May 25th, 2015

Koro May Team – Rugby, football, cricket, rounders, netball & ‘boot camp’ kick off a huge sports programme at Nabasovi & Kade Schools!

Koro Nabasovi Village Nabasovi School Sports Week 1 (15)

The sports coaching programmes at Nabasovi District School and Kade Village School are in full swing, with action packed afternoons or rugby, football, cricket, rounders, netball and ‘boot camp’, with huge amounts of enthusiasm and energy shown by the students as always keeping our volunteers busy throughout the afternoons. Below are some pictures of the sports sessions being run across the 2 schools on Koro by our May volunteers.

May 25th, 2015

Moturiki Team – Build Update; A busy week as steps are completed and painting begins!

build - niall, fud and connie painting

This was another challenging week on build as there was still only Connie and I. We started off by making doors which were made from flooring planks. The first challenge was to make sure the planks stayed in line so we didn’t end up with a wonky door. After that it should have been plain sailing, although some of the planks had been distorted and were twisted. This made them hard to nail in place and keep them flat. In the end we got a heavy Fijian man to stand on them for us to keep them in line!

We then moved onto making steps, this was tough because it meant sawing through some very thick pieces of wood. Then we had to nail them together which needed one of us to hold the separate pieces steady and the other to smash the nail through.

The end of the week was exciting because we got to start painting. We began with primer which rather disconcertingly was pink. Thankfully we were reassured that the final colour was not pink but in fact sky blue on the inside and cream on the outside. So we started painting and were soon covered in paint. As it was just the primer we could just lather it on and not have to be very precise. We got the inside of our extension finished and I was up on the roof painting the frascia boards on the side of the roof!

by Niall

May 25th, 2015

Koro May Team – Volunteers learn the traditional art of weaving from community members in Nabasovi!

Koro Nabasovi Village Basket Weaving Week 1  (11)

On Thursday night our volunteer team in Nabasovi village were hosted by the community to learn the traditional art of weaving, using just palm leaves and local talents. Through the evening the villagers demonstrated and assisted our team to weave baskets, that would be used by the men when carrying tools and crops from the plantations,as well as other items created through a skill passed down by generations within the villages. It was a great evening, and a fantastic opportunity to gain an insight into traditional crafts within these communities!

May 24th, 2015

Ra April Team – ‘Bulldog’ and a ‘Human Pyramid’; Splash time for our volunteers in hidden lake!

Lake n village (13)

A Day with great expectations started slowly. After a short wait on the beach with a spring low tide making it difficult to board our vessel we made it to Rakiraki village for a Sevu Sevu with the village headman.

Next, the adventure took us to our second home – Sue’s, where a hearty lunch was consumed by all. A quick detour to pick up Veresa (Fraser, who had been playing rugby for Malake) saw the group restored to its full complement and our arrival to the heart shaped lake was imminent.

With anticipation at an all time high, we arrived at the lake, and our breath was stolen away from us… Hours passed like seconds in the lake and before long, after some bulldog and a human pyramid, it was time to embark on our return journey.

We encountered an early obstacle which tested our strength and courage, however we rallied through adversity and came out stronger after making a long 50 minute walk to pick up Connor’s watch!

Finally, we watched a delightful sun set over Malake island as we skimmed across the water home!

By Tom

May 24th, 2015

Koro May Team – Fractions, Science & Solar Energy Posters in Class 3 & 4 at Nabasovi District School!

Koro Nabasovi Village Nabasovi School Week 1 Julias Blog (3)

“Being thrown in at the deep end” is the only way to describe the first few days teaching at Nabasovi District School. Having taken on class 3 & 4 with Emily, I arrived fresh faced and ready to impart our (limited) knowledge.

We were more than a little thrown however, to discover we would immediately be teaching 12 children English for an hour and a half! Met with blank faces and an extremely large language barrier we persevered, managing to progress from just being laughed at to teaching words such as ‘what’ and ‘he.’ (to varying levels of success!)

Things improved from there and I had a great time teaching fractions to the year 4’s that afternoon, quickly realizing that starting with 16th’s was not sensible when times tables caused fundamental issues! (Our new target for next week!)

A particular highlight for me so far occurred on our second day when our teacher decided to “pop” to the post office, leaving us to teach 2 hours of ‘Science.’ After racking our brains for any faint ideas of being taught energy transformations and conservation we were ready to go.

The children were pretending to be particles in a frying pan, vibrating to show conduction in solids and Emily gave a great show on how to turn lights off in a classroom where there is no electricity! We are still unsure if they knew what was going on all day, or just joined in to humor their mad English teachers, but we felt happy that the two hours passed and posters showing solar energy were left as evidence of all our efforts!

Hopefully with some careful planning next week we can help the children to read more fluently and get their times tables up to scratch too.

by Julia

May 24th, 2015

Volunteer Stories – ‘Animals’ fun in Kindi, with songs, games and creation of ‘Old Macdonald’s Farm’! by Chloe & Maddy

kindi - chloe reading

This week was a new project rotation and we were taking kindi. What we didn’t realise was that kindi doesn’t officially start until next week, so we were thrown in at the deep end without a teacher (translator).

Our first day was manic as the kid’s were fresh from the holidays and energy levels were running high. Our theme of the week was ‘Animals’ (manumanu in Fijian), which the kid’s loved as we taught them ordinary animals in English accompanied by the relevant animal noises.

After learning time we had recess followed by toothbrush club, where the kid’s spat toothpaste and water everywhere. Including over us! Following toothbrush club we had arts and crafts, where we created Old MacDonald’s farm and coloured in or painted a new animal every day.

kindi - toothbrish brush

The highlight of the next day was when the kids found an old box filled with cockroaches and decided to play a fun, new game in which they chased and squished the poor beasties, before chucking a rag covered in them over Maddy, much to the kids hilarity.

For outdoor play we played a range of games from “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” to the parachute games which are a kindi favourite! After two stressful but productive days, Thursday and Friday were a much calmer affair, and overall we found our week challenging yet rewarding and we are looking forward to starting it all again next week!

By Chloe & Maddy