October 21st, 2014

Gau 10 Week Team – Build Update; Roof finished & walling underway as Nukuloa Community Hall really takes shape!

Pic 1 - Build

It was once again a big week for our build crew in Nukuloa, and as the final few weeks approach the team continue to work hard alongside our building manager Semi and the local village memebrs. As Georgie recounts:

“This week we had the task of putting up the walls and finishing the roof. On Monday Bex, Libby, Will and I headed up to the roof. We hammered in the side bits of the roof, then took on the essential job of closing the big gap in the roof by hammering in metal bits to secure where the roofing irons meet. The rest of the team were working hard on finishing the strappings so the walls could be started. Over the next few days the walls absolutely flew up,and our community hall actually looks like a proper building!At the end of the week we had started making the doors and windows. All in all it was a very successful week on build, aided by some lovely weather!”

October 20th, 2014

Volunteer Stories – A Birthday To Remember; Thanks TP team and Nukuloa village for making it so special! by Olivia

Pic 1 - Libby's Birthday

Firstly the day started with briefing as normal, where the whole team surprised me with presents, with a pink princess crown being my highlight. Everyone then sang happy birthday – the Fijian version has several verses! After an amazing day on the build, I scored a try in Think Pacific touch rugby which was great fun. When I got back to the village I immediately got ready for dinner in a traditional ‘masi’ dress made out of bark.

We then had a buffet dinner in the grog shed with the whole team and families, and the evening also involved more presents, one of which was a beautiful hand woven mat with ‘Libby’ woven in. The night continued with lots of music, hop hop and me drinking my age in grog bowls – and one for luck! Overall I had the most wonderful day and I couldn’t have wished for anything more, thanks TP team and Nukuloa village for making it so special!

October 20th, 2014

Gau 10 Week Team – Volunteers assist with preparations for World Children’s Day & Fiji Day celebrations at Nukuloa Village School!

school (14)

Classes 1 & 2

This week in class one and two we had Marc! Marc spent most of the week helping the teacher of 1 and 2 with her lessons. He helped out finishing up their work on plants and lent a hand in reading, helping those who are struggling with some of the trickier sounds! Marc spent a lot of time this week getting his class ready for the Fiji day celebrations by teaching them the national anthem in English, Fijian and Hindi.. although I think he was at his most helpful for the English verse!

Pic 1 - School

Classes 5 & 6

In class 5 and 6 this week we stared off without a teacher, who was still in meetings on the mainland, so Monday was spent finding our feet and carrying on with work from last week. We focused on preparing for Thursday’s combined celebration for world teacher day, world children’s day and Fiji day. This involved some speeches written by the class and poems. The boys performed a thimbi, which is the Fijian rugby team, version of a Hakka. On Thursday our class did us proud all performing really well and then competing in the house games!

by Lucy & Bex

Pic 3 - School

In class 7 and 8 this week Will took over as teacher, will got stuck in straight away teaching the class a bit of maths and history. He taught them all about time lines, using the history of Fiji, and they loved it. He also got completely involved in the celebrations on Thursday, joining the older boys in his class performing a traditional Fijian Meke. He was joined by our two leaders Solo and Danny, who after a very quick practice were put to shame by the boys from 7 and 8!

October 20th, 2014

Gau 5 Week Team – Dance, Dodgeball, Hockey & Athletics in sports coaching at Vanuaso District School!

Pic 1 - Sports

It was another big week of sports coaching at the Vanuaso District School, with our volunteer team introducing Dance, Hockey, Athletics and Dodge Ball for all age groups!

October 19th, 2014

Volunteer Stories – ‘Fruit’ theme, the Alphabet and Fiji flags in Nukuloa Kindergarten! by Berny O’Toole

Pic 1 - Kindi

Last week I was working in the kindergarten with Libby and Ross. We worked on getting the kids to know the alphabet even better and themed the week around ‘Fruit’. On the first day we had a room full of very excited 3-6 year olds and had to adapt our day quite a bit, with lots of games, songs and play to keep them active and interested. After our first learning time we quickly realised they knew very little about the alphabet and there was lots of room for improvement, so we made a big alphabet to stick on the wall so they could recognise the letters when they sang the song!

Pic 2 - Kindi

The next day we did a lot of speaking with them, getting them to tell us which village they were from , how many brothers and sisters they had, and what their favourite colour is. On Wednesday we made Fijian flags in preparation for Fiji Day (to celebrate 44 years of independence) and their march around the village and flag ceremony at school. They really enjoyed getting messy with the blue paints and so did we! Even though it was a short week with the celebrations taking up Thursday and Friday I really enjoyed being in the kindi, and I feel like we did teach them a few things, for example LMNOP isn’t just one letter in the alphabet, the shark song and how to build a tower taller than our leader Danny!

October 19th, 2014

Gau 5 Week Team – Volunteers try traditional net fishing in Gau’s crystal clear waters! by Katrina

Pic 1 - Fishing

On Friday a group of us were lucky enough to be taken out net fishing with some of the villagers. We went out by boat to a good fishing spot where we all jumped in the crystal clear water, snorkel gear in hand! We then made a parameter around the net and all had to splash our hands as hard as we could on the surface of the ocean. This was supposed to scare the fish into the net but after two attempts we had only managed to catch one fish! Luckily some of the village boys we were with managed to catch another 23 fish with their spear guns so we didn’t have to go back to the village empty handed!