills were made while zumba attracted the ever enthusiastic crowds!

During sport, rugby continued the theme of tackling while the rounders team were working on bowling accuracy. Hockey took great leaps with exercises focussing on spreading out and spacing issues.

This evening, Joe our Matani Te Kina kindly invited the whole team for a delicious dinner in the hall before the eagerly anticipated quiz night. Team Hench was pipped at the post by Team Handsome in a very close contest tonight. Vinaka Team Apex of Creation!

Moturiki April 11 - Week 4 - Village Life

Friday 13th May

Happy 19th birthday Ann! Ann has had an unbelievable day that ended with plenty of grog, hop hop and of course the talcan powder that was out in force!

The team spent the morning in Levuka, picking up essentials for the next four weeks in the village before returning back to Moturiki for the final afternoon of youth camp. Sarah and the Birthday Girl created a Moturiki Monster with the Arts and Crafts group to be the MDS school mascot. The children have really enjoyed being able to explore their creativity over the last two weeks and we hope to keep arts and crafts going in term time when all the children return. Zumba and Frisbee attracted the usual overly enthusiastic crowds to end a fantastic couple of weeks.

The whole group came together for a big sports day with the children, reliving their childhood with eggs and spoons, sacks, wheelbarrows, piggy backs, relays, everything imaginable! The piggy back race ended the afternoon’s contest with a minor collision that left poor Alun under a fairly big pile of TPers!

Now, Ann’s real birthday celebrations began, starting with party bags in debrief while discussing everyone’s highlight of the week. This was shortly followed by a magnificent meal shared with the Nasesara community. Ann wore the traditional Fijian dress “massi” and was greeted with beautiful gifts from the ladies with an array of food for the village (including the biggest chocolate cake you have ever seen!). The village band soon brought out their guitars which gave the ladies the excuse to flock to the dance floor with the team. There was so much laughter and joy filling the room that this was certainly a birthday that Ann will never forget. An early night was had by all in preparation for the Rukuruku trek bright and early tomorrow!

Moturiki April 11 - Week 4 - Village Life (1)