October 25th, 2014

Volunteer Stories – ‘Pirates and Princesses’, The Alphabet & Friday Party in Nukuloa Kindi! by Lucy, Emily & Marc

Kindi (12)

This week was our first week in Kindi, and we decided on the theme of ‘Pirates and Princesses’, and arranged various activities for the week to come. We began each day with circle time, where we introduced each other and played different games. We would then move onto song time which is great! During learning time this week we focused on teaching the kids the alphabet, making them aware that L, M, N, O are all different letters!

Throughout arts and crafts this week we got the kids to prepare for Friday’s party; We prepared princess crowns, pirate hats, handbags and their own parrots. The kids loved the Friday party, as they got to colour in castles and pirate ships, and had a dance and got to wear all the items they had made this week. All in all a great week in Kindi!

October 24th, 2014

Gau 5 Week Team – TP ‘Fun Day’ hits Lekanai, with a tombola, coconut shy, lime bobbing & more offering fundraising excitement for kids and villagers! by Hanna

Fun Day Pic 1

On Saturday we did a fundraiser for all the villagers; both the adults and the kids. We set up all the different activities around the village: a tombola, a cake stand, bracelet stand, coconut shy, lime bobbing and penalty shoot out. It was really sunny and everyone (including us volunteers) were all really excited to take part. Ashley and I organised the tombola and asked everyone in the team to donate items that they didn’t want and these ranged from small plastic cars and bubbles to items of clothing. As soon as we declared the fundraiser ‘open’ the tombola was under attack and the villagers came at us from all angles, and within minutes we’d sold all our items (an even number on their ticket was a win).

Fun Day Pic 3

Ella and Kate managed the cake stand and sold the cakes that they had made the night before (with the help of some others). These went equally quickly as the tombola items and all the village Nas’ (mothers) were all over it. The bracelets that we’d all made the night before were handled by Jen and Sammy and the coconut shy by Lucy. Nathan and Tash were running the penalty shoot out and Tash made an impressive goalie, making sure that no participant got all three shots in goal. Ben was in charge of the lime bobbing and it was hilarious to see the chief manage 10 limes in thirty seconds. It was a very successful day and when we told our families we’d raised 300 fijian dollars (100 pounds) they were blown away!

October 24th, 2014

Gau 10 Week Team – Painting, Virtue Trees, One to One Tuition, Hangman & Treasure Island at Nukuloa Village School!

School. (18)

Class 1 & 2 – by Ross

“This was my first week teaching in Nukuloa school, and what a week! I was immediately thrown into it by taking class 2 in Maths, I was really impressed with their knowledge on angles at this age! We sang songs and did lots of drawing, and then at the end of the week my teacher was away for a couple of days on the mainland, so I was riding solo. It was challenging but also incredibly rewarding and I loved it! The painting was clearly a bad idea though! Fijian kids being let loose with paint resulted in me cleaning off the walls as they had decided to run outside and put their hand prints everywhere! It was hilarious though.”

School. (6)

Class 3 & 4 – by Debbie

“This week Tommy Cooper and I helped out in Class 3 &4 at school. We spent most of Monday helping the children with revision for tests they had later in the week, and we took some individuals or small groups for one-on-one support, as there is a big range of abilities in the class. Throughout the rest of the week, we managed to be quite creative and made a pledge bird display with the kids, teaching them to be honest and respectful to each other. We also added to the ‘Virtue tree’ by doing their own hand prints and sticking a nice positive word in it. Tommy and I also taught them to perform ‘In the jungle’ from the Lion King, which they loved! On Friday we had a fun day, as we all made medals, decorating them with stickers and colouring them in. Although it has been challenging at some points in Class 3 & 4 we have both really enjoyed this week with the kids in school!”

School. (2)

Class 5 & 6 – by Bernie

“I was helping out in class 5 & 6 this week. The kids began the week doing tests, but by Wednesday we got to start proper lessons. This week we focused on ‘Time’ in maths as this is a weak area, and it was hard and amusing trying to explain that time only goes forward! I feel as though I made a break-through with the kids, who defiantly understood more by Friday! During the week I livened up the lessons by playing some games such as hangman and blockbusters. Overall it was a fun and productive week.”

School. (20)

Class 7 & 8 – by Sarah

“This week in school started with tests for 7 & 8 on Monday and Tuesday. I and Sophie played a lot of revision hangman, to help with English which the kids love. On Wednesday, me and Sophie took our own English lesson on the book Treasure Island, we split them into groups and did character description and made maps. During the week we also did some hot seating which the kids loved, be able to act as the characters. In the afternoon’s we did some PSHE, where we were teaching about positive thoughts and sayings, also talked and different resources and finished with some singing. It was a great week and we both really enjoyed it!”

October 23rd, 2014

Volunteer Stories – Spear fishing on the reefs at night a ‘once in a lifetime experience’ for Tash!

Spear Fishing (10)

Monday night proved the perfect conditions for spear fishing. Flat water, little wind and a positive attitude. The boat ride there was a constant stream of singing 90’s music and the Fijian men also sung to us. Lucy and Jen went off with Benji and Koli (Fijian fisherman) and caught 8 fish between, whilst Ella and I went off with Saki and Lute (another Fijian fisherman) and caught 4 fish between us.

It was the most incredible experience, underwater was lit up by some big fishing torches, yet when you put your head above water it was pitch black all around and earily quiet. Such a unique, once in a lifetime experience, and one loved by all!

October 23rd, 2014

Gau 5 Week Team – Build update from Ben as flooring and walling continue for Lekanai Health Clinic!

Build (4)

As I have been enjoying build so much, I decided to do it again for a third week. This week we were finishing off the floor boards and walling. The floor boards were quite time consuming, taking up most of the week due to having to wedge each floorboard in, but despite this, it was very satisfying and enjoyable work. I also think I’ve finally got the hang of nailing (not breaking the nail all the time). Been another good week of build and been enjoying the perks of morning tea and cakes!

October 22nd, 2014

Gau 5 Week Team – ‘Flowers’, Poetry, King Henry VIII, House Cup ‘Dance’ & Sports Coaching at Vanuaso District School!

School (9)

It has been an action packed week at Vanuaso District School, with our volunteer team offering teaching assistance across the 8 classes, throwing some special ’shapes’ during the House Cup Dance competitions, and nurturing talent during the daily sports coaching sessions!

School (8)

Class 1 & 2 – by Lucy

“I had great 3 days with class 1 & 2. The children are still just understanding basic English, and some really picked it up well. They love singing songs, nursery rhymes and story time. Some even know the words better than me! I think the best lesson was art, as the theme of the week was flowers we had a flower and art competition where were cut out big flowers and coloured them in!”

School (12)

Class 3 & 4 – by Katrina & Sammy

“This week we were teaching classes 3 & 4 and we took a variety of lessons including maths, French, biology and English. In maths we tried to make the lesson as fun as possible and crete a real like situation. So we set up a shop that the children had to come to and buy at least 2 items. They had to work out how much to give us and if requested, the change they needed, The children really enjoyed this and kept running up to the shop to buy different products using fake fijian dollars.

In English we asked the children to list some different rhyming words and then introduced them to poetry. They then had to write their own simple poem which they really excelled at.”

School (5)

Class 5 & 6 – Kate & Hanna

“This week we taught classes 5 and 6. We kicked off with a lesson on Henry VIII and his wives, going through each one and explaining a little about them. We taught them a rhyme which helps students remember the order of marriage and how each marriage ended. They seemed fascinated by it and genuinely interested – really keen to learn more and equally amused by the kings antics. In the second half of the lesson we lead a drama lesson which focused on what we’d just taught and cast the class as Henry VIII, his wives and advisors etc. It was really funny and the children were laughing a lot whilst at the same time trying really hard to create an impressive play.

We also taught a lesson about writing biographies – a concept and style they’d never heard of or come across before. Splitting the class into pairs we asked them to interview each other and ask questions which they thought would create interesting answers. When they’d done so they spent some time writing and then we read out their work and asked the class to guess who each piece was about. This was really fun and they seemed to really enjoy it. It’s been a great week working with class 5-6!”

Pic 1 - House Cup Dance

The House Cup also had the kids full of excitement and enthusiasm as the team led them through the steps of their dance routine, with the battle of dance floor all set for finals day! 

The team also continued the daily sports coaching sessions for all students at Vanuaso District School, with skill based activities and fun games for all!