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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Koro Team – Volunteers celebrate an unforgettable 8 weeks with Kade villagers, and bid an emotional farewell to their incredible family and friends within this wonderful community!

Pic 1 - Farewell

It has been a truly unforgetable 8 weeks for our Youth and Sports volunteer team in Kade village on Koro island, and it proved a fitting end to the project to come together one last time in the community hall for a classic Fijian feast, speeches, traditional mekes, and of course many many bowls of grog and ‘hop hop’ fun!

As the festivities began the Headmaster of Kade Vilage School said a few words of thanks to the team for their help and assistance in implementing and inspiring development within the schools, after which a word of prayer was said before the feast began. After dinner the Kade school children performed their mekes for the team, which was a treat to see, before the volunteers stepped up for their own traditional meke performances. The team quickly got into the spirit of the occassion and put on a great show for the village, who were all cheering and shrieking with laughter whilst throwing sweets!

Pic 2 - Farewell

It was then a quick change into their formal dresses, sulus and bula shirts for our team as they returned to the hall for the presentation of our traditional ‘tatau’ ceremony, as we bid farewell to Kade. This was also a poignant moment for the group, as they said thank you to their family and friends of the village, often through teary eyes. The last 2 months had been filled with moments, and it was clear for all just how much the team would miss their new home on Koro Island.

There was no better way to end our time in Kade village than with a grog and hop hop party, and so after the reflections of the team and villagers, everyone sat together to drink a few bowls, listen to the guitars, and dance the final night away together! We would like to say a heartfelt ‘vinaka vaka levu’ to the community of Kade, to the Kade and Nabasovi School staff, the students, and all those on Koro who created such memories for our volunteer team…’sota tale’!

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Koro Team – Youth initiatives reach epic climax at Nabasovi & Kade Schools as students compete in House Cup finals on Koro Island!

Pic 1 - house Cup

After 8 weeks of diverse youth initiatives across both Nabasovi District and Kade Village Schools on Koro island, the much anticipated ‘House Cup Finals’ were upon us, with the volunteers and students competing in public speaking, singing and sports as they chased the coveted trophy!

At Nabasovi there were a number of highlights throughout the day. During the house singing it was Anna and Will, with their team of kids, who stole the show with their rendition of Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’, whilst James, Theo and Paiges’ house claimed the public speaking points as their year 8 speaker recited the prologue to ‘Romeo and Juliet’….Shakespeare himself would have been proud! The overall winners however were Mike and Hannahs’ House, who claimed the cup after romping home to take the title in the sports, which also saw a hilarious attempt at the hurdles from classes 1 and 2! Following the house cup trophy presentation the volunteer team then led a prize giving ceremony, recognsing achievements amongst the students across the youth initiatives.

Pic 2 - House Cup

At Kade Village School the tension had been building throughout the weeks, with the Red House vs Blue House reaching new levels of competiveness! Throughout the competition elements it was too close to call, with each house picking up victories in the public speaking and singing, and so it all came down to the sports competition on the final day…and what a finale it proved to be. As the dust settled it was Blue House claiming the sports prize, and with it the House Cup trophy, who were cheered on throughout by Hannah, Mike, James, Paige and Theo!

We would like to thank the students of Nabasovi District School and Kade Village School for their commitment and enthusiasm throughout the house cup competition, and of course our volunteer team for their desire for victory, as this allowed the youth initiatives to be so successfull across the project!

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Koro Team – An early birthday celebration for Hannah and Paige as Kade village throw fantastic party in final days!

Pic 1 - Birthday

With Hannah and Paige both celebrating their birthdays just a few days after leaving their home of Kade village, the community were eager to throw them a party so that they could celebrate together. And what a night it was!

Their family made them the traditional ‘masi’ dress to wear for the occassion, whilst also bringing cakes and ice creams from the mainland as very special treats for the girls. A village celebration often brings an unbelievable feast, and true to tradition there was pork being prepared, as well as chicken, fish and lots of other tasty Fijian dishes. The villagers had also taken the time to set up a small “shed” just outside the house, and after finishing the incredible feast, the team and community made their way outside to enjoy many bowls of grog and some ‘hop hop’ late into the night! It was a night to remember for Hannah, Paige and the whole team, as a birthday in a Fijian village is like no other!

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

Koro Team – Kade Kindi celebrates a fantastic 8 weeks as kids enjoy ‘Tea Party’ treat with volunteers and parents!

Pic 1 - Tea Party

Our next celebration was of the Kindi variety! Over the past few months the volunteers have worked really hard to establish the kindi in Kade, and it is really paying off, with more children than ever attending and improving in confidence by the day. So for the last week Ciara, Mike, Anna and Lygon thought that the hard working kindi kids, teacher and volunteers all deserved a Tea Party.

The guys spent the week making paper chains, hats, place mats and party bags. So when Thursday rolled around the kids all got dressed up and made a special treat to bring with them (with the help of their mums). The tea party was a great success with everyone getting face paint, balloons, cake, juice, lollies and bubble gum. The children also put on a little song for the parents that came along, singing all the songs they had learnt in song time, and reciting numbers one to twenty and the alphabet!

The volunteers have all done an amazing job with the kids, especially Mike and Ciara who have both dedicated a lot of time to the kids and have really put their stamp on Kindi. With the donation made by the volunteers the kindi teacher will be able to continue the classes so that our hard work will not be forgotten, but will be used as a starting block for the years to come.

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

Koro Team – Inter-School Sports Competition; Students enjoy re-match as Nabasovi and Kade Schools meet again in Rugby & Netball clash!


As a final treat for the school students during the last days an inter-school re-match was organised, allowing an opportunity for redemption in a second clash of the school titans! Classes 5 to 8 from Kade Village School loaded onto the truck and made their way along the coastal road to Nabasovi District School for the event. There were a large number of boys, so they were split into teams of 15 and had a round robin tournament, refereed by James, Will, Hannah, and Lygon. The games were fast and competetive, and it was great to see the kids enjoying their rugby, and looking to implement the skills that have been introduced over the 8 week project.

The Netball was also very competitive, with both the first and second teams bringing home victories for Kade School. Some of the TP lads then decided to play the mums in a post-tournament game, and whilst our guys put up a valiant effort, with our netball team captain Theo sporting a wonderful skirt and vest combination, sadly we took a beating and lost 6-15! But it was great fun and everyone really enjoyed themselves, so the real winner of the day was ’sport’!

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

Koro Team – Fundraiser for Kade Village School; Cakes, Face Paints, ‘Kevika’ Bobbing, Coconut Shy & More!


With the aim of having some fun and raising much needed funds for Kade Village School, last Friday afternoon the team held a Fundraiser event, putting together a great afternoon. The stalls had something for everyone, with a ‘cake and tang’ stand run by Anna, Ciara and Paige, who had been busy all day baking and icing with the village ladies! We also had ‘Face Paints’ done by our very own leader Frankie, who decided on a rather bold “Rave & Carnival” themeā€¦..except for the few kids who made a special request for a cat face and sun glasses!

Mike and Hannah introduced a village fete classic of apple bobbing, although it had a sout pacific twist as they used a local fruit known as a kevika! The stand was a great success, and after bobbing for your keiveka you then had to go diving into flour for a piece of bubble gum! Everyone was covered in wet flour, which bought lots of laughter and smiles to faces! Theo and James ran a coconut shy, which quickly became competitive for the village boys, as did the hoop shoot that Lygon and Will were manning. It was a great afternoon for the team and villagers, raising $96 to support the school through the purchase of pens, paper and other key resources.