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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Thank you and farewell Batiki!

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During our final week and a half on Batiki we did our best to experience all we could. Reaping the rewards of our hard work we sang, danced and cried arm in arm with the villagers.

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Our project day has included adding a decorative touch to the build, wrapping up our time in school and celebrating the end of a successful kindi program. Outside of that we had some momentous events to attend with the opening ceremony of Naigani’s community hall, the fun day and the farewell Church service.

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Kindi was the first feature of project to come to an end. Tommy, Willy and Alice took it upon themselves to throw a worthy party. In doing so, it was out of the kindi and down to the beach to play musical statues, musical bumps and build sand castles. The kids had a ball, true to the nature of kindi over the past two months. Well done team!!! Also a big Vinaka vaka levu to Tara for your help over the past 8 weeks.

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In the four day week at school, a mix of the team opted to flirt between classes to soak up their remaining time as teachers. With Madame Louisa away for the week the efforts of Ellen in teaching class 1 & 2 epitomized the passion the team has displayed throughout.
Rehearsals of the three legged race, obstacle course, wheel barrows and relays destined for an intense sports day. Our final day out on the BDS field saw the children compete for the pivotal house sports points under glorious sunshine. Again Ti Tui provided sensational entertainment whilst being wheel barreled, sorry barrowed. What a gem he is!

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In the afternoon of our last day at school we hosted a nail biting house quiz. Following the questions to students from each class the winning house was decided by the TP round. All came down to Hannah of Logo logo and Tommy of Vono answering the final question…’What is the combined age of the team?’. Vono performed better under the pressures of the crowd and walked away with the victory and…the infamous house cup title!
The farewell and TP awards assembly was just one of the many moving moments in our last few days on the island. Having selected those who had worked the hardest we handed out awards in endeavor, academic excellence and sporting excellence to the children. Which was responded to by speeches from the teachers, the children singing a spine tingling rendition of ‘Swing Low’ and presenting each member of the team with a handmade souvenir.
Giving the final coat of paint to the outside and roof in the early days of week 8 we set about the inside. Once doing so, it was then left to Ellen to complete her logo inside our nicknamed ‘house of blues’.

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With the build project signed off it was time for us to celebrate our efforts with those we had lived and worked alongside for the past eight weeks. The official hand over of the build was on Friday with the opening ceremony beginning in the afternoon. Having decorated the inside with mats, curtains and its center piece (the kava bowl) the hall looked stunning. Fijian warriors were present to guard Sarah who presented Ratu the scissors to cut the rope following his sincere speech. His praise for the team and how they have become immersed as part of the Naigani community was extremely moving.

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With the rope cut, a traditional kava ceremony undertaken and a cake cut (how could there not be cake involved!), the hall was set to enjoy. And enjoy the team did, consuming the rewards of their physical legacy in high tides and giggles long into the night.

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Saturday’s event was exactly what it said on the tin. Preparing through the morning the team hosted a fun day in the afternoon with stalls, games and cakes to raise money for the village. Down on the beach, Amber sold friendship bracelets, Rachel and Sarah painted nails, Ellen and Hannah painted faces, Tommy, Alice, Caroline sold Cakes, Tom, Mike and Will rotated as goalkeeper on the penalty shootout whilst Rory and Phil were at the top of the drain pipe for smack the rat. Capping off a sensational day was a family volleyball competition, each household of the village entered into a round robin competition. Every member of the community out on the beach, including the elders, was what made the day.

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The team truly understood the social impact they had experienced themselves and, the village also on Sunday. Naigani’s church was awash with tears following the emotional speeches/poems of thanks from the families and in response, the team. With four evening practices under our belt in the week, the final note sang in church was the team’s, separating into their choir groups they smashed a phenomenal performance of Khumbaya to culminate an overwhelming morning.

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Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! Our final day as members of the Naigani community was quite a day. Heading out to the bay in the morning the team enjoyed a good few hours swimming and playing volleyball before tucking into a picnic feast of barbequed fish and lovo cassava. In the evening, the team met in the hall for what turned into an all-night session of kava, the band and hop-hop. Having nipped out to watch their last sunrise together the team sprinted back into the party when hearing the strums of one last ‘Fijian boy’ song.

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Shaking the hands of each villager as the team walked out of the beach and onto the boat is sure to be an image not easily forgotten. Least to say, the days spent as the sons, daughters, brothers and sisters of Naigani shall live forever.

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Kicking back in the hammocks of the Beachouse the team reminisce the last eight weeks. Putting some perspective to what a time they were treated to by the people of Batiki.

Thank you Naigani. Thank you Batiki.

Loved it.

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

The penultimate week on Batiki Island

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Beginning the penultimate week, the thought of leaving newly adopted family and friends was starting to become a reality. Consequently a jam packed week facilitated the volunteer’s attitude to make the most of their remaining time here.

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This week the team substituted the hammers and saws for the paintbrushes, with all the building work completed it was time to bring some life to the community hall. George, Will, Phil, Mike, Alice and Caroline took on Jays challenge of ‘a coat a day’. Wearing most of the paint the team surprised as they succeeded to primer the build and undercoated inside and out.

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Undertaking the last full week of school, Tom decided he would test himself at the opposite end of the school spectrum by assisting Madame Luisa in class 1&2. Overcoming the distraction of the infamous Tutui, Mr Laurence led a lesson on ‘the postman’ and demonstrated his artistic skills with his classroom display. With class 3&4 proving a popular choice with the volunteers, Ellen made her long awaited appearance and was prepared to make the most of her opportunity, solely leading class 4 in reading and maths. Likewise with Rachel the previous week Tommy returned to class 5&6 with the team sensing a competition brewing on; ‘who’s the favorite teacher’.  Tommy provided the kids this week with his substantial intellectual skills in which they industrialized the prospect of understanding future development within the community.Hannah again opted for school, but this time helping the headmaster in class 7&8. Taking the class down to the beach to read Swiss Family Robinson and educating the children on the effects of alcohol.

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Alongside Rory, sisters Rachel and Amber combined to control the riot which is sometimes referred to as Kindi. A very creative week saw the children covered in glue and colored paper throughout, the end result being masks, necklaces and crowns. The children also became familiar with big and small, and a height chart was displayed and decorated adding to the colorful learning environment

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The favorite House cup element returned this week in the shape of House singing. Vono choosing to do a rendition of Abba’s, Mamma Mia and Logo Logo led by Alice chose ‘Seasons of love’ from the musical ‘Rent’. Both houses were outstanding and the volunteer’s enthusiasm definitely rubbed off on the children, the songs could be heard throughout the neighboring villages. There wasn’t much between the two teams in the final; in fact there wasn’t anything, with the teams tied on 14 points out of a maximum of 15. They both shared the spoils making for an interesting final week, as the scores stand 4-2 to Vono and with 3 events left there’s still plenty to play for.

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Monday night was meant to be a film night for the team, when the volunteers arrived at Jim’s house a grog session was well underway in the bure, and so a collective decision resulted in the team opting to take full advantage of the kava whilst they can.

The team’s favorite weekly tradition continued on Tuesday night, it was family night. Accepting Tutu’s Emi’s invitation all went for kava in Hannah and Alice’s home, nicknamed the ‘house of pain’ for its strong mixes and tsunami bowls of grog. The team chatted and played games into the early hours in the morning.

Wednesday night gave the chance for the volunteers to complete their souvenir collection. Assisted by the villagers the team produced Bilo’s, the traditional Fijian cup used for kava ceremonies. ‘Bilo and behold’ the coconuts soon turned into vessel’s for the vice that is… Kava. With plenty of opportunities to drink grog over the final weeks, the bilo’s will definitely be put to the test.

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The final quiz of the expedition was produced by Will, Amber, Hannah and George. The infamous music round once again made an appearance; alongside the quiz master round, where the team became aware of Amber’s Olympic world record…for being involved in creating the biggest Olympic rings emblem.

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A mixed netball match kicked off a relaxed approach to community sports on Saturday. Yet national pride brought about the boys competitiveness during the Kavilangi(visitors) vs Kaviti(villagers) football match. The eagerly anticipated game of 5 a-side lifted the days intensity as the village boys pushed the TP boys all the way, the Kavilangi’s edging a 3 – 2 win. Concluding the day was the turn of the Kaviti’s to show their hand at their national sport, in a game of Rugby sevens…it was mixed of course!

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A significant day in the life of Think Pacific and Batiki was Sunday! This being the final project in the near future on these shores the team were extremely fortunate to experience an island farewell church service. At a packed out church in Mua, all the villages gathered to sing hymns, and listen to words from TalaTala, Master Saki and Nigel. Within the service the team did every member of TP that has enjoyed Batiki proud with our very own hymn.

Singing our way back home on the boat, spirits could not be higher despite the pouring rain. Rolling into our final week we are determined to make the most of our time together…

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Batiki Island – Life on project is booming!

Gap Year Projects (1)

Week five has continued the snowball of fun and been one, which has blooded the future Richards Branson’s of Fiji and included an age old picnic that has been enjoyed along our beach for centuries.

Gap Year Projects (2)

On build this week, Phil has continued his invaluable work towards Naigani’s community hall, heading up the ladders at the apex his focus has been on the aesthetics. Caroline, Rachel & Eddie have come together to nail down the second half of the flooring whilst Will, Amber, Ellen and Sarah faced off in a race to complete the front wall, of which Amber and Ellen forfeited under claims of wallsmanship! Culminating the end of our second rota the build team displayed some unique moves most definitely to be seen again in R & R during Friday afternoon’s musical statues. Notably Phil’s night fever finger combo with the dirty dancing hips.

Gap Year Projects (5)

On the opposite side of the island Alice’s remarkable diagrams have taught ‘the time’ to class 1 & 2, Mike has sat at his very own teacher’s desk with an endless row of children waiting for his approval in class 3 & 4, Tommy seems to have ‘found’ himself whilst leading lessons in class 5, his endless enthusiasm knowing no bounds and, Rory was a keen invidulator for the exam he had prepared the children of class 7 & 8 for this week.

This week’s lesser Kindi team made up for their lack of numbers with their passion and organised mayhem. Singing and stamping their hearts out with their infamous Grand Old Duke of York performance and working on their arts and crafts piece was a daily highlight. By the end of the week the children had produced a vibrant and decorative alphabet display.

The house cup competition engaged the children in and out of school hours this week. House enterprise was a resounding success! The children designed and created their very own products to sell at Friday’s school fundraiser. Selling hand-made necklaces, mats, belts and bracelets the children were involved in every aspect of the enterprise from the marketing, production and sales. Logologo ran out winners producing $60 profit in comparison to Vono’s $40 profit. Adding that to the $50 raised from the sale of the cakes and cookies the team made the previous evening we have a reasonable amount to supply each school member with new pencils, rulers and rubbers.

It is safe to say the team ate well this week. Evening visits from Mua, Manuku Wednesday and Yavu on Friday brought gifts of food as the islanders came to witness the progress of Naigani’s soon to be community hall and celebrate the team efforts over a few bowls of grog. It was not only gifts of the palate for Rory and Tommy who also received some priceless relationship advice they are sure to treasure for a lifetime from the Yavu turrani.

Gap Year Projects (8)

The girls plus Tommy and Will were treated to a Kaviti (Fijian) day which involved catching their lunch, cooking and eating in the most traditional of ways. The girls made lovo (an earth oven) with their families, whilst Tommy and Will went line fishing to catch their lunch resulting in a great feast. Not even the rain could dampen their spirits as bure’s sprang up along the beach. Providing a priceless moment when 2 year old Whammy was recovered from the ruins of a fallen bure covered head to toe in sand.
Sunday’s tea parties brought reflection of this week’s goings on and talk of what’s to come in week six…most notably we have the inclusion of Dodgeball to the children of BDS. It’s going off!

Week six has provided an insight into the remarkable hospitality we all receive on our remote island and has rewarded those for their extra efforts.
Rory and Phil’s relationship has flourished on the build this week. Discussing walling methods over breakfast they joined heads to figure out the finishing touches to the apex. Inside the near completed community hall Ellen, Alice, Hannah and George worked tirelessly to finish the flooring and complete over half of the window frames.

A memorable Kindi party and Kindi ‘mosh pit’ brought the house down on a fantastic week for the children. Celebrating their endeavours in completing the colourful and educational garden display their flowers, bees and butterflies have spruced up Yavu’s Kindi tremendously. Huge thanks go to Tommy, Will, Mike and Amber who’s enthusiasm has rubbed off on the children, despite the boys tone deaf rhymes and songs. Ha.

Passing their wealth of knowledge onto the youth of Batiki this week was;Mr Lawrence, who taught metaphors and similes to class 7 & 8 through poetry, Rachel whose creative writing lessons on the beach inspired class 5 and 6 to produce some imaginative stories of their own,Carolinewho was a great asset to class 3 and 4 most notably in her support of the high flying childrenand, Sarah who has been doing some one to one teaching with our newest member of class 1 Tatui…without forgetting her traffic light display!!

Gap Year Projects (3)

The new to project intervention group has come on leaps and bounds this week. With all the credit going to Rachel,demonstrating her passion and knowledge of teaching she has taken a leading role in the delivery of small study groups aiming to decrease the range in learning abilities at BDS. With the undoubted help of Tommy, Hannah, Amber, Ellen and Mr Lawrence the group have worked after school hours to develop the highlighted children’s Maths. Culminating in an end of the week quiz the children’s improvement has been monitored and having ironed out the early creases we are proud to say that the classes have been a resounding success.

Speaking of out of school hours the house cup took an interesting turn towards Vono. Debating the issue of school uniform Vono has Saki to thank for a remarkable summary which proved to be the difference between the two houses.

Gap Year Projects (6)

Furthermore of the extra-curricular activities, Sarah and Rachel’s effort were rewarded on Friday when the full school came together to perform the dance they had learnt throughout the week. This was a beautiful contrast to the anarchy which unfolded in the school week’s crescendo activity which was a…whole school game of Dodgeball!

Outside of our daily routine, this week’s evening activities included a laid back night weaving bracelets and bookmarks in the shed with ladies of the village. This week’s family night had an interesting twist which we all very much enjoyed. Exchanging families for the evening we dined at different houses and later gathered in a packed ‘house of pain’ to compare Na’s and Ta’s over a bowls of grog. Those on the weekly spear fishing trip brought the evening up in their highlight of the week, including those who sat and stargazed on the boat. As Alice, Will and Amber followed the villager’s torch with the spear gun they hunted fish around the pitch black reef, spotting a looming reef shark on numerous occasions provided a thrill.

An invitation from Mua was an opportunity for them to display their chiefly status on the island. On Friday we spent the night there drinking grog, chatting to villagers and singing along to the band after being spoilt with a huge feast of chicken.

Gap Year Projects (4)

The week concluded with our standard highlight of the week during our Sunday meet, of which the Boiler Boys jamming session gained special mention. A session the Blues Brothers’ themselves would have been proud of! Planning our activities for next week we have continued with the one week rota’s in order for everybody to have the opportunity to paint part of the build…yes in week 7 we shall complete the hall and whack out the brushes to add the finishing touches…

We send our best wishes to our families and friends back home.

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Batiki expedition team – Diary update from Naigani village!

volunteer project fiji (32)

Project life is in full flow and what a week it has been! The second full week of volunteering on our remote paradise island has left our team hammock feeling very lonely.

volunteer project fiji (30)

An eventful seven days kicked off with another day of all hands on deck on the build. A Fiji bank holiday meant school was out, adding further frustration for the team to kick off teaching and sports coaching. Everyone pitched in to ensure the foundations were finished and filled, in preparation for the rest of the main frame to be assembled. With no school the village was bustling with excited children.

volunteer project fiji (28)

On Tuesday the leaders let loose the School, and Kindi teachers. Sarah, Ellen, Alice and Caroline fired straight into Kindi, accepting the task of controlling the island’s 3-5 year olds they acted as human climbing frames and jukeboxes in great form. With the help of Tara, already the daily routine is set in place and the girls have begun to make their mark on the kids in the most influential of kindi ways – a new song!! Sarah’s bunny song has lifted the roof every day and will no doubt do so for the remainder of project.

volunteer project fiji (33) volunteer project fiji (34)

On the school front, Will brushed up on his ABC’s in class 1&2, Hannah has made display posters with 3&4, Rachel led lessons in class 5&6 and Amber led Social Science and Maths lessons for the senior kids in 7&8.

volunteer project fiji (17)

Think Pacific’s extra-curricular activities are where the chaos is at for the children of Batiki District School and they know it. Having waited patiently for a week they made up for lost time with a manic house art and booming sports. A house art topic of ‘The Future’ saw Vono pip the headmasters judging by one point to take a 1-0 lead over Longolongo in the house cup.

volunteer project fiji (6)

Having chosen to coach sessions of Rugby, Netball, Football, Athletics and Rounders the team split to conduct their structured warm ups, practise drills and modified games. From 3 – 4pm the beach front school pitch has been a sea of kids playing to their hearts content.

volunteer project fiji (27)

From Tuesday onwards the build has involved Mike, Rory, Tommy, Phil, George, Tom with Jay and Semi supervising. Despite MC hammer pants, Russian powerlifting, Nige’s measuring and the odd stray hammer the boys have ended the week with an almost complete frame for our community hall. A remarkable feat with so many distractions!! Add to that Philism’s, with special mention to the conquering of his fear of heights. A great moment!

volunteer project fiji (2)

Around our daily project works has been occasions to attend, most memorable of which was Hannah’s birthday. The village treated Hannah to a traditional Fijian birthday celebration with a monstrous feast, tapa clothing and a warrior escort to the hall. Followed by a grog party which brought about a sing off between the team’s newly found choir and village band, needless to say it was a birthday we shall all remember, never mind Hannah.

volunteer project fiji (19)

The weekend saw the second of our evening adventures around the villages of Batiki. On Friday we made our way straight to Yavu after sports coaching. After enjoying a second feast in as many days we relaxed with the families we were staying with before an evening’s entertainment in the Yavu hall. The highlight of which was a Meke performance from the children of the village!

volunteer project fiji (25)

Following breakfast Saturday morning in Yavu the team relaxed their bodies on Mua’s private beach in preparation for the afternoons community sports matches of Rugby and Netball. In the netball, the TP girls got together to face a Batiki select side. With a bare seven players the girls gave it their all in sweltering heat. A sterling performance saw each player run their blood to water against the experienced Fijian ladies, losing the match 14-4. In the match: Ellen was Chizley, Hannah was a head the ball, Sarah was stylish, Rachel was nimble, Caroline was quick, Alice was constant, and Amber was unquestionable.

volunteer project fiji (26)

On the Rugby field, the TP boys mixed with villagers to play an extraordinary lengthy match of 7’s, thirty minutes long!! The warm up set the tone for a crowd pleaser, as Will’s drop kick swerved its way towards Tommy’s face. Sneaky George crashed his way over to wrap up a fine performance from himself and Tom’s debut rugby match produced a try worthy of Twickenham’s turf. As remembered it goes a little something like…Tom receives the ball in his own half from the ruck, Tom steps off his left foot to beat one man, confronted by two huge forwards he grubbers between the legs of one in his way and scoots around to retrieve the ball, in open space he races 40 metres until he reaches the full back, who he disposes off with a right fend and a skip out of his clutches to place the ball down. And…the crowd go nuts!

volunteer project fiji (23)

Sunday’s sabbath provided some well-deserved and much needed hammock time for the team to recuperate and restore their energies ready for the coming week of project…

volunteer project fiji (18)

One traditional ceremony rarely seen by Fijians, two sleep overs and a historical sunset trek has complemented the roaring project elements in a whirlwind of a week three.

Losing themselves in their work the boys on the build have continued in their efforts to complete Naigani’s community hall as quickly as possible. Fortunately, some bad weather has pulled the reins on them a little. Replacing two mornings work with two much deserved and well indulged tea parties.

volunteer project fiji (1)

Nailing the first piece of roofing iron on Wednesday brought a traditional ceremony whereby the women decorated the building as they sang and danced. Those working and those not were served Kava throughout the day, Mike ‘the president’ worked his way around all of the households to ensure he personally handed a bowl of Kava to every villager. Least to say, it was a laboured walk to sports that day!!

volunteer project fiji (29)

Our first rota in school has massively impressed the new headmaster at BDS and for that the team have Will, Rachel, Hannah and Amber to thank. Working as teaching assistants and taking the odd class themselves they have set high standards for the rest to follow. In particularly Rachel, who with a bright teaching career ahead of her has had a huge impact in class four and has been requested by Master Saki to ‘please stay?’.

volunteer project fiji (12)

Waking the ‘beat baby’ in Kindi, to find out what activity the fluffy monkey has in store for the kids has transformed learning time. The activity Sarah has brought from her nursery work in London has found itself a permanent place within the daily routine for the remainder of the project and most certainly a spot in the TP volunteer bible. Likewise with school, the start to Kindi has been outstanding and huge thanks must go to Alice, Caroline, Ellen and Sarah.

volunteer project fiji (13)

The extracurricular classes this week have taught and practised public speaking. The younger kids have worked on presenting very basic sentences in front of their peers and those in class 6, 7 & 8 rehearsed speeches for Fridays final. In the final, Vono house performed a piece from Coach Carter and Logologo the ‘Tell me lies about Vietnam’ poem. In grasping the poems meaning, the Logologo performance had a touch of sincerity you would not expect from a 13 year old Fijian girl. However, Vono’s animated and slick performance took the spoils, giving Vono a 2-0 lead in the house cup.

volunteer project fiji (16)

Making their mark in Yavu the week before, it was clear the impression the team had left. A few days gone and we were invited back for another party, to witness a traditional ceremony. An eldest son had returned to his mother’s village for the 1st time. Being a rare occasion we were incredibly fortunate to witness the presentation of Fiji’s most prestigious gift…the whales tooth! The team showed their appreciation by partying the night away after the huge feast which saw us make light work of the ‘one big pig’!!

volunteer project fiji (9)

Shaking off the grog over from the previous night, we were onto our third and final village visit, this time to our neighbours Manuku. The team were in fine form as they were quickly acquainted and educated on how they were related to this village. Again we were treated to a feast fit for a king and for many of us, our first taste of goat, which was a fan’s favourite amongst the team. With our stomachs full, it was only our appetite for grog which remained, which was easily satisfied as the grog party continued into the early hours of the morning.

volunteer project fiji (7)

Nursing a ‘grog over’ the following day, we had a great excuse to relax and kick back in Manuku village. After restoring our energy levels we took on a trek to the highest peak in Batiki. Scrambling through the bush we made it to the summit to witness the breath taking views of the whole Lomaiviti province. Up there we were treated to a visit to the old Manuku village where the first settlers lived over two hundred years ago, and told stories about the villager’s ancestors. Returning to the peak we then chilled out and watched the sunset which featured predominantly in Sunday’s highlight of the week, and will certainly remain one of the team’s fondest memories of Batiki. However…watching the sunset at the top of the peak meant the decline was in darkness, in that surreal experience was the head torches 15 minutes of fame. Arriving back in Manuku, we jumped into a packed out boat for our journey home under the star filled sky, capping a great end to another amazing week.

Approaching in week four we have the eagerly anticipated Nairai trip – 3 teams, one island, it’s going off!!

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Batiki Island Photos!

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Batiki Team – Welcomed into Fijian village life!

Gap Year Fiji (10)

From the moment we stepped foot on Batiki the villagers of Naigani have gone above and beyond to make us feel welcome. On arrival there was barely chance for our bags to touch the sand before the family lists were read and we were whisked off by our new Fijian Mums, Dads, Brothers and Sisters to our homes for the next eight weeks.

Gap Year Fiji (11)

Barely over the amazing reception, of which included a village grog party, we decided to explore our remote paradise island the next day. Trekking over the opposite side to visit the school and kindi we were treated to a traditional welcoming to the island from the chiefly village of Mua and neighbouring one Yavu. Taking part in the age old traditional welcoming ceremonies of Kava known as the sevusevu we had now been formally accepted into the island community.

Gap Year Fiji (6) Gap Year Fiji (2)

The team have wasted no time in getting to grips with project life and proved how they have no qualms of getting their hands dirty. With school and kindi not starting till the following week, it has allowed us to make great use of the extra hands, kicking off the build in style.

Gap Year Fiji (1) Gap Year Fiji (3)

The hard ‘graft’ started on Wednesday with all getting involved in digging the posts, special words must go to Will, Sarah and Alice for their scooping technique. George wasn’t up for waiting around as he made light work of cutting the posts and turning all lumberjack, disposing of a palm tree in his break. Michael, Phil and Caroline lead the gravel collection whilst Rachel and Hannah filled the sand bags for Tom and to lug. Rory and Tommy’s fine performance in “The Game’ was pivotal, as was Amber and Ellen’s ‘poking’ of the cement with the wizard stick… resulting in some fine video footage of the team’s Gandalf impersonations… “You shall not passssss!!”

Gap Year Fiji (7)

By the end of the week Jay, leading his first project as building manager, was more than impressed as the foundations were securely finished, meaning Monday could see the frame erected.

Gap Year Fiji (4) Gap Year Fiji (5)

Adapting to village life exceptionally well the team have indulged in cultural activities with villagers from the off. There was a great atmosphere on our first family night as the volunteers shared stories and played games with their families over a few casual bowls of kava.

Gap Year Fiji (9)

Wednesday evening saw the team begin their souvenir collection as we were treated to lessons of weaving. The boys were shown how to make baskets and the girls made themselves fans.


On Friday we headed over to Mua for the 1st of our four weekend trips away. Experiencing the phenomenal feat of a Fijian feast we ‘kana va levu’d’, had a some time to digest then ended the night with a kava session, relaxing to the tunes of the village band.


Saturday morning we trekked back to Naigani for a day of activities with our families. Witnessing and practising how our community provide for one another. The girls went line fishing and returned with a shockingly good catch, impressing their Na’s & Ta’s!!! While the boys split in visiting the plantations and some heading out to spear fish.

Gap Year Fiji (8)

In what has been a relatively tame week in comparison to true project life we have utilised our free time to gel that bit closer as a team and nestle into our new community. Already the infectiously happy people, beautiful white sandy beach and fourteen man hammock of Naigani have made the most remote of places feel like a home from home. Roll on school, kindi and the house cup next week, lets do this!!