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Monday, June 15th, 2015

Koro May Team – House Cup Finals, Kindi Farewells, Birthday Parties & Nabasovi ‘Fun Day’ highlights of final days!

Koro Nabasovi Week 3 Others  (2)

After 3 big weeks on project our volunteer team in Nabasovi entered their final days, and they looked to wrap up in style!

The volunteers went back to where they started in the Kade and Nabasovi schools and kindergartens, to see the progression and carry on their hard work over the last few weeks, and to the volunteers delight much of the teaching techniques have been used by the kids to further their knowledge and understanding.

Koro Nabasovi Week 4 Kade School  (7)

In Kade, new subjects such as Music had the school singing and learning about octaves in a very special new corner of the classrooms dedicated just to that. Paintings and collages now colour the school as the walls now have the Think Pacific effect to continue the learning once the volunteers have gone.

Another chaotic week in the charming Kindi at Kade Village was also underway as the young kindians took full advantage of their 4 favourite play mates. With their faces painted and their hand prints everywhere (including the volunteers), the classic songs could be heard all around the village. The new Kindi teacher is now set to carry on the teams hard work with the crazy kindians in full swing, as she shall travel to Suva for further training as they move a step closer to registering their Kindergarten under the Ministry of Education.

Koro Nabasovi Week 5 House Cup Finals Day  (15)

In Nabasovi, 1 to 1’s continued in each class as the kids look towards next terms exams. The team were determined, as they have been from the start, to get all the kids to the level the school requires to pass. Extra efforts were made from the volunteers with after school classes along with evening classes taking place, as they looked to make the most of the time left. The classes were full of fun learning games such as maths bingo and English lesson with dazzling dance moves to inspire the teachers and classes they would be leaving behind.

The final week of house cup saw the volunteers teaching the kids new songs which they would then perform in the house cup finale, on the penultimate day in Nabasovi. Some incredible song choices have got the whole of Nabasovi so excited for the house cup final. With songs in full swing the final parts to the public speaking was to be ironed out, the final is destined to be a closely fought contest!

Koro Nabasovi Week 4 Kade Sports (7)

On Wednesday the team was invited to the teachers child’s 1st birthday party which, to their surprise, was a huge huge deal in Fiji. The preparations which could be seen days leading up to the event, it was clear it was going to be a big big night. With Happy birthday being roared out, the feast began with, what seemed like the whole of Nabasovi looking to get in on the action. Once the little one had gone to sleep it become a very very valid excuse for a celebration as the grog and hophop was out in force. It did leave Nabasovi in a sorry state come Thursday mornings lessons, but what a night.

Koro Nabasovi Week 4 Village Birthday Party (5)

Nabasovi Fun Day kicked off with bright sunshine bearing down on the volunteers stalls as the fundraising began. The bakers were up early preparing the stall and cooking up some delicious Betty Crocketts finest as chocolate muffins and lemon cakes were on offer. A hilarious fruit bobbing stall had the kids roaring with laughter as 2 teachers competed, splashing water on everyone watching! Face paints went down a treat with all the kids painted as butterflies and BULA FIJI! A coconut shy, wet sponge throwing and ball and bucket competition kept everyone entertained for the whole morning. A fantastic effort by the team and now we hand back $81.50 for the village to spend.

Koro Nabasovi Week 4 Nabasovi Village Fun Day (9)

It was then time for the final countdown, sharing a last few days with the wonderful people of Nabasovi village, and the families and kids who had become so special to our team. As they boarded the ferry in the early hours of Wednesday morning there were many special moments to reflect on.

Koro Nabasovi Week 3 Others  (3)

To our Koro May 2015 Team, and to the people of Nabasovi, a huge ‘vinaka vaka levu’, we hope to see you again very soon….’sota tale’!

Sunday, June 14th, 2015

Volunteer Stories – ‘I had an unforgettable day which will stay with me forever and always be close to my heart’; Shabbir celebrates his 21st Birthday in Nabasovi!

KORO Nabasovi Week 3 Shabbir's 21st Birthday (56)

After an eventful Thursday, Friday the 29th had arrived. I woke up to the sounds of dogs barking in their native language. With the scorching sun shining bright I began my walk to Nabasovi District School to help enrich the lives of young children. At around 11am the school gathered together to join me celebrating my birthday in traditional Fijian style. I was presented with a Wau (a cross between a shotgun and a machete made completely out of wood) and a salusalu.

Having finished the lovely juice and cakes prepared by the teachers, the children performed a standing dance called a meke involving the wau, to my amazement I was asked to join in with the performance and ended the celebrations with a dance off!

KORO Nabasovi Week 3 Shabbir's 21st Birthday (44) Pic 2

With a filling lunch in my stomach and time at 1pm the team and I went for an afternoon of snorkelling, accompanied by our Fijian companions. As nightfall approached I had one last surprise which overwhelmed me. My family had prepared a feast and I was given a traditional birthday attire which is called the Masi. With some touching words spoken I was presented with a Spetal Key that represents freedom, I was told this is my key to success. And now with the meal fully underway the celebrations continued until the early hours of the morning.

In conclusion, I had an unforgettable day which will stay with me forever and always be close to my heart!

by Shabbir (Tony) – 21st Birthday

Sunday, June 14th, 2015

Koro May Team – Update from an action packed week 3 for our volunteer team!

KORO Nabasovi Village Week 3 Nabasovi School (48) Pic 1

With the week leading towards Shabbir’s birthday it was always going to be a big big week. But with the team busy in both Kade and Nabasovi teaching, the excitement was contained until closer to the time.

In Kade, in the very traditional way, some teachers were busy, which gave the volunteers greater freedom to introduce their teaching concepts. This lead to treasure hunts, maths, English and arts & crafts for the kids to indulge into with an extra dynamic to learning put before them, and with this, they absolutely latched onto their new teachers.

Kindi in Kade continued in traditional organised chaotic fashion with kids and volunteers alike covered in face paint with some questionable butterflies drawn onto faces and anything the children could touch. The volunteers continued to encourage the kindians to use their new English skills with the alphabet continuing to progress and some even beginning to know the day of the week. None the less, many crayons were sucked and many geese were chased in duck duck goose!

Koro Nabasovi Week 3 Kade Kindi (25) Pic 2

In Nabasovi District School the pupils were taking mock exams so the team was busy helping, encouraging and working 1 to 1 with kids to help get them through. A fresh lick of paint was added in class 2 with words in tropical fish for the young learners to focus on.  2 of the pupils here have been working closely with the volunteers to bring them up to where they need to be. It’s been a struggle at times but an emotional bond has been formed and the 2 are now getting closer to the 100% pass rate needed for next terms exams.

It was the first week in Kindi at Nabasovi and the kids came out in force! Lego was spread everywhere and a colourful collage kept them intrigued as the team said their farewell with a Teddy Bears Picnic at the beach to finish. A great start to life in Kindi for the young kindians as next week brings a new team with new ideas.

Koro Nabasovi Week 3 Beach Daay  (40)

After last week’s massive interschool tournament, the team kept the kids on their toes with hockey, cricket, football, bootcamp and zumba on the agenda. With Nabasovi intrigued by the idea of zumba, which some even believed was an animal with antlers, the Nabasovi school rocked to the sound of Avril Lavigne- Girlfriend and sweated it out under the strong Fijian sunshine with laughs at the intense concentration of some volunteers and the uncontrollable dancing pout which was on show.

Koro Nabasovi Week 3 Nabasovi House Cup (11)

This week’s house cup turned its attention to Public Speaking. A section from The Great Gatsby was chosen for years 5-6 and in Kade, years 7 & 8 recited a piece from St. Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians; something that is very close to their hearts. A very cute tounge twister kept years 1 – 4 testing their skills as ‘Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers’ rang around the schools! Everything is set for a big House Cup show down coming up very soon where the houses will compete against each other to be crowned champions!

Koro Nabasovi Week 3 Kids Juice Night  (3)

The evenings were jam packed with heaps to do for the volunteers to keep busy with. A very traditional evening of bracelet making was held as the young children turned into teachers for the evening and showed off their skills (and patience) to help us all create a little souvenir. An extremely cute Kids Juice Night mid-week got the kids on a massive sugar rush as we hop hopped round the hall to the booming speakers. Justin Beiber’s ‘Baby’ was the finale and there wasn’t anyone who wasn’t singing or shaking it as it came to an end.

A stormy and extremely wet Beach Picnic on Saturday had everyone hovering around the lovo (earth oven) to warm up after getting back from spear fishing for our lunches. The hot sand warmed our feet as we dived into delicious casavaand grilled fish with lemons and chili’s to wash it all down.

Koro Nabasovi Week 3 Beach Daay  (17)

With the final week guaranteed to be just as huge, with the Think Pacific song, mekes and the last day on project on the cards, it’s sure to be an emotional one!

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Koro May Team – Colours, Phonics, Recycling, Music & 1 to 1 Tuition at Nabasovi District School!

Koro Nabasovi Week 2 Nabasovi School  (23)

In Nabasovi District School, the hard work that the new teachers had put in was evident to see. They continued that hard work and by the end of the week huge progress had been made.

In class 1 the children were busy learning their Maths with Miss. Lauren, getting creative with colours, drawings and lego to keep the young learners fully engaged. In class 2 Mr. Hugo worked on phonetics with ‘çh’ and ‘th’ as 2 big challenges. After some repetition and a few corrections, the pupils were soon saying it back confidently.

Koro Nabasovi Week 2 Nabasovi School  (6)

Miss Julia and Miss Emily built upon last week with classes 3 & 4. Among Maths and English, they held a Recycling lesson where the children drew big charts and placed food and waste products into different categories. An awesome music lesson finished off the week as the inter-school matches neared. The passion and love for their home country was on full show as the pupils sang their hearts out to the national anthem which could be heard reverberating around school.

Mr. Thibaud continued in class 5 as English and Maths was taught. Reading is an area that needs strong improvements here and that’s certainly been worked on. In class 7, one student has been working closely with Mr. Shabbir in all areas to bring him up to the needed level for next terms exams. A close bond has been made and improvement is already visible as the 2 look forward to another week together next week.

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Volunteer Stories – ‘Clan Night’; Huge feast & traditional kava ceremony!

Koro Nabasovi Week 2 Clan Night Lauren's Blog (3)

On Tuesday evening the village hosted a Clan Night in the village hall. Clans are made up of lots of families and the whole clan sat together around a long cloth laid out on the floor down the middle of the hall. Each house brought contributions of traditional Fijian food including rice, casava, pumpkin noodles, fried egg plant, dalo, coconut milk and pork. Whilst the food was being prepared the Fijian children sang us songs, took lots of photographs on our cameras (that they love!) and best of all, taught us their hand clapping games and laughed at us continuously as we got them wrong.

We sat down to eat with kana vakalevu (the Fijian for eat lots) being called out, and then our Fijian parents and families sat to eat after us. Once the food had been cleared away and the table moved, there was the traditional grog ceremony. The children left and we all gathered around the bowl. After drinking plenty of grog and hop hopping till we were exhausted we all slept very well that night!

by Lauren

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Koro May Team – Teddy Bears Picnic, Class 3 & 4 and ‘World Maps’ in House Cup Arts & Crafts at Kade Village School!

Koro Nabasovi Week 2 House Cup (8)

The infamous Kade Kindi continued with Sebastian, Charlotte, Emily and Hannah in the truly beloved organised chaos. All the favourite games were played and as a farewell an extremely cute ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ was organised, with the most delicious goodies on offer for the kids and volunteers.

It was an emotional goodbye to their new favourite 5 year olds, but what better way to end their time than creating a giant bundle in the middle of the hall where it all started, with just the volunteers’ feet poking out as an indication that they were underneath the “kindians” on top.

Koro Nabasovi Week 2 Kade School Catherine's Blog (4)

In Kade Village School Catherine continued her assistance to classes 3 & 4, offering an insight in the short blog piece below:

“I spent the week in the year 3 and 4 class in Kade Village School. After starting off observing the teacher I began to take some lessons.
Oral English resulted in me doing actions and dancing around the classroom while getting the children to describe what I was doing. They found this absolutely hilarious and spent the majority of the lesson laughing at me. Their English in general wasn’t great and so the teacher sometimes had to help with a bit of translation, but by the end of the week they were even starting to say some words in a Scottish accent!

Maths was mainly focusing on multiplication. After reciting all the times tables and playing as many multiplication games as I could think of they did begin to improve. They even moved on to more difficult examples with larger numbers which was really nice to see.

Being put straight into a class was a daunting prospect at first but the teacher was lovely and the kids were ridiculously cute, so by the end of the week I was having an amazing time. The best part was seeing some genuine improvement in the class which will hopefully continue.

by Catherine”

Koro Nabasovi Week 2 House Cup (28)

Thrown into all the excitement this week was the first House Cup competition; Arts and Crafts. Things took a colourful turn in Kade as the children’s feet and hands were painted to create a giant world map showing exactly who made it. And also, leaving a couple of extra pink and blue footprints around school to squeals of laughter by the children!

Insects and Planets were created in Nabasovi with pictures galore as the library and classroom ceilings are now full of the creepy crawlies and flying saucers floating overhead proudly.

A brilliantly entertaining week as the House Cup is now in full swing, and next week sees the introduction of Public Speaking!