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Sunday, July 20th, 2014

Gau Team – A ‘Fun Day’ for all and emotional farewell Church service as volunteers depart Navukailagi village!

Pic 1 - Church

It was a big final weekend in Navukailagi village for our volunteer team, with a village ‘Fun Day’ and farwell Church service. The Fun Day itself proved a fantastic success, as Milly says:

“For our last saturday in the village we held a fun day. All the volunteers got together and decided what the stall would be, There was a penalty shoot out, face painting, nail painting, splat the rat, coconut shy, bracelet stall and a raffle with clothes donated by the team that they didm’t want to take home. We had to get creative when making the bracelets, goal posts and coconut shy which we had to use bamboo and other various props which was really fun and we all got involved. The day went really well, with all the children from the village having fun and winning prizes. Even Benji and Lulu had their faces painted! The people were also really happy to win the donations from the raffle – even the smelly shoes. Overall we managed to raise over $120 and the day was defiantly a success.”

Pic 2

The following day the team participated in their farewell Church service, singing ‘Lean on Me’ and saying a few words of thanks to their family and friends in Navukailagi. Living and working so close within the community is such a huge part of the experience for the volunteer team, and spending this time together to share and reflect is a wonderful and emotional moment for all!

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

Gau Team – Proud moment for Navukailagi village and volunteer team as new Health Clinic building is officially opened!

Pic 1 - Build Opening

After 4 weeks of hard work by our volunteer team and the village community the big moment had arrived..the official opening of the brand new Health Clinic for the villager healthworker! The clinic itself looked fantastic, and the team logo was a lasting reminder for their family and friends in the village of the efforts shared together to make the development a reality.

Pic 2 - Build opening

The clinic opening took place in the evening, which allowed the ladies time to decorate the building with beautiful flowers and ribbons, before the team and village gathered for the ceremony, all dressed in jaba dresses, sulus and bula shirts! Catrin was given the responsibility of holding the scissors by the Chief, and prior to the cutting of the ribbon a few words of thanks were said, followed by a prayer to bless the new building. After the ceremony had taken place and the Health Clinic was officially open for use, the team and villagers gathered for a group photo to be a taken as a lasting memory.

Pic 3 - Build Opening

The volunteers then enjoyed a huge feast, before changing into their meke outfits and performing the traditional dances for the Navukailagi community. The day was a wonderful celebration and occassion, and we hope that the village healthworker finds a lasting home within the village through the new clinic building!

Friday, July 18th, 2014

Gau Team – Youth programme reaches its climax in House Cup finals as students shine across extra-curricular initiatives!

Pic 1 - House Cup

The climax of our youth and extra-curricular programme was finally upon the team with the House Cup finals, and with all the children of the Navukailagi District School showing enthusiasm and interest across all areas, it was sure to be a clash of the titans!

As Eve, Helen and Philippa commented: “To round up the house cup we had an afternoon of events for the children to show off their new skills. We started off with competitions in public speaking, photography, art, singing and dancing. The children put in a huge amount of effort and produced some great performances. Some of the highlights included ‘Shine’ by Take That, sung by red house, and ‘Thriller’ danced by the green house. We finished off the day with various sports activities including welly throwing, three legged race, sack race and an obstacle course.”

Pic 2 - House Cup

As always the finals proved to be action packed and exciting for all, and after much competition the ‘Yellow House’ were declared our House Cup champions!

Friday, July 18th, 2014

Gau Team – Volunteers visit Vanuaso village for grog and ‘hop hop’ party, and enjoy trek to jungle waterfall!

Pic 1 - Village Visit & Trek

On Friday afternoon we set out for a village visit to the neighbouring village of Vanuaso for a big night of hop-hop, followed by a morning trek to a stunning local waterfall. Following our sevusevu presentation to the Ratu (Chief) we were further welcomed into the village with a huge feast in the hall. It was then time for the kava to flow and the dancing shoes to be popped on as the villag and team enjoyed some grog and ‘hop hop’ fun!

Pic 2 - Village Visit & Trek

After partying into the night, and then coming together for a giant sleepover, the team set off up through the jungle plantations in search of a hidden gem of Vanuaso village..the waterfall! The team certainly enjoyed the refreshing water, jumping off the rocks into the pool and having a swim and some fun together. Fiji is blessed with some unbelievable natural landscapes, and having the opportunity to explore is a day to remember. Upon returning to Vanuaso village the team settled in for tea and cakes prepared by the ladies for the group before heading for home and back to Navukailagi village. It was great for the team to see a different village, and to understand that Fijian hopsitality extends far and wide, making every village a home away from home!

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Gau Team – Photos from a big final week for the Kindi, School & Sports Coaching aims at the Navukailagi District School!

School - Gau June 2014 - Week 4

Our Gau team have enjoyed a big final week of project at the Navukailagi District School, with a full kindi programme, the final days of teaching assistance for the primary school students, and sports coaching sessions which included cricket, dodgeball and volleyball fun!

With the build opening, the house cup finals and a village ‘Fun Day’ to look forward to in the final days,it was sure to be an epic finale to life on Gau Island. Below are some pictures of the final stages of the youth initiatives!

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Gau Team – Volunteers aim to grasp the “3 step rule” of traditional Fijian crafts during village night in Navukailagi!

Gau June 2014 - Basket Weaving (2)

Each week our teams are hosted by the communities for a ‘village night’, where they learn traditional skills, local crafts and village history and culture from the villagers. For our Gau team last week it was their chance to learn the traditional art of making a basket from palm leaves, somthing that appears so simple, and yet requires lots of local knowledge and skill. We asked Rachel to share her thoughts on the evening:

“This week the group were taken through the traditional Fijian craft of basket weaving with palm tree leaves. In pairs, we shared the task of following step by step instructions from a Fijian. Once we grasped the three step rule we carefully plaited the leaves until the next stage, which required more help, on joining the basket together. Some of the group quickly grasped the task, whilst some struggled more with the specific folding of the leaves. Yet by the end of the evening each pair had made their baskets, many of which were given to their families as gifts. It was an entertaining evening creating traditional fijian crafts.”