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Friday, December 4th, 2015

Koro Team – ‘An emotional goodbye from all the villagers from Nakodu, and a heartfelt farewell to our Fijian families!’

Koro Sept 15 - Church & Village Farewell (20)

The Church service on Sunday was an emotional service for all, as the usual Fijian service included a heartfelt goodbye sermon from the minister in English, and then the whole team gave an off key but very soulful rendition of “Lean on Me”.

After 2 months of bonding with a village of strangers we were very much leaving our second home. ‘Vuka bogi’ of course stayed up until 5:30am in the morning of our final day in the village, and we were still up and raring to go for meke practise at 9:00am!

Koro Sept 15 - Church & Village Farewell (61)

An emotional packing session culminated in a huge feast. The village mums had prepared our greatest feast yet, spanning the length of the community hall! We then went back to our houses to get changed into our traditional masi outfits for the meke dances. The first fishing meke was interrupted only slightly by excited villagers giving us bead necklaces, forcing sweets in our mouths and dancing in our way to distract us, all in great spirits.

We then performed the war meke. This was the most flamboyant war dance we could have possibly performed, but we smashed it in the end! The grand finale was the Fijian Cibi lead by Conall. Our Fijian was questionable and Tin, the loveable village mutt, made a bee line for Amy’s behind but it still went down a treat!

Koro Sept 15 - Church & Village Farewell (51)

Before leaving the village, everyone enjoyed a final hop-hop in the school hall and Vuka bogi had their final bilo of village grog. What shortly followed was an emotional goodbye from all the villagers from Nakodu, and a heartfelt farewell to our Fijian families!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Volunteer Stories – Excitement, emotion & farewell tears during House Cup Finals at Qalivakibau Primary School! by TP Volunteer Amy

Koro Sept 2015 - House Cup Finals & School Farewell (11)

Excitement was pumping this whole week in preparation for House Cup finals. All of the teams have been perfecting their house singing and dance.  Public speaking was practiced with a lot of laughs having the class 1,2 and 3’s saying tongue twisters, whilst the older children practiced emotional world famous speeches – our house green enjoyed performing Nelson Mandela’s inaugural  speech.

Thursday was house sports day, with many exciting team races; the highlight events were the obstacle course and the limbo events which came down to an intense finish between a boy from house green and another from house blue. The pressure was intense with the whole school chanting the names and the house songs but to my delight Villy from house green triumphed.

Koro Sept 2015 - House Cup Finals & School Farewell (48)

Arriving at school on Friday morning for the house cup finals was exciting but also emotional as it was our final day of being with the Qalivakibau kids and teachers. After break it all kicked off with the tongue twisters and speeches. The energy in the room of competition was ecstatic as we embarked on the house dances. House green smashed our rendition of S Club 7 ‘Reach for the Stars’, with in sync singing and dancing including a solo from Paulo.  All of the team dances were incredible, with Lewis leading his team yellow in a traditional Scottish Ceilidh dance. To our delight team green triumphed in the dance competition which resulted in us winning the House Cup trophy overall.

Koro Sept 2015 - House Cup Finals & School Farewell (20)

To finish our time with Qalivakibau we gave our thank you speeches. It was heartfelt and emotional to the children and teachers, before the children performed their farewell song Isa Lei, which sparked the first farewell tears of the team. As a final finish we enjoyed tea and buns provided by the school, and the children presented us with amazing gifts made from voi voi, including personal mats with our names, Our time working in Qalivakibau has been amazing, and a massive Vinaka vaka Levu to the whole community for making our time so special!

By Amy Dagens

Koro September 2015 Team

Monday, November 9th, 2015

Sports Outreach Scheme – Volunteers deliver Rugby, Football, Netball & Rounders for Nabasovi students!

Sports Outreach - Koro Sept 15 - Week 6 (12)

For Sports Outreach this we headed round to the other side of the island to Nabasovi village. This was our second visit to the village after our first being to watch the island games of rugby sevens and netball. With the sun beating hard when we arrived and we quickly set up our respective sports of football, rounders, rugby and netball.

Sports Outreach - Koro Sept 15 - Week 6 (73)

We kicked off as normal with a huge game of bulldog that has gone down a treat in all of our previous excursions, this game seemed to last much longer than normal as these kids had the ability to dodge our flying arms. The huge smiles were the biggest thankyou we could get, however the delicious glasses of juice provided went down a treat. What a great sports outreach to end a beautiful week on Koro!

By Tom

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

Koro Team – Small group learning with Emma for Year 7 students!

School - Koro Sept 15 - Week 6 (2)

This week I worked with the slow year 7 learners at Qalivakibau School. At the beginning of the week we concentrated on addition of decimal numbers. They found this tricky to start with, but after showing them a number line I could see improvement. In English they were preparing for exams so I helped the students to correct their essays.

By Emma Hattersley.

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Koro Team – ‘Pirates’ and ‘Animals’ themes during big week in Kindis!

Kindi - Koro Sept 15 - Week 6 (3)

Nakodo-Mudu Kindi

This week Conal and I introduced a Pirate Theme to kindi. Each day we made a different part of the pirates costume;Wwe started with hats on Monday and then eye patches, moustache and telescopes, so by the end of the week the whole class looked liked proper pirates.

We also did learning time, keeping with the pirate theme doing P for pirate and taught them the song ‘Row row row yer boat’. For fun Friday we got all the children dressed up in their pirate costumes and went down to the sea with their boats made of coconuts and leaves as sails and released them into the sea.

After toothbrush club we prepared a treasure hunt for them around the school field and they used a map to lead them to the treasure. Great week at kindi!

By Rowena

Kindi - Koro Sept 15 - Week 6 (8)

Qalivakibau Kindi

This week at Qalivakibau Kindi our theme was ‘Animals’, and on Wednesday our topic was ‘Under the Sea’. We played several games of find the fish around the school field and the children painted colourful fish.

On Thursday we focused on different habitats, we sang songs and played games, and for arts and crafts we made lion masks which the children really enjoyed. On Friday we played lots of games and recapped the animals of the week. Overall we had a really fun week in kindi.

By Amy S and Kathryn.

Friday, November 6th, 2015

Community Sports; Think Pacific host Netball & Volleyball competitions for villagers of all ages on Koro island!

Community Sports - Koro Sept 15 - Week 6 (6)

Saturday was a massive day of sports and showing of our (lack of) skill to the village. Community sports had a huge turnout for the competitions. We had set up two tournaments, with one being netball the other being volleyball. This event was aimed for 15 year olds right up to granny and grandads. We had 8 competitive teams made up of both female and males which was amazing and what we had hoped for!

The heat of the tournaments was intense with every group wanting to win the champion title! They got very little competition from us Think Pacific Volunteers, also known as team ‘Kaivalagi’. Our first match in volleyball we were completely destroyed with the final score being 24 points to 2! At least we provided a giggle for the spectators! More positively we did manage to win a netball match, and this victory some may say was fixed as the other team was made up of children to ‘give us a chance’ but we took the win as a victory none the less!

The finals of both tournaments were intense and close showing brilliant sportsmanship. ‘Burning Stone’ were the champions of volleyball and the ‘Rebels’ were winners of the Netball. It was a great experience to be part of the day and as Think Pacific had ‘hosted’ the event, we awarded the winning teams a volleyball net and ball, and two netballs. These prizes are to encourage the village to continue playing sports even after we have left Nakodu.

After a good fun day the village held a grog session and hop hop, and as it was Halloween Amy D, Ellie, Tom, Lewis and Conal all switched genders for the night. The boys wore the girls dresses, with balloons to give the fuller bust look, and the girls wore their pocket sulu’s and shirts with drawn on beards. Our entrance into hop hop was fantastic, with so much laughs from the villagers and families. We all had a good night with lots of dancing!

By Amy Dagens