October 10th, 2015

Koro Team – Splash time & snorkelling fun during weekend beach trip!

Koro Sept 15 Team - Weeks 1 & 2 - Snorkelling (29)

On Saturday’s our volunteers enjoy the opportunity to explore their local surroundings, and the natural playground that remote Fijian islands offer. With this in mind, and with the sun shining, last Saturday our Koro team headed around the island to a local beach spot next to the Koro wharf, where they enjoyed some splash time, some snorkelling across a stunning patch of reef, and a chance to relax on the beach. We asked the team to tell us a little about the day

“On Saturday morning we woke up to sunshine and met at 9:45 for our team briefing. We then jumped on the truck and drove to a beautiful beach. When we arrived most of us changed in to our swim gear, walked to the end of the pier and jumped off. It was much colder than expected! As we jumped in Emma lost her snorkel, lol, and it was Saki who came to the rescue. The reefs were beautiful with hundreds of different fish- we even saw Nemo! As some of us explored the reefs others sunbathed and soaked up the warm Fijian sun. After a lovely day we all left and sung along to Ed Sheeran trying to mentally prepare for an ice cold river bath.”

October 9th, 2015

Koro Team – Our volunteers learn the traditional art of basket weaving from the Nakodu community!

Koro Sept 15 Team - Weeks 1&2 - Basket Weaving (6)

To fully appreciate the local cultures and customs of the Fijian communities, our volunteers are hosted each week by the villagers to learn a local art, and this week was the opportunity to weave a basket from coconut leaves. As always it took a little guidance, and lots of perseverance, but the whole team were rather proud of their final efforts!

October 8th, 2015

Koro Team – Small group learning and 1 to 1 tuition underway as volunteers launch education assistance at Nakodu-Mudu & Qalivakibau Primary Schools!

Koro Sept 15 Team - Weeks 1 & 2 - School (24)

Our September 5 week and 10 week volunteers have launched our education assistance programmes at both Nakodu-Mudu and Qalivakibau Primary Schools, as project got underway on Koro. The focus for the team is on small group learning and 1 to 1 tuition for those students highlighted by the teachers as requiring extra assistance, with particular attention offered for the core skills of literacy and numeracy.

Beyond these key skills the volunteers also looked to offer interesting and engaging activities for their students, including Emma’s class 1 & 2 collecting leaves to assist them, Michaela’s Class 3 making masks as part of a ‘healthy living’ tutorial, and Lewis’s year 4’s drawing their ‘perfect village’ during arts and crafts!

September 21st, 2015

Our Koro September 2015 Projects Begin!

Briefing Pic - Koro Sept 15 - Copy

Our Koro September 2015 expeditions are underway! On Thursday our 10 week volunteers touched down, and travelled to the Uprising Beach Resort in Fiji’s Pacific Harbour to begin their 4 day briefing. The first two days were spent enjoying some team building games, some volleyball, and some splash time, before being joined by our 5 week team on Saturday.

With the teams united the project preparation began, with a practice physical education lesson and quiz night on Saturday, before the briefing presentations and group workshops on Sunday. Think Pacific’s community development advisors visited the team to present on the youth and sports aims ahead, and local cultures and customs, and our staff team led sessions on how to deliver the ECE and Primary School intiatives.

Over the next 2 months our team shall provide education assistance, 1 to 1 classses, extra curricular activities and daily sports coaching sessions to 2 Kindergarten and 2 Primary Schools on the island of Koro in the Lomaiviti Province, whilst living at the heart of Nakodu village…it is a very exciting time ahead!

You can follow the teams progress through our blog at www.thinkpacific.com/blog, through our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thinkpacific, and on our Twitter @thinkpacific!

August 29th, 2015

Build Achievement – Toilet Block & TNK Office Officially Opened in Waitoga Village on Nairai Island!

Nairai June Team - Build Opening (16)

It was a very proud moment both for our volunteer team, and the community of Waitoga on Nairai Island, as their brand new toilet block and TNK office facilities were officially opened! After 8 weeks of effort on site, side by side with the village members, the communities vision of improved sanitation and good governance were realised as the ribbons were cut, a moment made possible through the funding of our volunteer teams, and an occasion that brought great joy and celebration.

Nairai June Team - Build Opening (4)

The ceremony began with a word of prayer led by the ‘talatala’, or Church minister, followed by a few words from the Think Pacific leaders, before the buildings were handed over the the village ‘Turaga ni Koro’ for the cutting of the ribbons by the elders.

With the ribbon cut and the doors open the community and team took a moment to enjoy the fruits of their labour, before a huge spread of tea and cakes were delivered by the Waitoga ladies for all to enjoy. As the community finished their tea, the team prepared for their mekes by changing into their traditional attire,  and as the mekes began the volunteers did not disappoint! The crowd wooped and cheered, with a lady even joining Adrien ‘on stage’ as he performed, much to the delight of all those watching.

Nairai June Team - Build Opening (22)

With the mekes completed the team sat down to an incredible feast as a farewell dinner, before enjoying one last grog and ‘hop hop’ party with their family and friends in Waitoga. The community have been truly incredible for our volunteer team, and as they left the shores of Nairai the very many fond memories of an immense 9 weeks were at the forefront for all. Vinaka vaka levu Waitoga…’sota tale’!

August 29th, 2015

Nairai June Team – An emotional farewell at the Waitoga Village School; ‘We have learnt so much from these children which we shall take with us for the rest of our lives!’


We started the morning of the House Cup Finals rehearsing with the children. At recess the school held a tea party for the team to thank them, and also farewell them since the following week would be the school holiday.

Once the parents arrived we had a leaving assembly in which the children sang, and performed some items that they have prepared. The headmaster also gave a thank you speech, before we started the House Cup by announcing the result of class 1-2 art competition. We went straight on to class 3-4 for house singing on a song called ‘Don’t stop me now’. For public speaking 3 representatives from class 7-8, from the 3 different houses Drekeni, Saqa and Bati, recited the speech from The Dictator, and all did extremely well.


Lulu then announced the winners for young enterprise, with Team Drekeni storming to victory with their toffee sales, as team Bati came second with their treasure map and services closely followed by Saqa, who did basket tea.

We then took the children outside to watch class1-2 perform their sketch of the three little pigs, and we finished the ‘indoors’ competitions with the class 5-6 performances for house dance, with routines put together by the team!


After a short break we went straight into the finisher… the sports finale! The team performed with their teams on wheelbarrow race, sack race, three laggard race, clothes race and finished with the tug of war, and there was plenty of cheering throughout, with the Bati remaining undefeated!

Despite their performance in the tug war Bati’s finished in 3rd place overall in the house cup, with Saqa coming 2nd and Drekeni securing the victory! The House captain got presented with the trophy, and the team also took the opportunity to present a donation of sports equipment to the school. The school then sang a farewell song, and tt was very sad to say goodbye to the students after 9 incredible weeks. We have learnt so much from these children which we shall take with us for the rest of our lives!