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Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Koro Team – Fun day, mekes & an emotional farewell to Nasau Village!

mekes - koro (10)

After the grand finale for the sports day and house cup finals, our attention quickly turned to our charity fun day and our farewell Meke performance (traditional Fijian dance). For the fun day we set out a number of stalls. James and Luke had a ‘guess how many shells in the jar’, Ruth and Tyne did Quava bobbing, Rob and Jack held a penalty shoot out, Laura, Lizzie and Letty were imaginative with the face painting, Jess and Steph baked cakes for a cake stall, and Ludo and Jade had a coconut shy. Jack and James also donated a pair of trainers each for the village raffle, to go with a Think Pacific t shirt and sulu!

fun day - koro (17)

It was a great day for the village and team, coming together to raise funds, and this was something they had not experienced before. They also loved the prizes of lolly pops, mango skins and the donations from the volunteers. We raised $85 which we donated to the village on the last day of project.

mekes - koro (35)

On the final day of project we performed a Meke which a villager (Doss) had been teaching us throughout the final week. The villagers also dressed us in the traditional leaf bracelets and black paint made from coconut oil so that we looked and performed as the “Fijian Bati” (warriors).

mekes - koro (45)

It was a perfect end to project as so many of the villagers came to watch us perform and absolutely loved the mekes, screaming and laughing along with us. After the Mekes the team headed to the hall for a final Hop-Hop and Kava session, and they were treated to a fantastic send off.

fun day - koro

It was an emotional goodbye for the team and Nasau villagers as we loaded onto the trucks and headed across the island road to the ferry, as the team had immersed into their new home and local community and made life long friends and families. Im sure many of the team will hope to set foot on Koro again one day soon! A huge vinaka vaka levu to Nasau village from the Think Pacific family….sota tale!

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Koro Team – “Clash of the Titans”; First Think Pacific inter-school matches on Koro as Nasau and Qalivakibau Schools compete in Rugby & Netball!

Nasau vs Qalivakibau. (18)

The final week of sports coaching for class’ 7 & 8 on project was dedicated to the preparation of Think Pacific’s first inter-school challenge on Koro. Doing their best to keep alliances diplomatic the team split their time between the schools they have been teaching to develop the children’s individual rugby and netball skills along with team cohesion before the big games.

Nasau vs Qalivakibau. (9)

Riding on a chanting truck into Qalivakabau the team arrived for game day with the Nasau kids. After a quick change the volunteers prepared the teams for action with warm ups and inspirational speeches.

Nasau vs Qalivakibau. (55)

First up were the girls, during which the considerably larger Nasau School utilised their NFL sized squad to keep legs fresh, taking home a 6-4 win from the tireless and hugely spirited Qualivakibau team.

Nasau vs Qalivakibau. (70)

On the rugby field, it was the Qalivakabau’s advantage of size and power that told. The Nasau boy’s displaying their unquestionable courage, diving into every hit without regard for their bodies. In an end to end match both teams can be hugely proud of their performance, the impressive Qalivakabau taking the spoils 20-10.

Nasau vs Qalivakibau. (86)

The day was a huge success for the team and students, and was a testament to the efforts during the sports coaching sessions through the project weeks. It was also very much the first step to forming and running a Koro Island primary school sports league..something to aim for in the future for the Youth & Sports teams!

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Koro Team – A lasting legacy at Koro High School as teachers endorse “Reading Diary” scheme!

High School Pic 1

Bula everyone!

Just a quick update from Koro High School…

It’s the last week in Koro High! It has been great to see the improvement in the students who took part in the reading tutorials. It was a short last week in the high school, where Laura finished testing the groups on the vocabulary they had learnt previously and finished teaching the year 11 English drama lessons. A fun last English recap lesson included using character charades, hangman and a competition between the two sides of the room testing them on what we had learnt over the last few weeks- the ‘wallabies’ took the lead by 5 points! Feedback has been very positive from both pupils and teachers.

PPWs (17)

A successful meeting with the English teacher and the school has agreed to implement the reading diary Laura has been working on giving think pacific updates on how they get on! The introduction of the reading tutorials and reading diary should improve the students understanding and vocabulary meaning they can reach those higher grades!

Our work in the high school is not quite over though- we have our second drama session tonight with the boarding students… I’m sure it will be as fun as last week’s!

Bye for now

The high school team

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Volunteer Stories – My time at Nasau primary school, by Ruth

week 3 - kindi

Teaching at Nasau Primary School has been an absolute pleasure with never ending daily rewards. Art classes were not very frequent in the school prior to our arrival and I have managed to engage the teachers into giving art classes more of a chance. The children have been doing lots of observational drawing, which we then displayed within the classrooms. The teachers have really enjoyed having more colour on the walls rather than just concrete. Word has gone around the teachers to bring more art into the classrooms, which is really great too!

Sports lessons in the afternoons have also gone down a storm at the school as well. The children are bursting with excitement after lunch ready to get outside and exercise. Some games we have been playing they already know how to play, but they have also been learning new games such as Rounders. Dancing has also been a real hit, I have taken part in assisting Laura teaching a few classes and when walking through the village later that day children are still repeating the dances that have learnt earlier that day. Spectators of the dance lessons are also brought in to provide the music through beats and clapping. Dance lessons are real highlight.

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Koro Team – “Drama Club” introduced at Koro High School!

week 3 - drama (1)

This week we arranged with the English teacher at the high school to do a drama workshop for the boarders on Wednesday evening. There was a great turn out of more than 50 children in what seemed like an abandoned high school after hours in the dark. We started by warming up our voices singing ‘oo ee oo ahh ahh ting tang walla walla bing bang’ which was hilarious. Then we practiced different facial expressions to each other and then learnt about silent drama and the use of mime to create in groups a sketch for the other groups to watch. With some very talented actors and actresses across the groups, the creativity in the room was buzzing! The children were fantastic and really enjoyed it and have asked us to do it again next week!

Tyne, Laura and Steph

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Koro Team – Week 3 update from Youth & Sports project on Koro Island!

week 3 - Qalivakibau (3)

The team were very much on a roll going into week 3, and after a much needed rest during the weekend the team went into Monday full steam ahead. Again, like in the first two weeks, the team separated into Nasau Kindergarten, Nasua Primary School, Koro High School and Qalivakabeu Primary school.

Across the team there continues to be fantastic improvements in the quality of lessons implemented for the students, with more inteaction thorugh singing and dancing, art classes and continued focus on the pupils spoken English. On the Friday it was Valentines Day, so the children were busy using the arts and crafts lesson to make cards for each other and for the team, and were quickly embracing this new concept and celebration!

week 3 - Qalivakibau (12)

This weeks Youth and Sports initiatives contained a number of new sports for the schools, including volleyball and dodge ball, ass well as dancing, rounders and rugby. The children were once again very excited for the variety of sports being coached, and the new sports were extremely successfull.

week 3 - nasau primary (11)

Away from project it was Jade’s birthday, and for the celebration the village put on a huge Fijian feast for all of the team. Jade was dressed in the traditional Masi with salusalu, and it proved to be a once in a life time experience for Jade to have a traditional Fijian birthday celebration! This week the team also visited Kade vilage in the neighbouring tikina of Cawa. All the team were greeted by our home-from-home families, before having dinner and heading to a packed community hall where the guitars were playing, Of course the kava flowed and there was lots of Hop-Hop (Fijian dancing). It was a great night for the team and an opportunity to meet a new community and spend time together.

With the last week in sight the team are pushing hard to make the most of the time they have left in the schools, whilst the kindergarten renovation is coming along nicely and will be finished within the final days. With a very busy last few days of extra curricular activities and sports the team will need to pull together for one last push to cement their legacy for youth and sports development on Koro!