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Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Ra June Team – ‘Fun Day’ extravaganza one of many highlights of final days in Bucalevu as kids go wild for face paints, stalls, cakes, raffle & mud slide party!

Ra June - Fun day (67)

It was a huge final few days for our Ra June team in Bucalevu village, with House Cup final competitions, grog parties, traditional mekes and the farewell to their family and friends in the village, and a real highlight of this finale to project life was the ‘Fun Day’!

With free access to all the stalls, treats and prizes for all kids, it turned out to be an incredibly fun filled and excitable day, as the gallery below encapsulates!

With the team having left their home of Bucalevu a few days ago, we would like to say a huge vinaka vaka levu to the local community and school members, following a truly memorable 4 weeks, and of course our volunteer team…’sota tale’!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Ra June Team – Community Rugby 7s & Netball – ‘All in all a great day and we will all look back on it with fond memories!’

sports (8)

On our first full Friday in Bucalevu we were lucky to be given the opportunity to play either netball or rugby with our new Fijian chums. There were two rugby teams from Bucalevu in what was a 7’s tournament that saw teams from as far as Suva coming to play. There was only 1 netball team for the girls from Bucalevu in a slightly smaller but just as exciting tournament.

The girl’s team saw Emma, Olivia and Fi dominate the side however they were unable to record a victory in their 4 games, drawing 3 and losing 1.

The rugby was slightly more successful as the two teams battled it out to earn themselves victory in this highly prestigious tournament. Bucalevu Team 1 was represented by myself and Team 2 by Adam. Both teams fought well however in the quarter final they were put against each other in what had to be the match of the tournament, with Bucalevu Team 2 narrowly managing a victory after extra time with end to end action taking place for the last play! They were then sadly defeated in the semi final.

All in all a great day and we will all look back on it with fond memories!

By James.

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Ra June Team – Education programmes launched across Bucalevu & Bureivanua ECE and Primary Schools in Ra!

school (19)

Bucalevu Primary School

For our first week of teaching, we took class 3 at Bucalevu Primary School. After observing their first few lessons we became familiar with the structure of their day and the kids abilities and started to plan for the upcoming week.

We started on Tuesday with maths and eased the class in with a few games, including number bingo! Their topic of the week was ‘Money’ and we began by identifying different coins and notes of Fijian currency. We used fake money to do simple addition, subtraction and multiplication which all worked towards Thursday’s lesson where we played shops.

We asked the class to bring in a variety of foods and objects that they would like to see at the shop and we set the scene. With Olivia as the shopkeeper, we gave each child $15 and they worked out how much money they’d need to buy the different items for sale, as well as the change that they’d receive.

At the start of the week the class struggled with the concept of money but they progressed quickly and were always enthusiastic to learn something new. We had an amazing week and were lucky to teach such an incredible class!

By Olivia & Emma

school (18)

Bureivanua Primary School

My first week at Bureivanua School in class 1 and 2 was action packed to say the least. By the end of day 1 we were truly immersed in the culture and structure of school life in Fiji.

Lessons included teaching basic Fijian phonics to small groups as well as helping the slower learners with English phonics on a 1 to 1 basis. It was rewarding to see the children slowly progress over the course of the week. However the language barrier also proved difficult at times. Yet despite this, it was easy to see the enthusiasm and curiosity of the class when Charlie and I played games, sang songs and carried out a lesson on England with them.

By Fi

kindi (16)

Bucalevu ECE

We were thrown into Bucalevu school life with the noisiest bunch of them all – kindergarten! Shy at first, the group began to break out of their shells and soon we were known around the school and greeted by smiling faces!

Topic of the week was “transport” and the three of us were let loose. The teacher acted as a medium through the language barriers, but despite this they were able to use and understand key transport modes taught through a variety of mediums – games, songs and lots of glitter!!!

A creative mode of learning was sustained through the week, from making their own paper planes to setting sail their decorated origami boats in the vast expanse of the children’s hand-washing basins!

Songs became a key method of focus and communication, using their exuberant Fijian voices to raise the roof of kindi. They loved the hokie-cokey and wheels on the bus, becoming a key part of circle time each morning.

We ended the week with a morning of games in the sun. Teaching them new games was a challenge but we introduced a series of simple races and catching exercises which kept them focused.

We thoroughly enjoyed our week in kindi and love seeing our new tiny friends around school!

By Sonia, Gabby, Laura

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Ra June Team – Photos from the jungle trek & rock pool excursion