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Saturday, August 29th, 2015

Build Achievement – Toilet Block & TNK Office Officially Opened in Waitoga Village on Nairai Island!

Nairai June Team - Build Opening (16)

It was a very proud moment both for our volunteer team, and the community of Waitoga on Nairai Island, as their brand new toilet block and TNK office facilities were officially opened! After 8 weeks of effort on site, side by side with the village members, the communities vision of improved sanitation and good governance were realised as the ribbons were cut, a moment made possible through the funding of our volunteer teams, and an occasion that brought great joy and celebration.

Nairai June Team - Build Opening (4)

The ceremony began with a word of prayer led by the ‘talatala’, or Church minister, followed by a few words from the Think Pacific leaders, before the buildings were handed over the the village ‘Turaga ni Koro’ for the cutting of the ribbons by the elders.

With the ribbon cut and the doors open the community and team took a moment to enjoy the fruits of their labour, before a huge spread of tea and cakes were delivered by the Waitoga ladies for all to enjoy. As the community finished their tea, the team prepared for their mekes by changing into their traditional attire,  and as the mekes began the volunteers did not disappoint! The crowd wooped and cheered, with a lady even joining Adrien ‘on stage’ as he performed, much to the delight of all those watching.

Nairai June Team - Build Opening (22)

With the mekes completed the team sat down to an incredible feast as a farewell dinner, before enjoying one last grog and ‘hop hop’ party with their family and friends in Waitoga. The community have been truly incredible for our volunteer team, and as they left the shores of Nairai the very many fond memories of an immense 9 weeks were at the forefront for all. Vinaka vaka levu Waitoga…’sota tale’!

Saturday, August 29th, 2015

Nairai June Team – An emotional farewell at the Waitoga Village School; ‘We have learnt so much from these children which we shall take with us for the rest of our lives!’


We started the morning of the House Cup Finals rehearsing with the children. At recess the school held a tea party for the team to thank them, and also farewell them since the following week would be the school holiday.

Once the parents arrived we had a leaving assembly in which the children sang, and performed some items that they have prepared. The headmaster also gave a thank you speech, before we started the House Cup by announcing the result of class 1-2 art competition. We went straight on to class 3-4 for house singing on a song called ‘Don’t stop me now’. For public speaking 3 representatives from class 7-8, from the 3 different houses Drekeni, Saqa and Bati, recited the speech from The Dictator, and all did extremely well.


Lulu then announced the winners for young enterprise, with Team Drekeni storming to victory with their toffee sales, as team Bati came second with their treasure map and services closely followed by Saqa, who did basket tea.

We then took the children outside to watch class1-2 perform their sketch of the three little pigs, and we finished the ‘indoors’ competitions with the class 5-6 performances for house dance, with routines put together by the team!


After a short break we went straight into the finisher… the sports finale! The team performed with their teams on wheelbarrow race, sack race, three laggard race, clothes race and finished with the tug of war, and there was plenty of cheering throughout, with the Bati remaining undefeated!

Despite their performance in the tug war Bati’s finished in 3rd place overall in the house cup, with Saqa coming 2nd and Drekeni securing the victory! The House captain got presented with the trophy, and the team also took the opportunity to present a donation of sports equipment to the school. The school then sang a farewell song, and tt was very sad to say goodbye to the students after 9 incredible weeks. We have learnt so much from these children which we shall take with us for the rest of our lives!

Friday, August 21st, 2015

Nairai June Team – ‘We watched the sun set while eating roasted coconut and wild yams by the bonfire…a fantastic moment!’

week 6 activities  (14)

This week the team started the week with free night and we gathered at Elsa’s for some movies. On Tuesday the whole village was alerted of Beth and Lulu’s arrival by Daisy running laps of the village and banging on windows. The whole team ran into the sea to welcome them back to Nairai!

The volunteers swapped families in the evening for Clan Night. As always there was plenty of food, games and grog. On Wednesday we gathered in the hall for our weekly craft activity, this week creating fans from coconut leaves. It was complicated and we were given a lot of guidance through the process by Semi and the village ladies, but we all came out with beautiful fans after an hour or so. On Thursday, Adrien, Elsa, Beth and Daisy climbed to a different peak of the mountain behind our village to scout a site for a future sunrise camp out in a few weeks. We watched the sun set while eating roasted coconut and wild yams by the bonfire. A fantastic moment!

week 6 activities  (1)

In the evening we all gathered at Beth and Elsa’s for a group meal and we were taught some history and myths of Fiji. On Friday we were taken to a rock with a giant’s footprint down the beach from the village. It was very cool to see and hear about other footprints on the next closest island. In the evening we went to our neighbouring village Vutuna, for our usual Friday night grog and hop hop. It’s been another great week packed with fun activities!

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Nairai June Team – Toilet Block completed & Office flooring laid as building projects near completion!

build week6 (6)

Due to the exam week that was going on in the school the whole team spent week 6 on the building project together. At the beginning of the week the team completed the painting of the toilet block, which looks amazing and colourful in green and cream.

The whole floor of the office from start to finish was laid down over the course of the week. Lots of hammering and sawing with plenty of patience needed when trying to ensure the floorboards were the correct length to fit exactly into the frame. The process was quick and smooth at times, slow and taxing at others, but the combined effort of everyone on the team meant by Friday there was a complete, sturdy floor to stand on. The house cup dance was performed on top of it in celebration to christen the new floor!

build week6 (18)

Once the floor was finished we moved on to other jobs for the last day. Daisy, Elsa and Beth started painting primer onto the corrugated iron roof panels. Jess, Georgia and Adrien added extra support to the roof of the toilet block. Despite no school, kindi or sports it was a very productive and hard working week for everyone, with a chance that due to our efforts the build may even finish ahead of schedule!

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Nairai June Team – A school bus featuring the Kindi class, a container ship, a footprint train track and their personal favourite, hot air balloons, during ‘Transport’ week in Kindi!

kindi week 5 (2)

Daisy and Elsa returned to Kindi for their second week on rota. They had chosen ‘Transport’ as their theme for the week. From Monday to Thursday they covered, ground, water and air transport. They have some brilliant pieces of artwork; a school bus featuring the Kindi class, a container ship, a footprint train track and their personal favourite, hot air balloons!

The balloons were a time consuming activity but the baskets attached to red and orange balloons by thread from Daisy’s sewing kit looked great. It was a shame many of the children didn’t appreciate their delicateness, but they provided a solid ten minutes of enjoyment!

Daisy and Elsa felt more prepared for this week and are now proficient in the art of time filling. Kindi has given them the opportunity to learn many useful words and phrases such as no, stop….stop punching, which has helped immensely with the language barrier. Toothbrush club is a great part of the children’s day and they always remember their brush and bottle so they can add another sticker to the toothbrush chart.

And just for fun we had a day where everyones’ face got painted as a tiger and we ‘roared’ our way around kindi! It has been another full on and rewarding week which Daisy and Elsa have both enjoyed; a great achievement, and worthwhile experience.

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

Nairai June Team – Quiz night, bracelet making, family night & village visit during another busy week of activities!

week 5 activities  (6)

It was another jam packed week of activities. On Monday, we had the quiz which was written by Jess and Daisy, with Georgia and Elsa our prolific winners! On Tuesday, it was family night where at Adrian’s they were only allowed to speak in English. With this being every ones second language including Adrian’s, there were lots of laughs, grog and card playing.

On Wednesday, we had bracelet weaving which everyone really enjoyed as we got the hang of it quite quickly, having our own hand made bracelets to take home. We also celebrated Jess’s mum birthday, with the team and the village men singing happy birthday.

week 5 activities  (9)

On Friday, we went to Tovulailai village to offer our sevusevu and ‘hop hop’ the night away. It was a night to remember with lots of grog and dancing. It went on into the early hours of the morning.

On Saturday, we had grogged in Tovulailai to say goodbye before a very bumpy boat ride led by Captain Semi, who decided it would be fun to purposefully hit a wave side on and soak everyone on that side of boat. On Sunday, we went to church and chilled out with the kids on the swings!